Private Practice Season 6 Episode 10

484905_10151154257362123_861895285_nCharlotte kept her cool pretty well considering. She has a bad temper at the best of times.

I can’t believe they are going to make us wait to meet the other two girls. The writers are so cruel. We only have three more episodes left to begin with.

Charlotte ran a hospital and disciplined her son all from a bed she was stuck on for weeks. And she didn’t kill anyone either. I think she came close to killing Stephanie and she definitely came close to killing Cooper.

It was great having an episode for each character. There’s so many characters it’s hard to get them all in in one episode. We’re justing missing the Amelia episode now. After her I’d like to get more back to normal before we say goodbye to the doctors. I miss seeing the other characters.

I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve seen Sam, Jake and Addison. They just pop in and pop out just as quickly as we had the Sheldon, Cooper and Charlotte central episodes.

At first I liked the idea of having episodes for each character, but now as the final episode keeps getting closer I’m missing characters. I feel like we’re running out of time with the characters now.

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Saying Goodbye to Gossip Girl

What am I going to miss most about Gossip Girl? Where do I begin. There’s so much to love and miss about the show.

Dan successfully became one of the Upper East Siders, Blair and Chuck finally tied the knot after all the drama, Serena finally acepted herself, Nate became successful and Jack and Georgina were welcomed back into the circle.

For me, Serena and Dan are my favorite characters. Serena grew so much over the series and she also fell very far.

I loved how Dan was an outsider and working his way in. Finding out he was Gossip Girl all these years only makes me like him more. How many of us actually break into the popular group  if we weren’t already popular, let alone an elite group of Upper East Siders? He was able to pull it off.

It’s still sinking in that Dan is Gossip Girl. I would never have guessed or imagined it would be him. Jenny maybe, but not Dan.

I’m not sure which was more exciting for me, the Serena and Dan love story or the Chuck and Blair love story. They both had their ups and downs and they both did horrible things to each other. It seemed like both pairs would never end happily ever after. In the end they both got their weddings.

Jenny and Vanessa went down such dark paths they had to leave the Upper East Side for good.

Nate walked the line of good and evil only ever so lightly crossing over to the evil.

I will miss the drama, the scheming, the relationships, the fashion and the music. The writers and creators tied in everything so well.

The secret is out and I will say goodbye to Gossip Girl and six years of great television.


My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 1

1. There Might Be Blood 
Season 2 Episode 9

Jenny goes rouge and everyone but her father is impressed.

Why do I love this episode so much? Jenny’s going after her dream and Blair, Serena and Chuck are off on a mission.

Blair actually had one of her few moments where she did the right thing. She could have bribed Emma’s mother to get her way into Yale, but instead she does what’s right for Emma.

Not only did Blair resist her urge of bribing someone to get her way, she also helped Emma not make the biggest mistake of her life.

When Blair lost her virginity she had just broken up with Nate, so it didn’t seem like she had lost it to someone she loved. But who would have guessed that Blair and Chuck would be on again, off again throughout the series. I love the scene where she talks about losing her virginity to someone she loves.

Poor Nate he has dated just about every girl on the show and hasn’t found his true love yet.

After Dan’s story is read by three professors at Yale and no one wants to write him a recommendation letter, he takes matters into his own hands.  He finishes the story about Chuck and his mom.

Rufus then has a heart to heart about not using other people to get what you want. My favorite scene and quote of the episode is: “I wish I could get the two of you to understand, that success, people praising you, it goes away. And when that day comes, if you don’t like who you are, your done.”

Rufus is worried about having to reach both of them, but Dan tells him it’s “a little late for that” and Rufus goes into Jenny’s room to find all of her stuff gone.

I can’t say if what Jenny and Dan are doing is right or wrong, but they are following their dreams at all costs.

Here is a promo for the episode:

Gossip Girl Final Season, The Last Goodbye

gossip_girl_season_6_by_brucas-d52xn3gThe story behind Gossip Girl is that it was a love story between Dan and Serena.

Dan Humphrey created Gossip Girl so he could write himself into the Upper East Side so he could get a chance at being with Serena. Does it get much better than that?

Chuck and Blair may have seemed like the love story in the show, but all this time it was Dan and Serena.

I’ve seen few series finales that have truly done the series justice. The writers of Gossip Girl did the story and the fans justice in this incredible series finale. Were you in tears? I was.

We got Georgina scheming with Jack Bass for a Chuck and Blair wedding and we also got a Serena and Dan wedding!

We also got cameos by Vanessa, Jenny, Eric, Juliette, that crazy model Agnus and Kristen Bell herself.

It’s sad that Gossip Girl is over, but GG couldn’t have gone out in more style.

Let’s get back to the fact that after all this time that Dan is Gossip Girl. I never would have guessed. It’s genius though. You can’t just walk your way into an elite club.

Vanessa said he wanted to be in more than Jenny and she was right. If only Vanessa knew why he wanted to be in. For the love and affection of Serena van der woodsen.

Did the writers have this planned all along? If so this is the best kept secret. I don’t know how the writers and creators could have held their tongues for this long.

I will never look at any Gossip Girl episode the same now.

Here is a link to the final chapter that was published in The Spectator.

What did you think of the episode? Did you guess that Dan was GG? Leave me a comment.

Here’s a clip of GG being revealed:

My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 2

2. Gaslit
Season 4 Episode 10

The beginning of season four really made me mad, more specifically Juliette made me mad. Everything came to a head in this episode.

Everyone believed that Serena tried to kill herself or at least went on a bender. Dan was the only one who believed in her.

Instead of just being mad at Juliette, I was frustrated with everyone, well except Dan and Serena.

I like being frustrated when watching a show or reading a book. I may not like how it’s unfolding but it makes me feel. If everything happened the way we wanted it to, what fun would that be?

Jenny has been down a dark path and in this episode she sees the light. She even goes to Blair to make things right. At least Jenny feels remorse for her actions, Vanessa leaves town without telling a soul and all she was worried about was losing Dan.

The Upper East Side destroys the best in people.  I’m amazed it took so long to break Dan.

Dan isn’t included in too many schemes, but Blair goes to him for this one. Who else would she go to then the guy who loves and believes in Serena?

Here is some clips of the big moments in the episode enjoy!

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 8

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Bailey was getting married, April was trying to make herself feel more comfortable at the wedding, Meredith was trying to convince Derek to do the surgery and keep her pregnancy secret, Joe was trying to keep her job and Owen was trying to do the right thing by Christina and his staff.

Other than Derek’s hand, which we will have to wait and see if the surgery worked, everything went wrong.

April thought that her and Jackson bringing dates to the wedding would make it better. This shows how inexperienced she is with relationships. How is watching your ex with a date better then awkwardly attending the wedding? I think April has learned her lesson.

I think that Meredith should tell Christina. Christina is not just anyone. I was surprised that she told Lizzie. I think that she’s still hurting from the loss of her sister and she’s afraid to let anyone else in. She’s terrified about the pregnancy. She couldn’t even be happy during the ultra sound. I hope she can enjoy her pregnancy soon.

So Joe screwed up. I’m sure it’s not going to be the last time. She shouldn’t have gone above Alex though. Alex’s teaching technique may not have been completely right, but Joe was still in the wrong.

Christina finally comes clean about wanting to work things out. So where does this leave the divorce and the law suit?

Bailey has the best excuse in the book for being late for her own wedding, she’s saving her best friend’s wife. Who can really get mad at that? But he’s thinking she left him at the alter because he overheard the ladies talking. I hope this gets worked out in the end.

I’m more worried for Richard than Bailey at the moment. He’s put his wife out of his mind and now she could be dying. He has to deal with the situation again and now it’s worse.

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My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 3

3. Bonfire of the Vanity
Season 2 Episode 10

This has to be one of my most watched episodes. I’m not even sure where to begin.

I guess I will start with Jenny. She’s going after her dreams and doing whatever it takes. She even considers emancipation in this episode. That is how determined she is. I like the Jenny story in this episode because not only is she fighting for her dreams but Agnus destroys all of her dresses. This is my favorite scene. Jenny has given up everything for her dream and in that moment it feels like it’s all for nothing.

Dan is motivated in this episode to go after his dream after Jenny’s fashion show, but in the end Dan choses not to expose Bart to get ahead. Maybe he should have, considering all the bad Bart has done since. Dan was still his caring self back then. This was before the Upper East Side broke him.

It’s amusing watching Bart have a heart-to-heart with Chuck now knowing Bart doesn’t have a caring bone in him.

Cyrus and Blair went head-to-head in this episode and Cyrus won. Not many people beat Blair at her own game. I absolutely love it.

Serena is starting a relationship with Aaron, but having difficulties since he likes to play the field and she likes to be monogamous.

The other great thing about this episode is the music. There are three Kings of Leon songs and these are great songs, but Gossip Girl knows how to make the music work with the scenes. And the producers do it really well in this episode.

Here is my favorite scene of the episode:

Private Practice Season 6 Episode 9

484905_10151154257362123_861895285_nSheldon is my least favorite character, so I wasn’t entirely looking forward to this episode. But I really enjoyed it.

We haven’t seen much about Sheldon’s cancer. This week was the time to explore that. I wish he would just tell everyone. He can’t hide it forever. His co-workers are his friends as well as his colleagues. Maybe telling everyone means admitting that the cancer is real.

I’m not sure how I feel about Sheldon getting involved with a woman who is terminally ill. He’s just asking to get hurt. Does he think he won’t survive the cancer and is just trying to live life to the fullest? I understand that, but he’s going to get hurt.

I really hoped that Sheldon’s patient wasn’t the one who kidnapped the little girl. I would think that it’s very difficult being a doctor and having a patient like that. As a doctor you have to believe in your patient, but I don’t understand the dynamics of having an issue like that. Is it their fault? Is it something they can’t control? I don’t know.

What I do know is that in some way he wanted to tell Sheldon. I think Sheldon is right that he was coming back to the sessions to try to tell him that he had the little girl. He felt guilty. I just think he didn’t know how to deal with it.

I don’t think I even want to know what happened during all that time to the girl. She’s safe now at least. Sheldon was able to figure it out in the end and that’s all that matters. He shouldn’t beat himself up for not figuring it out sooner.

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My Favorite Gossip Girl Episodes Number 4

4. The Wrong Goodbye
Season 4 Episode 22

Blair got her fairytale, even if that wasn’t truly what she wanted. She was going to marry a prince. We all knew this relationship was doomed, because Blair was and will always be in love with Chuck. But she got to live her fairytale for just a little bit.

In new episodes Dan says he wants to be one of them, but as this episode shows, he is one of them. Vanessa was right, Dan did want to be in more than Jenny. Back then Dan didn’t want to release the book so he didn’t hurt his friends. Now he hurts all of them. He needs to find the balance.

Vanessa made sure she could never come back when she gave Dan’s book to a publisher. They use to be best friends, but so much had happened that they had been torn apart.

There is no lack of deceit on the Upper East Side. This time it came from a sister on the outside. Who hire’s someone to play their daughter? I guess someone who was raised in that atmosphere.

This episode set the characters on different paths. They all found their way back to each other in season five.

Gossip Girl Final Season Episode 9

GGThis time Bart Bass is really dead and is anyone upset? He tried to have his own son killed. I knew he was capable of that.

I’m not saying what Chuck did was right, watching his dad fall off the building, but he couldn’t beat him now that the evidence is destroyed. If Bart didn’t die, someone else was going to.

When did Dan have a change of heart? He certainly was the best one to do something, no one ever saw it coming. I know Blair wanted to help and I loved when she said but he hasn’t messed with Blair Waldorf and her bitches, but Bart Bass was way out of her league. Bart has no conscious, so trying to make him break was never going to work.

I’m glad that Dan is fighting for Serena, maybe there is still hope for them. It’s cutting it really close, but I hope they will end up together.

I got really worried when Nate was arrested. Bart was not messing around. Sage is not the girl I thought she was. She really helped Blair this time and she even called Nate’s dad. Maybe she’s not as bad as she’s painted herself to be.

Nate is finally getting back to his Gossip Girl research and next week we will find out her identity and the show will come to an end.

This season has been the best season and I’m sad to see it come to an end, but I’m excited to see how the series will end. Things have been revving up this whole season and now we’ve reached the top. Where will everything end up?

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