‘Supernatural’ Gets Very Dark for Season 11

Dean was saved at the end of season 10 and it looks like Sam will need saving now. Can these boys ever not need saving?

Supernatural always amazes me at the new storylines and just how good the show continues to be after 10 seasons.

The season 11 promo looks very different from anything we’ve seen before. They’re dealing with a very new enemy, a very old enemy. This looks like the darkest Supernatural has ever gotten and it seems fitting, since they are dealing with the darkness.

What happened to Sam after the darkness was unleashed? He’s got black veins and blood coming out of his eyes in the preview! Is this because of the darkness or something else? The promo has me very worried about Sam. Looks like Dean will be returning the favor very soon.

In the moment Sam and Dean always do anything they can to save each other and then deal with the consequences, but they always feel guilty afterwards. Is it really selfish to do anything you can to save your brother though?

This time Sam is feeling so lost, he’s asking God for help, but he really hasn’t been much help to this point. So what does Sam think God will do for him?

Dean looks to be beaten a little in this promo, but he’s just doing the job. So maybe we can relax a little bit over Dean.

We can now confirm that Crowley is alive! I knew he would be, but it’s nice to know for sure. And he shows up quite a bit in the preview, which makes me very happy. He doesn’t have too many lines in the promo, but with his one line, we know his wit is back for another season: “terrible name by the way.”  I can’t wait to see more of my favorite villain.

Cass has a big part in the promo as well. Hopefully we will continue to get the bromance between Dean and Cass and Dean and Crowley.

I think Sam needs a character to have a bromance with other than his brother. I don’t see Sam and Crowley partnering up anytime soon. The only reason Sam is alive is because Crowley has a weak spot when it comes to Dean.

Whoever made this promo, ended it with just the right touch, with Dean answering the phone, “Ghostbusters.”

It looks like were in for a roller coaster of a ride for season 11. Lets hope there are some light and funny episodes in between the intense ones, so we can catch our breath.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, October 7 at 9/8c pm.


‘Supernatural’ Review: Does Anyone Survive?

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Once again a Winchester was stopping at nothing to save his loved one.

Ten seasons and this was the craziest season finale of ‘Supernatural’ yet.

I am so thankful the CW renewed the show for another season, because I could not live without knowing if any of the characters survive! Who knows what that darkness did to Sam and Dean when it hit them and Cass is in the process of killing Crowley! This is just all bad! All the main characters left are in peril and now we have to wait all summer to find out their fate. This is the reason, I hate summer.

Sam is always going to save his brother no matter what. He goes to some pretty serious lengths to protect his brother. I was waiting to see how far he would go this week and he almost gave up his life to save Dean.

That really surprised me. Even in Dean’s darkness moments, I would never have guessed Dean would give up Sam’s life. Fortunately, it was all just a trick to kill Death. But why kill Death? What good did that do? I’m a little confused about why he killed Death. The visit from Death did teach us what would happen if Sam succeeded in removing the Mark, the Darkness would be released. To be fair Sam didn’t know that would happen and the spell was already in motion, so Sam couldn’t have stopped it. He did tell Cass to do the spell no matter what.

Could Rowena have gotten out of those chains the whole time or did the spell supercharge her magic? She’s been alive a long time, so I knew she was powerful, but I never expected her to be this powerful. We have two evils to worry about next season, Rowena and the Darkness.

I’ve always been the person who likes later seasons in series. I like when we know the characters and the writers can really have fun with them, like Cass and Crowley working together. You don’t see this much. I love these two guys. They have such great one liners and they are such fun characters. They are two characters I want to see until the end of the series. So the writers better not be writing either of them off the show.

Dean has been getting worse with each episode, but this week he hit rock bottom. He was so insensitive with people he was questioning, with the police and even just stood their and let a fellow hunter die. The Mark had taken hold. He then trashed his motel room. Things were not looking good. He wanted to die, unfortunately, but fortunately for us, he can’t be killed. I really thought he reached rock bottom when he was willing to let his brother die. I just couldn’t believe Dean would do that. It was just a cruel little joke the writers were playing on us.

But now what? The Mark is gone and the consequences seem severe. It seems like they basically released hell on earth. The Winchesters are no strangers to cleaning up their messes.

Even know these boys mess up a lot, they are not evil. Their work has twisted their souls for sure. I don’t think either of them will live happily ever after. I have no idea what the end game is. There may have been numerous end games over the last ten years, but the story keeps progressing.

All I have to say to the writers is, DON’T KILL OFF CASS AND CROWLEY! I know Sam an Dean are the show, but these two are great assets to the show too!

I’m nervous, but excited to see what happens to Sam and Dean. Obviously the writers can’t kill the Winchesters off, there would be no show. So I’m just going to keep pretending our boys our fine to get me through the long summer.

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‘Supernatural’ Review: Dean is Over the Edge

The Dean we knew is gone.

The Dean we knew is gone.

Charlie’s death has pushed Dean over the edge and he doesn’t even realize it.

To get revenge for a loved on being killed isn’t anything new for the Winchesters, but the way Dean did it was very different. As Cass said, the Dean he knew would have never killed that boy. That boy was innocent. He was about to run away and live the life he wanted to live, but Dean took that chance away from him. I thought that was heartbreaking. I thought that would be the low point, but no, the low point was when Dean almost killed Cass. Charlie would be devastated at the way Dean is acting. Charlie died so Dean could be saved. You can’t deny her her last wish.

Sam was all ready to give up, until he got Charlie’s email and now they can get the cure. But Sam has to kill Crowley first.

When Sam trapped Crowley, I was terrified. I do not want Crowley to die. Luckily Rowena’s hex bag didn’t work, but now Crowley is coming after his mother and isn’t going to think twice about killing Sam the next time he comes after him. I think the only reason why Crowley let Sam live was because of his friendship with Dean, as unconventional as that friendship may be.

I really thought we were going to get to explore the House of Frankenstein more. I was looking forward to getting to know a new ‘Supernatural’ monster, but Dean killed every last one of them. And it didn’t even seem very hard either. Unless there’s a Stein hiding somewhere, their family has just been wiped out.

I’m very scared going into the season finale. If Dean can turn on Cass and almost kill him, will he try to kill Sam when he learns that Sam is still working on a cure? He already wished Sam dead. Dean doesn’t want to pay the high price for that magic, but what about the price he’s paying for having the Mark on his arm? He almost killed one of his best friends and he killed a young innocent boy and thinks he was doing the right thing. How many more people have to die before he lets Sam cure him? Dean has done everything he could to save Sam time and time again, why not let Sam save him?

Next week will Dean finally get the Mark removed? Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’ Review: Meet the House of Frankenstein

Can anyone survive being friends with the Winchesters?

Can anyone survive being friends with the Winchesters?

How can the writers do this to us? How can they kill off Charlie? She was so much fun to have around. Why writers, why?

Rowena told Charlie that her loyalty to the brothers would be her downfall and it was. But she was ready and willing to die for Sam and Dean. There’s been a lot of people who have died around the Winchesters, but none who have sacrificed them self in the way that Charlie did. Charlie’s last good deed was cracking the codex code, which will be the key to saving Dean.

Dean better get with the program for being saved, because otherwise Charlie would have died in vain.

I’m a little mad at Charlie though. She knew it was dangerous to go outside. She knew people would be after her and she still did it. But she was also right, it’s what she needed to crack the code.

Will Sam and Dean ever be able to forgive themselves for what happened to Charlie?

The episode started out quite fun. I really liked Charlie, Cass and Rowena all in the same room. They are three completely different people. And Cass really doesn’t know how to be a referee. He doesn’t exactly have good social skills and he has no skills in keeping an evil witch and a rebellious girl like Charlie in check, but it was a lot of fun to watch. Rowena actually might be a bit surprised that Charlie broke the code.

This week we learned a lot more about the Stein family. Sam couldn’t understand why the family just appeared out of no where in the 1800s. Dean finds out, that’s because they changed their name. They come from a very, very old European family, the House of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley exposed them with her book and they had to change their name.

This is definitely a monster that we haven’t accounted on ‘Supernatural’ before. They’ve done vampires, demons and angels, but never delved into the lore of Frankenstein before. Will this enemy be sticking around for a while? I guess as long as Sam and Dean have the Book of the Damned, they will be.

Crowley’s minions are out looking for his mother and someone else. Crowley had a little chat with the head of the coven, who Rowena turned into a hamster, and now he’s seeking someone else. Who is this mysterious person?

There’s a lot of questions heading into the last two episodes of the season. Will Sam find a cure for Dean and will he kill Crowley. I will be very upset if they kill Crowley. I’m very worried now. I never thought they would kill off Charlie and they did. Is Crowley next?

Next week Dean is out for revenge for Charlie’s death. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’ Review: Cass Pays His Debt

Dean gives Claire a hunting book, to at least prep her for what she's getting into.

Dean gives Claire a hunting book, to at least prep her for what she’s getting into.

Cass has been beating himself up since he discovered he ruined Jimmy Novak’s family after he promised to protect them. He was finally able to make that right.

Claire must have had a soft spot for Cass or just had him there as a back-up, since she had his contact information for her emergency contact. It’s what let Cass back to her and to her mission to find her mother.

Why doesn’t it surprise me that her mother didn’t really just leave her. It is the world of ‘Supernatural’ after all. What looked to be just a troubled teen, turned into an actual case.

Claire’s search had led her to a so called faith healer, but as Sam and Dean have discovered, those don’t really exist.

Dean and Cass went to talk to the man that Claire had found, Ronny. So I don’t completely agree that in this instance the Mark was shinning through. It isn’t the first time Dean has used excess force on a witness and that was even before he had the Mark, but it’s understandable why Cass and Sam were worried.

Sadly Ronny gettting killed gave them more information than just talking to him.

The ‘Supernatural’ writers have found yet another monster to feature on the show. Ten years in and they still come up with new villains. This villain was an angel, but it was a particular kind of angel that we’ve never met before. A rouge one, a Grigori. Cass thought they were all extinct, but apparently not. They pray on humans taking their souls and according to Tamiel, they been doing it since the beginning of time.

He wasn’t an easy angel to kill. He had a different kind of angel sword and he was tough. It took Cass, Sam and Dean fighting with him and then Claire getting a second to strike to take him down.

Claire has had her first monster kill and she seems to like the idea of hunting. Did Sam and Dean make it sound so cool? Or maybe her mother getting killed, like there’s did, is what has made her chose this possible path. Dean tried to talk her out of it, but to be honest, after her life so far, does she have any better options?

The best part of this episode was when Dean and Claire were playing miniature golf. We’ve never really seen Sam and Dean have any fun that isn’t the girls and booze kind. It was strange, but nice to see Dean doing something normal.

Next week Charlie is back and her and Sam are back to saving Dean. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’: Can the Werther Box Save Dean?

Sam risked his life yet again to save his brother.

Sam risked his life yet again to save his brother.

So what does Rowena want in return for decoding the Book of the Damned? Crowley dead! The writers can’t kill of Crowley! Luckily his death won’t be coming anytime soon. First Rowena has to decode the book and find a cure.

No wonder Sam and Charlie couldn’t decode the book, they needed the codex. Nadia, an old coven witch, was killed by the Men of Letters and the codex was taken from her. So Sam didn’t have to go far to search for it. He found evidence of the codex right in their bunker.

He listened to a recording of a meeting from Cuthbert Sinclair’s expulsion. The same Men of Letters member that tried to make Dean into a Zoo exhibit. He created the werther box to stop anyone from getting their hands on the codex. Two Men of Letters died trying to get the box open.

At the beginning of the episode a girl opens the box in 1973, in a house in St. Louis. She’s knocked out, while a green smoke goes into her family and makes them all commit suicide. This dubbed the house a suicide house.

Sam calls Rowena to tell her he had a lead. He needed a spell to break the enchantment. She believed the Cabirian Invocation would do the trick. She wanted to come with, because she believed Sam wasn’t up to the task in casting the invocation.

Sam went to the house alone, assumed it was empty and tried to pick the lock. But Susie still lived in the house. The girl who opened the box. She stuck her gun out the letter box and he had no choice but to leave.

Rowena wasn't too happy about the new arrangement. How badly does she want her son dead?

Rowena wasn’t too happy about the new arrangement. How badly does she want her son dead?

Dean showed up. Dean had earlier killed six vamps by himself and Sam wasn’t impressed. Dean assumed Sam was trying to teach him a lesson. So Sam had to spin the truth. All Dean knew about the house was it was a suicide house and a very cold case. Sam told Dean about the box, but not the whole truth. Just that the Men of Letters created and it was their responsibility, their legacy was to take care of it.

So Dean tried knocking on the door and posing as a neighborhood watch person. He got in the house and distracted Susie, while Sam got to the box.

Susie knew what they were after. No one ever knocks on her door and now she’s gotten two visitors in one hour.

Sam was in the middle of doing the invocation when Dean called him to come upstairs. It was probably him being distracted, but his spell didn’t work and the green smoke was let out when Sam opened the box.

Susie quickly committed suicide after seeing her dead family. Then Susie came back to plead with Sam to kill himself, but it was going to take a lot more than that. So Rowena showed up. It appeared that the witch was really there, but she was just the enchantment getting inside Sam’s head.

Dean was also plagued by this, but his came in the form of Purgatory and his old friend Bennie. Bennie tried to tell Dean he wanted to be in Purgatory and seeked the purity of killing with out consequence. When Dean refused that theory, Bennie said he should take his own life because having Sam and Cass do it as a last resort would destroy them.

Dean came really close in accepting that fate. Bennie gave him his weapon in the figment and in reality, Dean broke from his ropes and grabbed a bottle. He broke it and looked ready to use it. But Dean still has hope and stabbed Bennie with the weapon instead. The figment disappeared then.

Meanwhile the Rowena figment had revealed the inscription and Sam figured out how to open the box. Men of Letters’ blood, his blood.

He started draining his blood and the box started opening. But then it stopped. Rowena said it wanted all of it. Then Dean comes running down. This is when you figure out Rowena isn’t really there. Sam tells Dean how to open it. So Dean assumes it doesn’t have to be one Men of Letters’ blood and gives it his. The box opens and they have the codex.

But Sam isn’t prepared to tell Dean what it is. He claims he doesn’t know what it is. There’s a hint in Dean’s voice that seems like he may know more than what he’s letting on. He may not know the details, but he might suspect it has something to do with saving him.

Sam meets with Rowena and puts her in, what I can only assume are magic binding chains. He’s going to keep her there until she cracks the code and finds a cure for Dean. She is not happy about this arrangement at all.

Next week a heavenly assassin leads them to a teenage girl. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’: Has Sam Found a Way to Save Dean?

"Shall we discuss terms." Sam is making a deal with the devil.

“Shall we discuss terms.” Sam is making a deal with the devil.

Has Sam found a way to save Dean? But at what cost? Dean doesn’t want to be saved if there’s a high cost, but Sam is willing to pay that price, whatever that may be.

But Sam can’t do it alone, he’s gone to Rowena for help. What will her terms be? And when will the Styne family be back on his trail. Jacob said his family will never stop looking for the book.

Since Charlie met the Winchesters, she’s had quite a few adventures. Her latest was he quest to get the Book of the Damned and bring it back to the boys.

This was no easy task. First she had difficulty finding the book. She found it in a ruined monastery in Spain, then she had the Styne family on her trail. She got shot getting away from Jacob. She called the boys from a pay phone and they set her up in one of Bobby’s cabin’s for hunters.

The boys drove quickly to get to her. Dean was in a really good mood. His hope was back and he was talking about a real vacation. He wanted to go to the beach and have the sand between their toes.

Reading the book proved to be complicated. The book was made with a nun’s skin and her blood. It was in unreadable text and in a code. It was impossible to crack. Plus the book was calling out to Dean.

According to Charlie’s research, the book is filled with spells to create or undo any damnation.

Dean discovered the the Styne family if very old. They date back to the early 1800s. They did spells to create diseases and destabilize markets. They also helped the Nazis before they came into power. The family profited off all of this.

Cass got his mojo back!

Cass got his mojo back!

Dean just wanted to destroy the book. He went to get Charlie’s snacks to cool off.

He got to the connivence store after Jacob killed the clerk. Dean noticed the family tattoo on Jacob and pulled out his gun. Jacob’s associate got the jump on him.

Jacob was very curious how Dean had the mark and it was a dead give away that Dean knew where Charlie and the book was.

Dean managed to get away and then it took a whole clip to knock down the associate. He ran back to the cabin and told them to destroy the book now. The Styne’s came in and started attacking.

It appeared Sam burned the book, but he had burned a different book. He locked away the Book of the Damned. He doesn’t tell anyone he still has the book.

These boys go to great lengths to save each other. Could this be one of the biggest?

Cass is back! It wasn’t an easy road with Metatron. First he took Cass to three different safe houses and they still hadn’t found Cass’ grace. Then an angry Cupid tried to kill them. Metatron actually saved Cass.

They made it to a library and Metatron had to read clues to find out where Cass’ grace was. He claimed he had another angel hide it and leave clues. What he was really looking for was the demon tablet.

He did a spell to take Cass down. While Cass was on the floor, he found his grace. He is now back to full power. Metatron was hoping to use the grace with the tablet. Cass couldn’t catch Metatron before he got away though.

Cass feels selfish for getting his grace back and not being able to catch Metatron. He told Sam he did the right thing by destroying the book. Little did Cass know, Sam was being the selfish one, or selfless one, depending how you look at it.

Charlie finally got to meet Cass too!

It looks like Rowena’s price is killing Crowley. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’: Bobby Will Always Be Their Inside Man

Bobby is pulled back in. I guess hunters never retire.

Bobby is pulled back in. I guess hunters never retire.

My only complaint about Bobby’s return was I wanted to see more of him.

What we did see of him was great and thank you to the writers for getting him to say idgits! Only true ‘Supernatural’ fans will understand why I wanted Jim Beaver to call Sam and Dean idgits, and for a bonus he called Cass one too!

Dean is not doing well at all. He was screaming in the middle of that night. Sam got out of bed and came running with his gun, but he found a sleeping Dean having a nightmare.

The next morning he was on the phone with Cass and setting up a meeting. He lied to Dean telling him he was going to go see a French movie, one that Dean would never want to see.

Sam met Cass and they formulated a plan to get information about the mark.

They tried to get into heaven to see Metatron, but Cass wasn’t aloud in. So they had to come up with a plan B. They were going to break him out of heaven.

Sam and Cass found a guy that use to work with the Men of Letters. They asked him for help in contacting Bobby.

Bobby was shocked to hear Sam’s voice and of course he was going to help, even though he said he was a little rusty. I didn’t see anything rusty about him though.

He got out of his heaven and not long after the alarm went off, so he let all the other Bobby’s out and apparently there has been a lot of Bobbys.

When the angels come to get them under control, there’s so much chaos that Bobby can slip away.

He finds the door to earth and opens it and Cass jumps in. Bobby asks Cass where Dean is and Cass tries to avoid the subject, he’s sick, he’s resting. Bobby pushes the subject. Cass comes clean and says Dean doesn’t know what they are doing and that he’s given up.

This hat symbolizes a great character. When Sam pulled it out, it brought back a lot of memories.

This hat symbolizes a great character. When Sam pulled it out, it brought back a lot of memories.

They get Metatron and break him out. Metatron thinks he has the control, but Cass takes his grace. Now Sam and Cass are in control and Sam shoots Metatron, now a mortal.

But Metatron knows nothing about getting rid of the mark, he lied before. He did say it was old magic, Lucifer level magic and you can’t ask Lucifer.

It almost seemed like all of this was for nothing, but Metatron tells them there’s still some of Cass’ grace left. So Cass takes Metatron to get it.

Bobby was able to get a nice letter to Sam. He thinks Sam should tell Dean what he’s doing. It was a nice letter. It almost made up for not enough Bobby. Sam needed those words to help him carry on this mission.

Bobby is going to be in big trouble though, but he’s happy he got to talk to Sam and help the boys out again.

Dean had a very interesting day. He went to a bar and ended up hustling some college boys, which was way too easy, but it was an easy $300.

After he took their money, he walked into the bathroom and his eyes went black for a split second, that can’t be good, but there’s still hope.

Rowena put a spell on the boys and they attacked Dean. He came really close to killing the guy he played pool with, but refrained. He fought back the guys, but never killed them. He’s learning control.

Rowena tries to do some fancy spell, but it fails. So she tries blackmail against Dean to save the guys. I’m not sure if those college boys are okay, but Rowena was very unhappy when she returned home. She beat herself up and told Crowley Dean did it.

Crowley could care less. He called her stupid that with the mark Dean lashes out. Rowena said there is a way to remove the mark, but she doesn’t know what it is. She pleads with him to deal with Dean, meaning kill him.

Crowley does go to see Dean, but doesn’t kill him. He finds out his mother lied to him. Dean agrees with Crowley that he’s getting soft and gives him a little lesson on what family is all about. I’m glad that these two are still on good terms. I love when Crowley and Dean are on screen together.

Crowley goes home to kick his mother out and try to get some of his mojo back. Rowena actually seems pretty upset. Maybe she did really care about her son, even though she’s been manipulating him since day one.

‘Supernatural’ will be back April 15 and so will Charlie! She has the Book of the Damned. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Supernatural’: Revenge was the Theme

Sam was smart to read the journal, her spirit was holding on to the painting.

Sam was smart to read the journal, her spirit was holding on to the painting.

Sam and Dean were on a new case, but Sam’s not so sure it is a case.

There were three suicides in two weeks and there didn’t appear to be any connections. Dean suggested the connection was they were all Catholics. Sam strikes that down, there are a lot of Catholics in Massachusetts, he said.

The episode opened with a man coming out of confessional, taking a candle stick and stabbing himself. Then later after a husband comes out of confessional and goes home with his wife. Lisa and Frank McCarthy go home and Lisa stabs her husband with a pair of scissors. A ghost like form leaves her body and Lisa doesn’t remember a thing.

Sam and Dean go to speak to the Priest of the church and he introduces them to Sister Mathias, the director of social services.

Sam slips up and calls Dean by his own Agent name instead of Dean’s. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before.

Mathias told Dean that there were rumors that Frank was cheating one Lisa and she has reliable sources.

There’s there connection: guys doing women wrong.

Earlier in the episode Mathias was seen talking to another nun. The nun was telling the director about her broken heart. She continues her story and this time we are shown Florence, Italy, in 1520. It’s clear that we’ve found our ghost.

Isabella confessed her feelings to Piero, but he is too in love with his art to love her. He cares for her only because she is his muse and brings great things out in his art.

She catches him with another woman and she kills him.

Dean decides to go into the confessional in hope of luring out the ghost. He tells the priest about Gina and all the other girls, and sex and lasagna. The priest suggests he might need to have more of an inner exploration as well as the hail Marys.

Dean goes deeper while in the confessional. He talks about how he doesn’t want to die yet and he’s afraid his death is coming a lot sooner than he expected. He always thought he would die while hunting, but maybe not this soon.

The ghost doesn’t take Dean though, she took the priest.

Sister Mathias overheard Sam and Dean talking and then she figured out what was going on.

Dean actually gets deep with his confession.

Dean actually gets deep with his confession.

She went to them and told them about talking to spirits all the time. Earlier she did say she didn’t believe in ghosts though, clearly she was lying.

She’s very comfortable around ghosts and said eventually they find peace. Isabella’s ghost showed up when her family’s estate showed up at the church. Right when the murderers started.

Isabella was convicted of witch craft after she killed Piero. Dean told Sam to burn the estate and the journal. Sam is hesitant to burn the journal, incase there’s more to it.

Dean went off with the sister to find the ghost. Sam gets ready to burn the contents of the estate, but reads the journal before he does it.

Apparently she cut off the tip of her finger and told Piero to crush it and put it into the painting. That’s so creepy. It was the painting, not the journal, they needed to burn. Sam burned the painting just in time.

Isabella had already killed the priest and taken Sister Mathias. The ghost almost stabbed Dean, but Sam was on top of things. If he had listened to Dean, Dean would have been dead.

While Sam and Dean were working on a basic case, Crowley was dealing with his mother.

Rowena wanted to speak to the great coven and get her powers back and Crowley brought his mother the head of the coven.

Apparently the great coven has been weakened over the years by the Men of Letters. The witch told Rowena that the American chapter ended in the 1950s, but two of the members survived, Sam and Dean.

Rowena hasn’t liked the Winchesters since she met them and she doesn’t like her son’s relationship with them. When she approaches Crowley about dealing with them, he told her that he will handle them, but he’s not killing them.

Rowena got some revenge for herself, she turned the head of the great coven into a hamster.

Next week Bobby is back! Take a look at the promo:


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‘Supernatural’: The Boys are Back to Business

Cole shows up to make sure Sam and Dean don't kill his best friend.

Cole shows up to make sure the boys don’t kill his best friend.

It didn’t take long for the boys to get back in the game, not that Sam thought it was a good idea.

Dean found a case for them of an army woman being completely drained, even the marrow was drained. He wanted to just jump right on it.

Sam was still trying to find away to save Dean, but Dean has accepted his fate and wants to keep hunting for as long as he can. I still believe Dean can be saved, especially after everything else they’ve been through.

They arrived and the police informed that they wasted a trip, because they already solved the crime. Special Forces Officer Rick Willis killed the woman and then set himself on fire.

They had appeared to have reached a dead end and that’s when they spoke to Rick’s wife.

Normally when Sam and Dean asked the, ‘have you noticed anything strange’ question, they don’t really get good responses. The victim’s loved one doesn’t usually understand why anything strange would be going on. This time though, the wife was a wealth of information.

Apparently Rick had been really thirsty. He was constantly drinking water from the garden hose and then he moved on to drinking from the bathtub. His skin even got so dry that it bled.

It was a lot of information, but not much that Sam and Dean could use. Mrs. Willis did tell them about Kit, Rick’s army buddy who was deployed on the same mission.

The boys went to speak to Kit, but he wasn’t home. They just spoke to his wife, Gemma, but found out Kit was also very thirsty.

Cole shows up, apparently Kit was one of his best friends and he doesn’t want Sam and Dean killing him. He told them he was going to join them to make sure they didn’t hurt his friend. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Sam is upset that he couldn't save Kit.

Sam is upset that he couldn’t save Kit.

Kit shows up at a connivence store and starts drinking water bottles. One of the employees approaches Kit and tells him he has to pay for the water first. Kit grabs a wine bottle and slams it against the shelf. Then stabs the boy in the neck and pushes him into a cooler. Kit notices the pool of blood on the floor and starts drinking it.

He vanishes before the police get there. Gemma calls Cole to find out if Kit had anything to do with the incident at the connivence store. Cole tells her he doesn’t know.

Gemma asks him to check out Kit’s dad’s cabin, she thinks he could have gone there. Cole doesn’t tell the Winchesters this piece of information and instead pretends he’s going to go stay with Gemma and comfort her. The boys drop him off and drive off, but wait for him to get in his car and follow him. They knew Cole wasn’t telling them the truth.

Cole finds Kit at the cabin and Kit attacks him. A worm leaves Kit’s mouth and goes into Cole. They finally know what they are dealing with, a con worm. Sam and Dean have dealt with this before.

Kit is able to escape and Sam has to go after him, while Dean works on getting the worm out of Cole. The last time shooting the guy in the head got the worm to come out and then they squished it. The other way they were able to get it out was by electrocuting the person.

Cole was completely fine with that. Dean tried it three times and the last time Cole passed out. He wakes up and says “again”, but Dean said no.

Dean’s plan B was rapid dehydration. He turned the cabin into a sweat lodge, this was going to be a long night.

This is Dean's reaction to the worm coming out of Cole.

This is Dean’s reaction to the worm coming out of Cole.

It almost seemed like this plan wasn’t going to work. Cole even got a little violent with Dean. And then finally the worm came out.

The experience gave Cole some perspective about his father’s death. He understood why Dean did what he did.

Sam wasn’t having much luck on his end. He walked into see Kit on top of his wife. Sam just got there in time. Then he had to explain to Gemma what was going on.

They tied Kit up, but he got away. Then the lights went out. Sam and Gemma tried to find Kit, but he found Gemma first. Sam attacked Kit and tried everything to not have shoot him, but he was left with no choice.

Cole was sad that his friend died, but he has a better understanding of why that was the outcome. He doesn’t want to see Sam and Dean anytime soon though. He has newfound respect for them, but didn’t want anything to do with their world.

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