Leslie Made Me a Believer in ‘Parks and Recreation’

parks-and-recreation-tv-movie-poster-2009-1020482255After seeing Jurassic World I really wanted to check out Chris Pratt (Andy Dwyer) in Parks and Recreation. I watched him in Everwood years ago and he was great in the new Jurassic installment.

Parks and Recreation may be over now, but with Netflix it’s never too late to get hooked on a show.

I also enjoyed Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) co-hosting the Golden Globes, so it was really about time I check out her show.

In the first episode I wasn’t sure what to think. It was such a bizarre show. Leslie was so dedicated to her job and she’s got some pretty good ideas, but she’s also kind of clueless. She gets little respect in the office and from her mom.

Chris’ characters was basically like his Everwood character all grown up. I was a little disappointed after his Jurassic Park character.

I wasn’t hooked at all from the first episode, but I kept going. And I’m very glad I did.

The humor and the show didn’t really change as the first season progressed, but it really grew on me.

It’s kind of like a strange reality TV show. I’m not use to characters looking straight at the camera, but it added to the quirkiness of the show.

I get that no one cares about local government. I’ve never really thought about any redevelopment like turning the pit into a park. It’s a really good idea, but I can’t imagine actually going to the town hall meeting or doing anything to make it happened. I want this park to happen though. Leslie has somehow got me invested in this project.

She’s also got other people invested in the project too.

I really like Rashida Jones’ character Ann Perkins. She started out as a very angry civilian because her boyfriend fell in the pit, but now Leslie has changed her mind about government. Ann believes in government again or at least in Leslie.

Ann is also the only sane person on the show. Though considering she’s dating Andy, maybe she’s not that sane. Andy is a slob that sings in a band and well Ann is too old and too smart to be going through the rock star phase.

Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) is the worst boss ever. He does as little as possible and would rather do even less. But Leslie has even sparked something in him too. He stood up for her in a disciplinary hearing.

Leslie is not the kind of government employee to get in trouble. She’s a very straight arrow. But she has a big crush on Mark (Paul Schneider) and when it comes to him she doesn’t think clearly.

A hard rule is that they can’t accept expensive gifts. The office got a big gift basket and Leslie was keeping it in her office so no one opened it. But then Leslie and Ann were drinking with the boys and the beer ran out, but Leslie didn’t want the night to end, so she opened the basket and drank the wine.

She felt so ashamed for her actions and was punishing herself more than anyone else was. That would have been the end of it, except the 19-year-old intern, April (Aubrey Plaza), drank some of the wine, videoed it and put it on the website to create the park because she was bored. That’s when Leslie was really in trouble. 

The journey to turn the pit into a park is still going and I will definitely watch season two to find out if Leslie can pull it off.

You can watch the entire series on Netflix and Hulu.


Relive your 20s Vicariously Through ‘Younger’

younger-9781416510215_lgI keep hearing it called Hillary Duff’s new show, but really they should call ‘Yougner’, Sutton Foster’s new show, because it’s really all about her. 

It’s a scary world for a mother of a senior in high school and recently divorced, but Liza Miller (Sutton) is embracing her new freedom by returning to her 20s.

It made sense that she wanted to go back to work after her husband left and her daughter is spending her senior year abroad, and not just because she had to. But a lot has changed since she was working. Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, just to name a few. And Liza doesn’t know what any of it means.

Then one night out with her friend, Maggie (Debi Mazar), she gets hit on by a really cute and much younger guy, Josh (Nico Tortorella). She flirts and has a little bit of fun, but walks away, because he’s just way to young. Not before he puts a date in her calendar though. 

Maggie comes up with the great idea to make Liza 26, so she can get a job. It seems leaving work and raising a daughter doesn’t make it easy to just go back to work. But pretending to spend three years in India and write a book is much better.

This devious plan works and she gets hired to be an assistant to Diana Trout (Miriam Shor). Apparently Diana likes to destroy younger women. This is where Hillary finally makes her appearance as Junior Editor Kelsey Peters. It appears that Liza will learn a lot from Kelsey. 

Thankfully for us girls, Liza decides to pursue something with Josh. He’ll be great eye candy, but the show is seriously funny even without the eye candy. Liza doesn’t know half of what people are saying. She’s so out of tune with pop culture and being quizzed on Katniss Everdeen, One Direction and Harry, isn’t going to make the new world of social media any easier.

Liza pretends to be 26 very well though. She looks very young for her age and can pull off those younger styles, even if the thrift store clothes do “smell like weed.”

It’s a nice fantasy for anyone living in suburbia to be able to do it all again. Maggie is certainly loving living vicariously through Liza.

Liza will have to be careful though, or her real life and her 26 year old life might overlap.

Make sure to tune into ‘Younger’ on TV Land, Tuesdays at 10/9c.

Matthew Perry is Back on TV and Acting a Little Like Chandler

Check out this truly 'Odd Couple'.

Check out this truly ‘Odd Couple’.

I’ve read some bad reviews of ‘The Odd Couple’, but I still wanted to check it out for myself.

Matthew Perry is playing a guy that is a mixture of Chandler and Joey in one. Maybe it’s my desperation to have Chandler back in my life, but I really liked Oscar Madison (Matthew).

Oscar is a divorced slob, who has his own radio sports talk show and ghostwrites biographies for sports players. He claims he’s very happy with his single life. At least he is until his old friend, Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon), walked through his door. 

Felix is newly separated from his wife and is not taking it well at all. He is also the complete opposite of Oscar, but maybe the two of them will rub off on each other. Oscar could stand to be a little more emotional and Felix could stand to be a little more care free.

Oscar lets Felix stay with him and in one day Felix cleans the apartment and reveals a very nice home. Oscar can’t believe his eyes. I don’t know if he’s ever seen his apartment clean.

Oscar has been a renewed bachelor since his divorce, but Felix seems to be bringing him back down to reality.

Oscar really wants to have sex with Casey (Leslie Bibb), but Felix keeps getting in the way. Casey’s sister Emily (Lindsay Sloane) is a basket case and has a little crush on Felix. Emily and Felix could be the perfect couple, if either of them could get it together. 

As we learn more about Casey, it’s clear that she’s a lot like Oscar and they’re pretty perfect for each other too.

Oscar has two close friends Teddy (Wendell Pierce) and Roy (Dave Foley). Neither of them are very happy with their lives, misery really likes company in this show. 

Oscar also has an assistant, Dani (Yvette Nicole Brown), who doesn’t really know what to do with either of them. 

Oscar says a lot of things in this show that remind me of Chandler. He doesn’t like sharing his emotions, but he’s a lot luckier with the ladies, which is where the comparison to Joey comes in. If you are missing Chandler and Joey, this could possibly fill the void.

So sit back, and let Matthew Perry make you laugh, once again.

Check out ‘The Odd Couple’ on CBS, Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c.

Excited to See Brian Austin Green in a New Show

BookWyrm_photos | photobucket.com

BookWyrm_photos | photobucket.com

I was a huge fan of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and it’s still one of my most watched shows. David Silver was one of my favorite characters and I loved the David and Donna relationship.

Brian Austin Green, 41, has been cast in a comedy pilot on FOX, Deadline reported. This made me very excited. And this is before I even knew what the show was about.

Brian will be starring with Liza Lapira (‘Super Fun Night’) and Jenna Elfman (‘Dharma & Greg’) on Dana Klein’s untitled project. The show follows Ellen (Jenna) as a working mom who is in “competition with her perfect stay-at-home sister-in-law Amy” (Liza), Deadline said.

Brain will be playing Jack Stanley, Amy’s husband. He likes to break the rules and isn’t disciplined at all, except when it comes to his wife. He’s terrified of his wife.

Brian has been jumping around TV shows ever since ‘90210’ ended. He guest starred on ‘Smallville’, and also appeared on ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘Wedding Band’ and ‘Anger Management’. I really enjoyed him on ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’. None of these roles were ever as good as his portrayal as David though.

David kept trying to make a music career, he was on the radio, he dealt with a drug addiction and depression. Brian got to really delve into this character over the ten years the show ran. The actor has a lot of depth to him and none of the roles he’s taken on since has been able to tap into his talent, but at least he’s still at it. He’s bound to get another great role like David.

According to Variety, FOX gave the show a pilot order last month. Dana will be executive producing the show with Aaron Kaplan. they worked together on ‘Friends with Better Lives’. I loved this show and was really upset when CBS canceled it with out even airing all of the episodes.

There was a lot of comedies that didn’t make the cut last year, but ‘Friends with Better Lives’ was very funny and reminded me a little of ‘Friends’, because it was a show about everyday life. It followed a newly divorced doctor, a single woman, a newly engaged woman and a married couple with one kid and another on the way. It showed friends in very different stages of life and touched on the reality of the dating world. It was a great show that never caught on.

I hope this project has more success for Dana and Aaron. I’m looking forward to checking this show out.

Friends Marathon for Netflix

RHL-FriendsOn Thursday you will be able to relive all the great times Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica and Phoebe had. But with ten seasons you might not know where to start. If you are looking forward to diving right in and marathoning on the first day of the year, I have made a list. Watch Ross and Rachel get together and break-up. Watch Monica and Chandler hook-up, fall in love and get married. There’s a lot of other fun episodes in between too. So here’s your list and let me know how far you get:

1. The One Where Rachel Finds Out – Season 1 Episode 24
This episode is really the beginning of the Ross and Rachel story and one of the classic ‘Friends’ episodes.

2. The One Where Ross Finds Out – Season 2 Episode 7
You can’t have a ‘Friends’ marathon without watching the first Ross and Rachel kiss.

3. The One with the Morning After – Season 3 Episode 16
The “we were on a break” statement lived on throughout the entire series. While this may be a heartbreaking episode for Ross and Rachel shippers, it’s also a great part of their love story.

4. The One with the Jellyfish – Season 4 Episode 1
The funniest part of this episode was where Ross told Rachel he fell asleep during her 18 page letter, front and back. But lets not forget the incident at the beach.

friends-tv-show5. The One with the Embryos – Season 4 Episode 12
This is one of the best ‘Friends’ episodes. Monica and Rachel and Chandler and Joey compete to see who knows the other better and they bet the apartment.

6. The One with Ross’s Wedding Part 1 and 2 – Season 4 Episode 23 and 24
These episodes were suppose to be about Ross’s special day, but instead it’s the start of Monica and Chandler’s romance. You can’t have a ‘Friends’ marathon without watching these episodes. Plus Ross says Rachel at the alter, giving new hope for Ross and Rachel shippers.

9. The One Where Everybody Finds Out – Season 5 Episode 14
Everyone except Ross knows that Monica and Chandler are together, but no one will let the other one know. Phoebe and Chandler battle it out till one side caves and it’s the most awkward seduction techniques you’ve ever seen.

10. The One with Unagi – Season 6 Episode 17
Rachel and Phoebe are taking a self defense class, but Ross doesn’t think it’s enough for them to really protect themselves. He tries to teach them Unagi, but Rachel and Phoebe keep getting the better of him.

11. The One with the Proposal part 1 and 2 – Season 6 Episodes 24 and 25
From the beginning of ‘Friends’ Chandler has always been afraid of commitment, but now he’s finally ready to settle down with Monica, only if he doesn’t screw it up first. I dare you to try to watch this episode without crying.

12. The One with Monica’s Thunder Season 7 Episode 1
The reason I like this episode so much is because Ross and Rachel almost hook up. Monica gets so mad that her thunder is stolen, when all it is, is Rachel upset that she’s not even close to getting married.

friends-anniversary-main13. The One with All the Cheesecakes – Season 7 Episode 11
I love this episode because it’s one of the few episodes that Chandler and Rachel get screen time together. They are my two favorite characters and they don’t get much screen time, just the two of them. In this episode they steal cheesecake and become obsessed with it.

14. The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding Part 1 and 2 – Season 7 Episode 23 and 24
What’s a ‘Friends’ marathon without watching Monica and Chandler get married? In the beginning of the series it seemed like Ross and Rachel were the ‘Friends’ couple, but it turns out it was Monica and Chandler. Enjoy watching them say I do, but first enjoy watching Chandler have his last freak out.

15. The One After I Do – Season 8 Episode 1
‘Friends’ doesn’t give a lot of cliff hangers, but at the end of season seven they hint at Rachel being the one that is pregnant and in season eight she confirms it. But you’ll still have to wait to find out who the father is.

16. The One Where Rachel Tells… – Season 8 Episode 3
This is probably one of the funniest ‘Friends’ episodes. Rachel tells Ross that she’s pregnant and he doesn’t take it so well. He fixates on the fact that condoms are only 97% effective, instead of the issue at hand.

17. The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits Season 10 Episode 5
This is the episode where Mike keeps trying to propose to Phoebe but she keeps messing it up. She finds all the proposals to be cliches and she just won’t let him pop the question.

18. The One with Phoebe’s Wedding – Season 10 Episode 12
From the beginning of ‘Friends’ you might not have predicted a wedding episode for Phoebe, but she finally gets her day.

19. The Last One Part 1 and 2 – Season 10 episode 19 and 20
If you are fan of Ross and Rachel, then you have to watch the last episode again. You have to watch Ross race through the airport to stop Rachel from getting on the plane. And you have to watch as Ross and Rachel finally get it together.

Get ready, ‘Friends’ is almost here! Check out these clips from the early years:

One of the Few Comedies to Survive the Fall: ‘Marry Me’

onesheet (1)Fall has not be kind to TV comedies. ‘Bad Judge’, ‘A to Z’ ‘Manhattan Love Story’ and ‘Selfie’ got cancelled before they barely began. But through the not so good season of new comedies, ‘Marry Me’ seems to be sticking around, at least for a little.

‘Marry Me’ was not on my list for checking out. Even with Ken Marino from ‘Veronica Mars’. Then one day I decided to watch it. Turns out it’s the only new comedy that I’ve made it past episode one. Sure the other shows were funny, but I guess they weren’t funny enough to keep me coming back.

Casey Wilson from ‘Happy Endings’ plays Annie, a girl with a big personality and can’t wait any longer for her boyfriend of six years, Jake (Ken Marino), to propose.

She freaks out thinking Jake is not going to propose, but while she’s going on her rant, he’s down on one knee. To top that off, their family and friends are hiding waiting for her to say yes. Her proposal had finally come, and she ruined it.

The premiere episode really sets the tone for this pretty crazy comedy. Life isn’t easy and the ‘Marry Me’ cast muddles through it making a lot of mistakes on the way.

Annie is a very unique girl and that probably has something to do with being raised by two dads. And they are both named Kevin. Talk about confusing. Jake tries to get close to Annie’s dads, but he can’t seem to figure out which Kevin likes what.

Jake is nothing like Annie. He’s very laid back and calm. But there’s something about this couple that clicks. They are totally in love and totally a team. They create a great haunted house together and when a kid gets left behind, they work together to find out where the kid lives.

This is a great fresh comedy. Where else are you going to see a father and daughter have a brides war?

According to TV Line, ‘Marry Me’ debuted with 7.5 million total viewers, making it the highest rated Tuesday comedy since March on broadcast TV.

‘Marry Me’ has picked up five more episodes. That’s 18 episodes for season one, TV Line reported.

‘Marry Me’ also stars John Gemberling, Sarah Wright, Tymberlee Hill, Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky.

Catch ‘Marry Me’ on NBC Tuesdays 9/8c.

Check out the official promo:

Great Comedies to Take Away Those Holiday Blues

The holidays are here and most shows are on hiatus and you may be catching the holiday blues. There is a cure for those blues. Chandler and Monica, Lily and Marshall, Sheldon and Leonard, Schmidt and Nick and Mike and his family can all brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Not everything about the holidays can be fun. You may hate gift shopping and be in a panic mode about getting the perfect presents. You may also hate so much family time. After a long hard day watch one of these comedies and I’m sure you’ll be feeling better.

Last Man Standing
last-man-standingIf you were a fan of ‘Home Improvement’, you’ll absolutely love this show. Tim Allen is even funnier with three daughters than he was with three sons. His girls and his wife constantly push him and drive him nuts. They hardly see eye to eye on anything. The only one who is on his side is the youngest Eve, she’s like the son he always wanted. She plays soccer and football and is in the ROTC. Whatever family drama is going, on you’re sure to keep laughing from start to finish.

New Girl
New-Girl_612x906The idea of a girl living with four men seems pretty absurd. But that’s what this show is all about. Jess was looking for an apartment and thought she the apartment had three girls, at least she says the ad sounded like it was girls. But for some reason the boys let her move in and it’s been a roller coaster of a ride ever since. Coach moved back in and Schmidt moved out and then moved back in. Now there are 5 people sharing one apartment and it seems more like a co-ed dorm room than an adult’s apartment. But they have become all good friends and are always there for each other. If you are having a bad day, Nick, Jess, Schmidt, Coach, Winston and CeCe will cheer you up.

The Big Bang Theory
BigBangTheory-People-2-issue9-20-10‘The Big Bang Theory’ has created a world where geeks are cool and they get the girl. How is it that everyone of the geeks on this show all have girlfriends? Even Sheldon. If you really want to laugh, watch Sheldon and Amy’s romance blossom. It’s the most rewarding and fun couple on TV. You’re probably think I’m kidding, but I’m not. Where else are you going to see a guy who you doesn’t like any of life’s conventions fall in love with a girl, kiss her and actually have a pretty successful relationship. Plus the bizarre things they both do in the relationship are pretty funny. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ will make you forget you are alone and keep you warm laughing.

How I Met Your Mother
how-i-met-your-mother-the-complete-seventh-season-dvd-cover-67When ‘Friends’ went off the air we all thought there would never be a show like it again. But ‘How I Met Your Mother’ was the new generation’s ‘Friends’. It followed Ted, Barney, Lily, Robin and Marshall from their 20s into their 30s. We watched them find love and lose love. We watched them celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. We watched Ted go through many girls before he found his kid’s mother and before he made it back to his true love. They will show you that no matter how bad the holidays are going, being with loved ones is the most important part. And if not, you can just laugh at their holidays gone wrong.

FriendsYou can never go wrong with watching an episode of ‘Friends’. No matter what season you watch, you’re sure to be non-stop laughing. Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey will be there for you through your holiday blues. It’s hard to be sad when Chandler and Monica are sneaking around. When Ross and Rachel are on a break. When Phoebe is singing ‘Smelly Cat’ and when Joey is being Joey. How can you not help but smile?

Take a Break from the Drama with ‘Last Man Standing’

Last_Man_Standing_intertitle‘Primetime Addiction’ focuses mainly on all the great drama shows on TV, but we could all use a little break from the drama every once in a while. Ever watch a really intense episode and then need something lighthearted before you go to bed? Sometimes you just can’t go to sleep after a really good intense episode.

You could always turn to Tim Allen, he’s sure to give you a good laugh. If you’ve seen ‘Home Improvement’ you know what I mean. He’s back on TV with a somewhat similar show, but this time he has three girls instead of three boys and I think the dynamic of the show is so much better than ‘Home Improvement’.

In his new show, ‘Last Man Standing’, he works in marketing at Outdoor Man and blogs about the store and his life. It’s not supposed to be about his life, but he squeezes something in that’s going on in his home life.

His three daughters Kristin (Amanda Fuller, ‘Red, White and Blue’), Mandy (Molly Ephraim, ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ ) and Eve (Kaitlyn Dever, ‘J.Edgar’) are very different from each other. Kristin is the oldest and she got pregnant in high school. Mandy is the popular girl and Eve is the tomboy and kind of like the son Mike (Tim) never had.

Living in a house with four women is not easy for Mike. His wife Vanessa (Nancy Travis, ‘So I Married a Max Murderer’) is a scientist and the two hardly see eye to eye on anything. Mike is a Republican and makes a lot of political jokes that are actually funny whichever party you support. Vanessa is a Democrat and she’s raised her oldest, Kristin, to be a Democrat too.  Mandy’s too busy with fashion and being popular to know anything about politics and Mike is molding the mind of his youngest, Eve.

I think the show has been pretty fare for the both political parties and the opposing opinions make for a very funny show, whether it’s something political or just normal every day issues.

It’s a show about everyday life and the issues they deal with are in every day life. Mike and Vanessa are trying to raise three daughters and they disagree on how to do it all the time.

Ed (Hector Elizondo, ‘Valentines Day’) is Mike’s boss and friend. Mike can go to work and have a break from being surrounded by women, because not many women go to Outdoor Man and he can have his guy time then. Ed is a very funny character. He’s been through multiple divorces and clearly has no idea how to handle women, so when Mike goes to him for advice, you not it’s not going to be good advice.

My one complaint about this show it they changed the oldest daughter after the first season. It took me a few episodes to get use to the new Kristin, but the show has been just as funny and entertaining, so no complaints any more.

Check out the trailer for the first season: