Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 21

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Bailey was the center of an investigation and it’s torn her apart from the other doctors. If she only knew how many of the doctors were sticking up for her, almost all of them.

Meredith was the only one willing to break the rules for Bailey, but a lof of them had her back.

It was a very hard situation for the board, they had to protect the hospital, but they needed to stand by their doctor as well. Jackson stood strong trying to deal with the situation in the best why he could, his mother would be proud. But he may have lost some friends along the way. Being the boss means making those tough decisions. They are just lucky that everything worked out so well. Bailey doesn’t feel any better now that she’s cleared though. She lost three patients and a friend.

She just overheard Richard at the worst possible time. He was trying to get permission to take his patient into surgery to save him, he had to say what he said. And if Bailey would have just stayed a little bit longer she would have heard that Richard had complete faith in her and was standing by her.

In some ways it doesn’t surprise me at all that Christina will be in the delivery room with Meredith. They’ve shared so much together since they started their residency together. I think it’s right for her to be in there, even if Christina isn’t exactly a baby fan.

I think Christina is right, I think she is losing Owen. Owen has gotten really close to this little boy and still wants kids and Christina isn’t budging. I think people can change their mind and want kids after not wanting them, but I don’t think people decide not to have kids after wanting them. I think there is only way that this can end, and I don’t think it’s going to be good.

Finally Alex has realized he’s in love with Jo, that sure took long enough and just in time to make her mad too. How close is she with this boyfriend anyways, if she didn’t even tell him about her past? She’s much closer to Alex and I think she has feelings for him too or she wouldn’t have gotten as mad at him as she did. Will these two ever get it together?

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 20 The Originals

The-originals-the-originals-33691657-1280-1790This week we were introduced to what could be the new series: The Originals. There’s a lot of potential with this show. Klaus is going to be a dad?! I’m not sure what I think about a little Klaus running around. Will the baby be more werewolf because of Hayley? What exactly will an original baby be like?

I have conflicting feelings about this spin-off show. I liked Klaus in this episode more than I usually do. I love Klaus as the villain, he’s a great villain. But in what could be The Originals, he’s more of the good guy. He’s not good, but if you have to choose a side that he’s on, he’s on the good side.

I like what he brings to The Vampire Diaries. I like when he’s driving the residents of Mystic Falls crazy and  I like when he’s working with his fellow vampires. It will be a shame to lose his character from the show. I know he can be brought back from time to time. Angel came back to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Addison went back to Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s still sad to lose their characters from the show.

Is Rebekah going to be apart of this new show? She is my favorite original and I don’t want to see her leave the show. She’s so intwined with the other characters of The Vampire Diaries. She has potential relationships with Matt and Stefan, she’s teamed up with Elena and is just over all a good character. I don’t know what would be in New Orleans for her.

Thinking back to Angel and Private Practice, these shows became great shows after characters departed from the original shows. I really enjoyed Private Practice and was sad to see it end a couple of months ago. So The Originals could become a great show and I will never think again about losing the characters from The Vampire Diaries, but at the moment, I don’t know what the future of The Vampire Diaries would be without these characters.

First things first, The Originals has to be picked up by the network.

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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 20

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)This was one of the light-hearted episodes to take a break from all the intense things going on in this season. Don’t get me wrong there was still serious parts of this episode too, but over all it was very funny.

Charlie was back this week to help the boys solve a case. This is the third time we’ve seen her. Is she going to be a new reoccurring character? I think she already is. We’ve lost so many great characters over the years and Cass is MIA and he’s been gone more recently than he’s been around.

We got an in depth look at Charlie’s character this week. She’s lost her parents, she’s gotten herself in to some trouble, but she’s proved herself to be brilliant. I think she will come in handy in the future.

Sam on the other hand is suffering very badly since the last trial and still has one more to go. He can’t even shoot straight now and he’s very lucky he could take care of that Gin. I know it was a young Gin, but he’s way, way off his game. It worries me for the next trial. Is he going to be able to handle it?

Next they are going to set off to find Kevin. This should be hard enough on it’s own without even thinking about the next trial. Well no one said that closing the gates of hell was going to be easy.

Check out a preview for next weeks all-new episode. I think it’s time we really start to worry about Sam:

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 19

The-Vampire-Diaries-the-vampire-diaries-20829391-1280-1024Tyler made a brief appearance, Elena tried to kill Bonnie, Bonnie almost killed Elena and Klaus let Tyler go. There was so much near death scenes in this episode. I actually thought April did die, but Rebekah came to the rescue.

So Elena has tried to kill both of her best friends. In a strange way I think that Elena trying to kill Bonnie was a break through for Damon and Stefan. They now know the way to break through to Elena. Fear. How are they going to scare a vampire with no feelings, though? Bonnie is extremely powerful, so she has the edge in scaring Elena, but what can Damon and Stefan do? At least they have a plan now, or at least a start of one.

Is Bonnie going to help Silas? The Salvatores were just saying that she wouldn’t give in to Silas. Impression is very dangerous, but I feel like that within their group they could figure out how to handle it. They’ve managed to handle everything else.

Bringing back everyone from the other side is a horrible idea. I know it would be nice to see Alaric and Lexie again, but is it worth it? And do we even know for sure that Jeremy is on the other side?

Why did Klaus let Tyler go? He’s obviously being lenient to Tyler for Caroline, but he would have a better chance with her if he just pardoned Tyler. Keeping Tyler away is not going to make Caroline fall in love with him.

Should Rebekah have gotten the cure? It’s a big decision and I don’t know if being human would have made Rebekah happy. I think she should just be a better person. She’s already got Matt changing his mind about her. She isn’t all bad, she’s just had a very hard life and a very long one. Maybe that’s why she wants the cure. She says she hasn’t lived, so she would live and then die. I for one am happy that she didn’t get the cure. She’s my favorite original.

Next week is all about the Originals, check out the preview:

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 17

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)Family tragedies always seem to bring people closer together, or tear them apart. In this case Rayna feels closer to her father after finding out the truth about her mother’s affair. And there is still a big spark between Rayna and Deacon. He flew all the way from New York just to be there for her, told Juliette that Rayna is his family and lied to his girlfriend. Would they just get together all ready?

Nashville really is a small town, well at least in the world of music. I had no idea that Watty was the musician that Rayna’s mom had an affair with. No wonder her dad has hated her career.

Tandy is an awesome sister. The scene where she goes and tells Teddy that his girlfriend was the one who leaked the divorce to the press was priceless. Teddy could hardly believe her. I wonder what that means for Teddy and Peggy now? Teddy basically left Rayna for Peggy.

Juliette has hired Dante as her manager? That won’t be complicated at all. I like that she is ambitious, but adding ten new songs the day of a show is too much. I understand her not wanting to cancel the show, but as Deacon said she could have hired an opening act. She’s trying to be mature about her career and I appreciate that, but she needs to come back down to earth.

You know why Rayna’s face is on a huge billboard? Because she focused on the music and not the endorsements. If Juliette keeps writing her amazing songs she’ll get there one day. She should focus on the music.

I’m so happy Scarlett signed the contract. She deserves it. I’m not so happy about Gunner hanging out with Will. He’s a really bad influence. There are better ways to heal then tempting fate. What if they would have died or got seriously hurt? I hope that was a one time thing.

Why is Deacon sticking up for Avery? Deacon seems to respect him more than he did when Avery was dating his niece. Is it the fact that he lost the record deal and he’s back out on the road working, even if he’s not playing? I definitely have major respect for him for taking a job. If only he had of done the right thing in the first place.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Finale

The_Carrie_Diaries_TV_Series-233306192-largeThere was a lot of twists and turns in this season finale. I started the episode thinking Carrie would be mourning and moving on from Sebastian, but the episode had barely began and they were back together. Then they broke-up again and then they were together again.

I really like Sebastian and Carrie together. They are such a cute couple, but maybe they just weren’t meant to be. At least he broke her heart before they had sex. This should soften the blow for her, at least a little.

I’ve liked Maggie, but I’ve definitely changed my opinion of her. She goes and outs Walt, kisses her friends on again, off again boyfriend and then she has sex with the cop, again, even though he is engaged. She wonders why her life is the way it is. She needs to start looking at the decisions she has been making.

I never would have guessed that Dorrit would lose her virginity before Carrie, this should be interesting if Carrie gets renwed for a second season.

I’ve really enjoyed this first season. There is so much potential with this series. Carrie’s had her first broken heart and she still has her virginity. But she’s also lost one of her oldest friends in the process. Mouse went from being an academic freak to finding someone she could excel with.

If The Carrie Diaries doesn’t get get a second season, this finale wraps things up nicely. Carrie and Walt are moving on in the city, Maggie is stuck in a rut and Mouse actually has everything.

I hope the series gets renewed for a second season, but at least things ended nicely if we don’t get any more episodes.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Episode 20

0000066105_20100415153721 (1)Meredith has the alzheimer’s gene. Which doesn’t at all mean that she will get alzheimer’s. But Meredith is freaking out like it’s a definite. It’s horrible to watch her asking Christina and Derek to euthanize her before she gets as bad as her mother.

I think it must be harder when you know exactly what’s going to happen to you if you get the disease, or in Meredith’s case, thinking when you get the disease. She should be thinking about how to live life to the fullest and not about what may or may not happen.

What did Bailey do? Bailey never screws up, but with three patients? What is the board going to do? Jackson jumped on the phone to the lawyers really quickly and the rest of them were preparing to have a pretty serious conversation with Bailey. Are they going to fire her? Is Bailey going to be leaving Grey’s? I thought everyone signed a contract for 2 years? I like Bailey. I don’t want to see her go. But I want to know what happened. It just doesn’t make any sense.

How can April think that Matthew was just going to be ok with her lying? She really thought that the virginity thing would be what he would fixate on and not the lying? And the way she came clean about it was horrible. April really has some growing up to do. She doesn’t know how to be in an adult relationship. She should have just told him from the beginning. Is Matthew going to forgive her?

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Nashville Season 1 Episode 16

nsh-keyart-v2-630-jpg_223313 (1)Rayna and Deacon need to be together and they are getting further and further apart.

Now that we know that Mattie is Deacon’s daughter I keep thinking what will he do when he finds out? They have been running into each other more now than before we knew. I feel like this has to come up eventually. Why throw it in our face so much?

Those girls can sing, well with Rayna has their mother and in Mattie’s case, Deacon as her father, is there any surprise?

It doesn’t surprise me at all that Scarlatte decided not to sign the contract, but Gunnar’s reaction did surprise me. I knew he was a good guy, but he’s the guy we all dream of. I’m glad that this hasn’t broken them up. If anything it’s brought them closer together. I still think they both deserve the record deal.

I can’t believe Peggy leaked the divorce to the tabloids. Teddy had chosen to leave Rayna for her. Why did she have to make the divorce messy. Of course she would take the deal from Lamar and manipulate Teddy. I didn’t like Peggy before and I like her even less now.

Is Lamar going to survive the heart attack? He’s an intergal part of the show, the writers need to keep him around.

I hope that Avery is taking notes and learning form his situation. He left his band behind and now he’s in debt and has no contract. Is he heading to the Rayna and Juliette’s tour? Could be a good opportunity to get singed by Rayna, not that he deserves it. Scarlett didn’t leave Gunner behind and she got an ‘I love you’. I understand wanting something so bad that you would do anything to get it, but you have to keep your integrity at the same time.

Just as Juliette is taking a few steps forward and growing up, she takes a few steps back. We all saw her and Dante getting together, but he’s her mother’s sponsor. Jolene is very fragile at the moment and Juliette keeps pulling Dante away as it is. She needs to either let her mother all the way in or get her mother in a place where she can heal.

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Supernatural Season 8 Episode 19

supernatural-season-8-poster-thumb-315xauto-46367 (1)I have really missed Bobby and even if this is the last time we will see him, I was very happy to see him. Something tells me that this might not be the last of Bobby. He died, then he came back as a ghost and now Sam rescues him from Hell. I think he will be back.

There’s been very few times I’ve seen Sam scared, but when he was in Hell, he looked scared. And now even Sam has been to Purgatory. The Winchesters sure get around.

I hope that Benny isn’t dead. It looked like those other vampires were killing him. Benny is such a good guy. He went back to Purgatory to save a man that wanted to kill him. Ok, yes, he sacrificed himself because he was tired and done with life, but still, most vampires would hold a grudge.

Sam finally came around. If only he could have decided Benny was a descent guy before. Then Benny wouldn’t have killed himself, or potential have killed himself. I want to believe that he’s still alive and we will see him again.

Did Keven flee or did Crawley take him? When Sam and Dean arrived it didn’t look like Crawley had been there. Either way, this is very bad. But Kevin hid the tablet. If Crawley did take him, the tablet is safe. The problem is finding it.

Sam has now completed the second trial, but the third one is yet to be known and they have no prophet, and no tablet. What is their next move?

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Bones Season 8 Episode 21

tv_bones12 (1)Another mediocre episode. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. What happend to the Bones I fell in love with? I mean I still tune in every week and most weeks I’m disappointed, but I still keep watching. I guess I’m just hoping for the Bones that I got addicted to.

Things have changed so much over eight season. Brennan and Booth have always had feelings for each other but it was that heat and chemistry that made them interesting to watch and entertaining. Now that they are together, that spark has gone. Brennan is also a mother now, and that has changed her.

There are some moments when Brennan being a mother is used in a good way. Like this episode when she was trying to prove Christen was innocent, but she wasn’t. Even if Christen has the smarts of Brennan and Booth combined, as a child, she’s still going to typical kid things. Like bitting.

Hodgins and Angela are also happily married. No more having sex on their breaks.

Even though I have been very disappointed with season eight, I will watch the rest of the season and I will watch next season as well. For those little moments when the reminisce of the Bones I became addicted to is back and the hope that things get back on track.

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