Nashville Season 2 Episode 6

nashville-season-2-posterRayna is finding it hard to find financing after her father was arrested. Her father has tainted their name and so has her sister. That guy was right, she does know all of her father’s dirty secrets. What will happen when everything is said and done and Rayna finds out that her sister was the one who provided the evidence for their father’s arrest?

I think Rayna feels very uncomfortable that with Scarlett going on tour, coming with a kiss and maybe some strings. I don’t think Rayna is ready to start dating. It’s awkward and hurtful for her to see Deacon with someone else and she’s still dealing with her daughter finding out her father is Deacon, not to mention her divorce hasn’t been finalized for that long. I guess at least she got Scarlett a spot on a tour, after she screwed up with Juliette.

Juliette is not one to take friendly advice. Rayna was not judging, just trying to help. What was Juliette thinking? It was bad enough it happened once, but now to have a six week affair under the pretenses of it being business is completely wrong. She was just starting to get her reputation back. Now Charlie’s wife has seen them and it’s no telling what she’s going to do about it. I hope Juliette is ready for the fall out that will happen from this.

I don’t know how I feel about Scarlett and Avery sleeping together. I preferred her with Gunnar, but he’s obviously moved on. Scarlett and Avery are not going to have as much time as they thought to figure out what sleeping together means. She’s going to be off on tour sooner than she thought.

Zoey doesn’t know exactly what Avery and Scarlett sleeping together means, because Scarlett doesn’t even know.  If Zoey wants to start seeing Gunnar she needs to talk to Scarlett first. Scarlett might be ok with it, but she’s not going to be ok with the lying.

There will be no new episode next week. Check out the preview for November 13:


The Originals Season 1 Episode 5

the-originals-posterNow we know why Davina is working with Marcel, he saved her life. He didn’t just save her out of the goodness of his heart though, he saved her so the witches wouldn’t get more powerful. He has also been using her since he found out how much power she had. So she has four witches’s power, no wonder she is so powerful. I hope Elijah can truly help her keep the magic under control, while she has it.

Will all four girls really come back to life when the harvest is over? Where will the originals side on helping or preventing the harvest?

This becomes very complicated. As Elijah said, Sophie will be very dangerous trying to bring back her niece, but she is also linked to Hayley. Haley’s safety depends on the witches.

It’s very fitting that The Originals is all about family. Since the originals came on to The Vampire Diaries they have  been all about family, for better or for worse. Now the original family, or what’s left of them, is stuck in the middle between Marcel’s made family and the witches’s family. Which family will end up on top?

What can the priest, Kieran, hold over Marcel? I feel like Marcel can snap his neck in two seconds. Once again it comes down to family. Kieran’s niece is Cami. There are so many family ties in New Orleans. What will Kieran think when he finds out that Klaus has used compulsion on Cami and is using her to get to Marcel? Klaus has so many enemies to begin with, I’m sure one more won’t make a difference.

Will Haley and Elijah be a couple in the future? There seems to be sparks there, even though she’s caring his brothers baby. Of course Klaus’s heart still belongs to Caroline.

Check out the preview for next week. The witches try to kill Haley’s baby through Sophie:

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 4

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterIt was nice to see some girl hunters in action this week. Sam and Dean are great hunters, but it’s nice to see some females on the show and Charlie is always a delight when she joins forces with the Winchesters.

She can officially call herself a hunter now, now that she has died and come back to life. How exactly is Dean going to explain that to her in the future. I’m guessing by then Sam will have found out about the angel possessing him.

At this point I say I trust Ezekiel, he’s saved both Charlie and Cass, as well as constantly working on saving Sam. Cass said he’s a good guy and he’s proving to be one. The only thing that worries me is Ruby, she seemed to be trust worthy but she was secretly gaining Sam’s trust so she could raise Lucifer. Not saying that Ezekiel has any sort of plans like that, but you can never be sure.

How long will he have to stay in Sam? How many times have Sam and Dean died and come back now? It’s interesting to know that Dorothy died and came back to life as well. It must be a hunter tradition. Well at least if you are wanted alive someone will bring you back to life. Bobby, John, Rufus, Jo and Ellen were not so lucky.

The bunker is becoming the center of the show. This episode didn’t even venture out of the bunker.

Charlie wanted adventure and Sam wanted a place to call home. They both got what they wanted. Not saying Sam will start decorating his room anytime soon, but at least he’s starting to get more comfortable  about the idea of a home.

Next week is another lighthearted episode. Dean will become an animal, or at least in his mind he will:

Revenge Season 3 Episode 5

revenge_season_3_by_myrmorko-d5rsu9f (1)Emily finally had to commit herself to Daniel. Marrying Daniel has been her end game, but she hasn’t been putting the right sort of effort into the relationship to make it work. It’s a wonder why he didn’t break it off before. I think those were real tears Emily cried and it was a true story from her past. The picture on the other hand wasn’t real, but it sealed the deal to have the wedding back on. 

For the moment Emily is choosing Aiden. I know a lot of fans want her to be with Jack, but the show isn’t over yet, she can change her mind. Circumstances change, so who knows who Emily will end up with. She’s not done with her plan and until she is she can’t truly be with anyone. 

It was amazing that for once Emily didn’t know what to do. She’s usually very good at the plans and contingency plans, but for once she was at a loss. Until Nolan gave her some good advice: give him a pice of yourself. I think the whole thing is getting to her. I mean how long can you pretend you love someone? It must wear on you. I couldn’t stand talking to Victoria in that fake voice. They are so fake to each other. How long can you keep up the whole charade? 

There are too many lies in this show. I knew that Charlotte wasn’t the one that tried to kill Conrad, not only does she not have it in her, the whole scene was fake. Did the writers really want us to know during the scene that Charlotte was not the one who tried to kill him? They could have tried to make it more realistic. I mean Blair Waldorf  always made her schemes seem real. She was a little too good at it. 

The wedding is back on and there is only weeks before her takedown and Nolan wants out. Check out the preview for next week: 

Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 Episode 6

86507-greys-anatomy-fans-can-rest-easy-chief-webber-is-safe-there-he-is-righCristina has ruined two relationships in her life because she doesn’t want to have kids. She was right to let Owen go, so he can find someone who does want kids, but she was supposed to be there for Meredith no matter what. She’s her person. Cristina has always seen herself better than anyone else, but over the years all the residents have proved themselves to be great surgeons. They are all great in different ways. If Cristina can’t accept that Meredith is trying to be a mom and a surgeon and be there for her, then Cristina will have to find a new person. Someone who see’s the world more like her.

I think Meredith made the right decision choosing her mom’s unfinished research. I think they will give her the grant. Callie is right the story writes itself, ‘daughter finishes brilliant dead mother’s unfinished work’. Meredith doesn’t want to be like her mother, but I think if she got her mom’s brain then that would be ok. She’s not like her mother though. Derek and Meredith have had their ups and downs, but they work through them. They stick by each other. Her parents couldn’t do that. Derek is a good husband, stepping back to let Meredith focus on her work. It has to be a challenge both being surgeons and having kids.

Callie is finally starting to move on. She was forcing it at first and now she’s doing it. I guess faking it until you make it really works.

Arizona is starting to move on too. Does she really like Murphy or is this just a rebound? I don’t think Murphy is the best person for a rebound. As Alex said, she’s clingy.

If Alex’s dad didn’t know who he was before, he does now. I think Joe was right to push him to talk to him. It wasn’t what Alex would have hoped for, but now he knows that his dad has left two families. As his dad was telling the story of his son, I was wondering if that was Alex or another son. Now Alex can really let go. He can realize it wasn’t him, it was his father. I think in the long run he’ll be happy he got some closure.

Check out the preview for next week. It’s a spooky episode just for Halloween:

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 4

The-Vampire-Diaries-season-5The truth about Bonnie is finally out and people can start grieving. Tyler even came back for Bonnie’s funeral. The only person that was missing was Stefan, and that’s because he can’t remember who Bonnie is and doesn’t want to see or speak to Damon and Elena.

How long did Bonnie think she could keep her death a secret? I think she was too afraid to deal with her death. She had to come clean though. Everyone was counting on her and they couldn’t understand why she wasn’t coming through.

I think there is still a little bit of Stefan in there. He’s mad at Elena and Damon, which is natural when he’s first hearing that his brother stole his girlfriend and he’s reaching out to Caroline. The two of them were pretty close before he disappeared. They kind of have a Lexi and Stefan relationship.

So Tyler is back, but for how long? And how will he feel that his girlfriend was kissing another guy. To be fair, Tyler was MIA and not responding to Caroline. You could barely say that they are together. So I think in this situation she should get a pass. I realize Tyler is the alpha male and wants to help his fellow werewolves out, but that doesn’t mean he gets to neglect his girlfriend while he’s doing it.

I think the more pressing issue is that Jessie is now going to become a vampire. Who is going to help him transition? How is he going to deal with all the changes that will happen? And why does Dr. Maxfield want to create a new vampire? What exactly is his research and how much of it is related to Elena’s dad’s research? At least we’ve swung back around to this part of the story. I was disappointed when we pressed pause on what’s going on in Whitmore to focus on Stefan.

So Matt has reached out to Jeremy, but it has been overshadowed by the secret of Bonnie’s death being revealed. At least Jeremy knows something about what’s going on with Matt. Now Matt needs to show Jeremy the video. Maybe even Damon. I don’t know if Damon has any knowledge of passengers, but he’s been around longer and may have some inkling of what a passenger is. Matt may only trust Caroline, Elena and Tyler when it comes to vampires, but he may have to start trusting Damon as well.

Nashville Season 2 Episode 5

nashville-season-2-posterWe sat there and waited to see what would come out of Rayna’s mouth. Would her voice be the same? Would she be able to sing at all? She didn’t even know what would happen. But as her voice started to give out, the guitar player started singing and so did the entire audience. They pulled her through a very hard moment. Her voice wasn’t exactly the same, but she did pull through in the end.

I wish Tandy tried to come up with something to stop Rayna from taking their dad’s money. She didn’t really have to fully convince her, but just postpone her going through with it. Rayna jumped the gun of telling the new guy she was buying her and her record label out, since right before that her father was arrested and assets frozen. What will the fall out be from this? Jeff is already trying to control Rayna. She just got up on stage and her voice was not perfect and everyone helped her through. He should not be trying to control her, she built the label and she has very loyal fans.

I do not like Jeff at all. I think Scarlett should be herself. I love her character. She’s lovable because she’s the sweet girl next door. Ok yes, she needs practice with the media, but practice with being herself, not acting like someone else. And why is Jeff forcing Will and Layla to be a publicity couple? It makes you wonder how much of the music acts are manufactured.

That was a low blow calling Juliette a flash in the pan. They would have more respect for her if she could do things her way, musically. She’s matured as an artist, but the record company is forcing her to sing for tweens. I think Rayna and Juliette should get together for Ryana’s new label and pull it out of Edgehill. I know that’s not ideal for Rayna, but they both want to do things their own way and together they could. I don’t see it being that simple for Rayna though.

I really like that Avery and Gunnar are collaborating. At first I thought it was weird, but they seem to be working well together. And Avery’s record deal and Gunnar’s mistake of steeling his brother’s songs, has brought both of them more perspective. I don’t like that Gunnar slept with Scarlett’s friend though. That was not right.

Juliette has reached out to someone, Avery. He may not be going out on tour with her, but at least Juliette has a friend now.

I think Tandy is regretting turning her father in. Rayna lost out on pulling out of Edgehill and now Lamar wants to seek revenge on Teddy. I think Tandy should have investigated her mother’s death a little more before she went to punishing him, since other people are being hurt in the process. Now granted, Lamar broke the law and he should suffer, but other people shouldn’t. Tandy’s mother’s death looks very suspicious, but she doesn’t have all the facts.

I’m glad Deacon went to Rayna. He’s trying to find his place in music now and he would never have done that without Rayna’s guidance.

Check out the preview for next week. There’s a lot of love and lust going around:

Supernatural Season 9 Episode 3

ustv-supernatural-season-9-posterWhy didn’t Dean fight more to keep Cass with them? Can’t he just get warded from the angels again. Even if Cass leaves other reapers or angels will use Sam and Dean to find him. He’s safer in the bunker than anywhere else. Why is Ezekiel so afraid of being found? It’s not like Dean to cave so easily.

I was looking forward to seeing Sam and Dean teach Cass how to live. And I guess the birds and the bees will have to be his first lesson. Sam might want to jump in and teach him about healthy food too, before Dean passes over all of his bad eating habits.

Dean needs to start coming up with better stories. It won’t be long before Sam starts picking up on that something is off.

So Bartholomew is the new big bad angel in town. He’s pretty smart using a TV priest to get people to let the angels in. But that means more and more are going to be walking on earth. It’s bad enough that there are demons roaming around, now the Winchesters have to worry about angels too. That is kind of scary to think of so many angels hunting Cass down, but it’s not like they all haven’t been hunted for before. It’s just another typical day.

After the last few episodes have been very stressful, between Sam almost dying and searching for Cass, next week is going to be a bit lighter. Felicia Day will be back playing Charlie for the Dorothy from Oz episode. Check out the preview. It looks perfect just in time for Halloween:

The Originals Season 1 Episode 4

the-originals-posterElijah is back! Klaus and Rebekah didn’t have to do anything, Davina let him go without even knowing it. What are Davina and Elijah going to talk about? How will this help or hurt Klaus’s plans?

Who saved Hayley? Her birthmark was mentioned again. Could that have anything to do with her rescuer? We know that her family have something special to them, we just don’t know what. Is her past finally going to come to light? Hayley hasn’t had much of a storyline yet, besides carrying Klaus’s child. This is a great time to start expanding on her story. She seems like she could have an interesting story.

Everyone seems to have an agenda. Cami is in New Orleans to find out what happened to her brother. I have a feeling Marcel had something to do with it, but I could be wrong. Klaus really does care for Cami. It really hurt him to compel her not to look into what happened with her brother. It reminded me of when Damon confessed his love to Elena and then had to compel her to forget it. Though Klaus’s motives are a lot more sinister. He wants to win at all costs, not matter who ends up as casualties along the way. At least he did promise to find out what happened.

So Klaus has gained Davina’s allegiance and Rebekah is about to have Elijah back. Things are going well so far, but what is next?

Check out the preview for next week. Elijah is helping Davina and Klaus wants her:

Bones Season 9 Episode 6 The Wedding

Season_9_fanThis episode was for the fans. The ones who have been there since the beginning. We’ve waited and hoped for Brennan and Booth to get together and now they finally are. And Angela created the perfect wedding for them. It was a fairy tale wedding and Booth and Brennan couldn’t have done it better.

I knew there would be some case that would threaten to get in the way of the wedding, but I never thought a church burning down would threaten their wedding.

We got to go down memory lane during Brennan’s and Booth’s vows. We got to remember them in the beginning. We never got told before now who Brennan wrote her good bye note to. No surprise that is was Booth. I thought that was one of the most romantic things anyone could do, to read their good bye note for their vows, let alone Brennan.

Angela not only made sure Brennan and Booth got their wedding, she made sure Brennan participated in wedding rituals, like pedicures, manicures and getting her hair done.  While some women may opt out of these things, Brennan deserved them more than ever. She lost her family when she was young and missed out on so many things. She deserved her wedding to be perfect. Max may be many things, but he’s always tried to do right by Brennan. He was there to walk her down the isle and pay for her wedding. Not only did he pay for it, he paid for it with clean money.

So what’s next for the show? Booth and Brennan are married with a daughter, Angela and Hodgins are married with a son, Cam is dating an intern and Sweets is trying to find a purpose. Things are starting to wrap up. What do the writers have in store?