Spotlight On: Gabriel Mann, Stepping Out of Sidekick Mode

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When Gabriel Mann was introduced to us on ‘Revenge’, you probably didn’t know that you’ve seen this guy before. He starred alongside Matt Damon in ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘The Bourne Supremacy’. Once again he wasn’t the lead character, but if you’ve seen the films, then you probably noticed him. He’s good at standing out in whatever role he’s taken on. He may be Emily’s side kick and best friend in ‘Revenge’, but we would all be pretty devastated if the writers decided to write him off.

In 2011 he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, Choice TV: Male Scene Stealer. And he certainly does that in his role as Nolan Ross. He’s become a prominent cast member and doesn’t always wait for Emily’s ok to go ahead with his plan, but he’s always got Emily’s best interests at heart, well most of the time. He would never do anything to hurt her though.

This year Gabriel got to take his talent and put it to something bigger. He starred alongside Michael Pena, America Ferrera, Rosario Dawson and John Malkovich in ‘Cesar Chavez’. The film won Best Picture at the Imagen Foundation Awards. It’s just a mater of time before he gets even bigger film roles. In the meantime we can watch Nolan every week on ‘Revenge’. Season four premieres September 28.

When we left Nolan in season three, he was teaming up with Gideon to take down Daniel, but it isn’t going has he would have liked, but now that he’s crossed that line, how will he handle it?

Gabriel will have plenty to deal with this fall with Nolan’s storyline. While you wait out the last couple of weeks before the return of ‘Revenge’, check out some clips of the actor at work:

Clip from ‘Revenge’:

Clip from ‘The Bourne Supremacy’:

‘Cesar Chavez’ trailer:

Gabriel talks why he joined the cast of ‘Cesar Chavez’:


‘Revenge’ season four promo:


Spotlight On: Phoebe Tonkin, Mermaid, Witch, Werewolf, Hybrid

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After starring in two successful shows in Australia, Phoebe Tonkin burst on to the American scene on the short lived WB show, The Secret Circle. She played Faye Chamberlain, the bad girl witch.

Phoebe, 25, didn’t let the failure of that show get her down. The very next season the actress gained the role as Hayley, the werewolf, who helped Tyler break his sire bond.

I think most fans didn’t like Hayley very much. She was coming between Tyler and Caroline and ultimately betrayed Tyler. It wasn’t until she got her own show with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt), that fans learned to like Hayley. She became a character the fans could sympathize and relate to. On TVD she was a threat against the original cast. The Originals brought a strong following from TVD and is going into its second season in the fall. 

Phoebe is just one of many Australians breaking into Hollywood. Her costar, Claire, is also from Australia and they worked together on H20: Just Add Water. This is a fun show about three girls who find a secret cave that gives them the ability to turn into a mermaid. The Australian actress seems to like her roles with some sort of supernatural power, mermaid, witch and werewolf turned hybrid.

The Australian actress that has made the biggest splash recently is Margot Robbie. She starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar nominated film, The Wolf of Wall Street. Margot also broke into Hollywood on a short lived show, Pan Am. She also starred on a long running Australian soap, Neighbours. Maybe Phoebe is following in Margot’s footsteps.

Before Claire and Phoebe reunited, Phoebe starred on several episodes of  the Australian soap, Home and Away, that has been on the air since 1988. This time she was more of a normal girl.

The Originals will return October 6 at 8/7c on the WB. In the meantime check out these clips of Phoebe’s blossoming career.

Check out Phoebe’s scenes from her first show in Hollywood, The Secret Circle:

Here’s a promo for H20: Just Add Water:

Scenes from Home and Away:

When Hayley first appeared on TVD:

Interview with Phoebe teasing season 2 of The Originals:


The Originals season 2 trailer:

Spotlight On: Hayden Panettiere, From Healing Cheerleader to Country Music Star



I think the first time we noticed Hayden Panettiere was when she starred in ‘Raising Helen’ alongside Kate Hudson. She didn’t really become a household name until her role in ‘Heroes’. Hayden, 24, played the cheerleader, Claire Bennet, who could heal herself.

After her success on ‘Heroes’ she snagged roles on the teenage romantic comedy, ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’, the voice of Kate in ‘Alpha and Omega’,  Disney’s ‘Ice Princess’, Lifetime film, ‘Amanda Knox: Murder on Trail in Italy’, and follow-up to the ‘Scream’ trilogy, ‘Scream 4’.

Her best role yet is Juliette Barnes on ‘Nashville’. This role has gained her two Golden Globe nominations so far.

You may not know it, but she has done songs on many soundtracks for Disney including, ‘I Still Believe’, ‘My Hero Is You’,  ‘I Fly’ and ‘Try’. She even came out with a single, ‘Wake Up Call’, in 2008. She may not have been able to break into the music business, but her singing experience has sure paid off for her role as country music star, Juliette, in ‘Nashville’.

Did you know Hayden guest starred on 12 episodes of Ally McBeal? She also played small parts in ‘Remember the Titans’ and ‘The Object of My Affection’ and was on two soap operas: ‘Guiding Light’ and ‘One Life to Live’.

I think she has found her role as Juliette, but she’s had a pretty successful acting career so far. We’ll have to wait to see what she goes on to do next.

While we wait for ‘Nashville to return, we can enjoy the music of Hayden and don’t forget to check out her films or re-watch them if you’ve already seen them.

‘Don’t put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet’:

‘Nothing in this World Will Ever Break My Heart’:

‘Wake up Call’ official music video:

‘I Still Believe’ music video:

‘I Fly’ music video:

‘Heroes’ trailer:

‘Raising Helen’ trailer:

‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ trailer:

‘Scream 4’ trailer:

Spotlight On: A Look Back at Jensen Ackles’ Career

SupernaturalWe love watching Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester on ‘Supernatural’ and as we go into a tenth season and Jensen has new challenges for his character, lets take a look back at the other great roles you might have missed Jensen, 36, in.

He was in the finale season of ‘Dawson’s Creek’, but unless you look closely at his character, C.J, you may have missed it. He doesn’t look like the sexy hunter we know him as now. He has longer hair and plays a recovering alcoholic who likes to help people. Jen takes an interest in him really quickly, but it’s a rocky road for these two getting together. If you are having Dean withdrawals this summer, ‘Dawson’s Creek’ may be a good fix. He’s in 12 episodes from season six.

If 12 episodes is not good enough for you, Jensen was also in ‘Dark Angel’ with Jessica Alba. He plays Alec, one of the people who was genetically enhanced as a child. He’s in this entire season. This is probably when I became a big fan of Jensen and he’s a little bit more like the Dean we know and love.

He also had a stint on a soap, ‘Days of Our Lives’. He’s had a pretty successful TV career so far, nothing has been as successful as ‘Supernatural’, but he built up his resume before he snagged his role as Dean.

Did anyone watch ‘Bloody Valentine’ back in 2009? He was one of the stars and was pretty impressive in the film. It was a strange film, but well worth watching for the twist at the end.

When Jensen is not filming ‘Supernatural’ he’s being a family man with his wife, Danneel Harris. You may recognize her name. She is also a CW alum. She starred in ‘One Tree Hill’ as Rachel. Danneel and Jensen had a daughter named JJ last year.

While we wait through the long summer for the return of ‘Supernatural’ you can check out all of Jensen’s great roles over the years and here are some videos to watch while you wait:

Check out this video of the best of Dean from ‘Supernatural’:

Jensen on ‘Dawson’s Creek’:

Jensen in ‘Dark Angel’:

A clip from ‘Days of Our Lives’:

Watch the trailer to ‘My Bloody Valentine’:



Jensen Eye of the Tiger:

Jensen singing ‘The Weight’:

Spotlight On: Jesse Lee Soffer Was Under Our Radar for too Long | mozetoja | mozetoja

When ‘Chicago P.D.’ landed on our screens the show introduced some sexy guys into our lives and Jesse Lee Soffer is one of them.

If you are a daytime soap fan, chances are you’ve seen Jesse, 30, on ‘As the World Turns’ and you may even remember him from 1998 in ‘Two of a Kind’ with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. His first film was in 1993 with John Goodman, ‘Matinee’. He also starred in ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ and ‘A Very Brady Sequel’. He’s collected a lot of TV credits too: ‘The Mob Doctor’, ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Rizzoli and Isles’, ‘CSI: Miami’ and ‘Chicago Fire’. He scored a small part in ‘In Time’ alongside Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

Now Jesse is Detective Jay Halstead on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and he’s sexy, smart and has a good heart. He’s the whole package and we are wondering when Erin (Sophia Bush) and him are going to get together.

So why exactly has this cute guy stayed under our radar for so long? Maybe he just needed to be on one of the top four networks during primetime for us to notice him. We’ve been seeing him for years, but until he was Jay we let him pass us by. Now that we know this talented actor, lets take a look back at his accomplishments.

‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ as Bobby:

‘Two of a Kind’ as Taylor (he’s at 11:33):

‘As the World Turns’ scenes of Jesse shirtless:

‘As the World Turns’ opening:

Trailer of ‘Matinee’, see if you can spot Jesse:

Bonus: Interview with Jesse:

Spotlight On: Candice Accola, More than just Vampire Barbie


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We may know her as vampire Barbie on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, but there is much more than meets the eye to Candice Accola.

Candice, 27, was born in Houston, Texas and has racked up quite a few credits before landing her role as Caroline Forbes on ‘TVD’.

You probably missed it, but she guest starred on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ and ‘Supernatural, she even had a very small part in ‘Juno’.

Before ‘TVD’, she landed a role in an indie horror film in 2008 that was featured in numerous film festivals. ‘Dead Girl’ was the official selection of the AFI Film Festival and was also featured at the Fantastic Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and the Sitges Film Festival.

To add to her success, Candice won Teen Choice’s TV Female Scene Stealer in 2012 for her role as Caroline. She does like to capture your attention when she is on screen. I may be a little biased though, because she is my favorite female character on the show. Although, that might say a lot for the actor, seeing as there are some episodes where she’s no where to be found.

Along with her award in 2012, she was also starring in a web series, ‘Dating Rules for My Future Self’. The character she played was nothing like Caroline and she spent almost the entire time on screen in the short webisodes. She even produced two of the episodes. The show was very funny, and in a way helpful, to weed out all of our dating problems before you have them, well try too. If only our future selves could talk to us.

That’s not all this busy lady has been up to, she released an album in 2006,  ‘It’s Always the Innocent Ones‘, that can be purchased on iTunes.

Things have been a little quieter for Candice since 2012, but she’s still grabbing our attention on ‘TVD’ and luckily the writers have not decided to kill her off yet. What would Elena and Stefan do with out their best friend?

Check out the trailer for ‘Dead Girl’:

Here’s the season 2 promo for ‘Dating Rules from my Future Self’: