‘The Originals’ Season 3 Promo is Here!

The Originals season three promo is here and appears to be all about Klaus.

Klaus always says he doesn’t want to be alone, but he loves acting alone and he loves to be feared. He may or may not be feared in season three, but he sure wants people to fear him.

Everyone seems to be alone. The only one that seems to be talking to anyone is Cami. And as we know from Comic-Con, Cami is now Klaus’ therapist. How many years of therapy will it take Klaus to over come a 1,000 years of emotional scars?

We do get to see a little glimpse of Elijah and he’s feeling pretty indestructible, by saying they can’t be killed.

Hayley appears in two clips, I wonder how long till the cures will be lifted from her?

Freya is only seen at the very end of the promo, saying they’ll all fall. This really disappoints me. She’s supposed to be a series regular this season, so I’m expecting to see a lot more of her.

This promo doesn’t really tell us much of what’s going on. Just that there’s a lot of family drama going on, but when isn’t there with the Original family?

There is a brief mention of a war brewing between the sire lines, but we don’t really get to see too much of that. We do get to see a little clip of Hayley fighting and guns pointed at Elijah, but unless it’s a special kind of gun, it’s not going to do much to him.

What actually worries me is the blood coming from Davina’s eyes. Is she still trying to bring Kol back? We know she wasn’t going to give up. She’s got more power now being the Regent, but can she handle that power?

Even with the promo telling us very little, I’m still very excited for this season. We know a lot of what’s coming from Comic-Con, so the promo gives you a little visual for that.

My guess is that they don’t want to give too much away, or maybe that’s just my hope. We know there will be a lot of flashbacks and this promo doesn’t show any of that. So there’s a lot to look forward to and this promo is really just a tease.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c pm on The CW.


‘The Originals’: More Claire Holt in Season 3

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

I have some very good news for Rebekah fans, we’re going to get to see a lot more of her in season three.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Julie Plec said we are going to get see a lot of Claire Holt in the beginning of season three through flashbacks.

“One of the stories that we’re telling is that first 10 years of being a vampire after [the Originals] fled their raging father and their mother, and how they became the cultured, posh, fascinating people that they are today. And that’s how we introduce the Trinity: through that flashback storyline,” Julie told EW.

We are going to find out who Rebekah sired and how she sired her first vampire. Then jump forward to present day and she’s in just as much danger from the Trinity as her brothers are.

Julie also noted that the these vampires won’t bring the Originals together, but actually tear them apart even more, because you kill one Original and the entire line dies.

Elijah and Klaus are already at odds, so it won’t actually be that hard to tear the siblings further apart.

I’m so happy to know that Claire will be playing Rebekah again. She was my favorite Original from the beginning. Now she does have some competition though, because I’m loving Freya. Not that I can’t have two favorite Originals.

I like Cami and Hayley, but I was upset when Rebekah left because I didn’t like there just being male Originals. I wanted more females on the show. That’s why I was so happy when Freya showed up, but now it’s even better having Rebekah and Freya. This should make for a great third season.

The Originals will return Thursday, Oct. 8 at 9/8c pm on The CW.

Claire Holt and Original Finn Returning to ‘The Originals’

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

crazzygirll1 | photobucket.com

We already knew that Nathaniel Buzolic would be back on The Originals in flashbacks, but Claire Holt and Casper Zafer are also going to be back on The CW show.

If you were a fan of the original Finn, you’ll be happy to hear that Casper is coming back, but for me, I’m very excited for Claire’s return.

Executive Producer Michael Narducci told TVGuide.com: “[It’s] a flashback that we’ve never seen before. We’ve always understood that the Mikaelson family, the brothers and sister, had to flee in the wake of Esther’s death by Klaus’ hands. Klaus blamed Mikael and said, ‘We have to go. Our father is insane,’ and for a very long time Mikael chased them.”

We are going to get to see the Mikaelson family after they fled. This was the beginning of them being chased by Mikael. We’ll get to see what they were like back then.

“I think it might be surprising and interesting,” Michael added.

As long as the writers keep coming up with reasons to bring back Claire, I will be very happy.

We haven’t seen that many flashbacks since the show began and with The Original family being a 1,000 years old, there’s a lot of content to work with. We’ve seen some flashbacks with Rebekah, Klaus and Elijah, but not many with all the siblings.

I’m looking froward to seeing more of Klaus’ interactions with his siblings. Rebekah and Elijah have stayed by his side for a very long time, but we know the other siblings betrayed him long ago, but what were their relationships like before that? It will be great to take a peek into the past and see what they were like back then.

Are you excited to see Claire and Casper? What are you hoping to see in the flashbacks?

The Originals return Thursday, October 8, 9/8c on The CW.

‘The Originals’ Review: Ashes to Ashes, the Battle is Won

The Mikaelson family.

The Mikaelson family.

It was a Mikaelson family reunion on the season finale. Ester came back to destroy her sister and Rebekah was back in her body again.

Klaus is a great villain because he has the best devious plans. He manipulated every piece of the puzzle for the victory. But this is also what leaves him all alone. It’s exciting to see his plans unfold though, and this was a very exciting plan with multiple parts. There will be a lot of consequences from this plan.

I love Davina, but this betrayal may put her on the path of evil. Vincent said she would have to be very careful or she would be more evil than them all. Maybe Vincent will be sticking around now that he’s seen his error in judgment. Cami called him out on leaving Davina without a teacher. This sets up an interesting storyline for season three.

Cami has also finally admitted she has feelings for Klaus. Whoever knew someone could actually love Klaus after all he’s done.

Elijah is done with Klaus. It was just one too many betrayals. But Hayley has asked that he be there for Hope. Elijah will have to put aside his feelings and be there for Hope.

I can’t believe that Hayley is cursed. Sometimes I really hate Klaus, especially when he just thinks of the mother of his child as collateral damage. Hope needs her mother.

Rebekah is on her own journey. Freya gave her the opportunity to take back the witch body and choose her own path. Rebekah can’t choose, but she will keep her promise to Kol.

The season finale was definitely a family affair. Dahlia was reunited with the sister that betrayed her. It all started with always and forever and it ended that way too.

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‘The Originals’: Review: Klaus is Playing with Fire and Ice

Hayley wanted to teach her daughter, you don't leave anyone behind. So what exactly is Klaus teaching her?

Hayley wanted to teach her daughter, you don’t leave anyone behind. So what exactly is Klaus teaching her?

Klaus always has the best plans. This one included making his siblings think he was going against them. And even cursing Hayley’s pack to be wolves always. It was a very devious plan, but what is the final part? How will they kill Dahlia?

From the beginning it looked like Klaus was up to his old tricks. He compelled Marcel to find out their plan. He killed Elijah’s new love interest. He even looked like he killed Cami. Klaus was back to his monster self, but not so fast.

It took the whole episode, but in the end Cami let us in on a little secret, it was all part of his diabolical plan. Maybe daggering him was a bad idea. But can you blame his siblings? Half the time Klaus seems more of a danger to himself and everyone around him than useful.

This was definitely an epic episode. One that felt more like a season finale than a normal episode. They were so, so close to killing Dahlia, that is, if it was even going to work. Dahlia claim’s Freya’s blood would never have worked. And poor Freya, she’s gone to sleep early. But I like Freya. I want to see more of her. She’s just as diabolical as Klaus. She’s awesome. Mikael was the only thing that scared Klaus and Dahlia is the only thing that scares Freya. They are so much alike.

I guess you should never think things are as they appear when Klaus is behind the plan. The biggest question, other than how they kill Dahlia, is will Rebekah wake up in her own body or is she dead for good? How can they kill her off for good? She has to come back!

This was also a very good episode for Davina. She convinced the coven to make her their regent. Davina is going to have more power than ever. She’s sure to be powerful enough to bring Kol back, but will she take down Klaus in the process? Will the witches me an enemy yet again to Klaus? And where will this leave Marcel and Davina’s relationship? Or Josh and Davina’s relationship?

Once question that is answered in the promo: Claire Holt will be making an appearance! But Elijah can’t forgive Klaus and they still have to defeat Dahlia. Take a look at the promo for the season finale:

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‘The Originals’ Review: A Great Battle is Approaching

Aiden would have been happy that his best friend and boyfriend pushed him off to the afterlife.

Aiden would have been happy that his best friend and boyfriend pushed him off to the afterlife.

So is Dahlia not the evil witch that Freya painted her to be and how she’s been perceived so far? She wants to protect Hope and help her hone her craft, but without Hayley. It seems Klaus has taken after his aunt. He’ll easily sacrifice Hayley for his daughter.

Maybe if she approached them with the truth to begin with and didn’t want to tear Hope away from her mother, they could have worked all of this out, but now a big battle appears to be on the horizon.

Hayley tried to get away from the Mikaelsons. She said goodbye to Elijah and Rebekah agreed that was the right thing to do, but she’ll be needing Rebekah and Elijah on her side very soon.

This was a twist I didn’t see coming and I like it. Dahlia is more interesting and devious than we thought. Before she was just a powerful villain. Ester broke her heart when she chose Mikael over her, one of the very men that pillaged their village. Ester also turned her back on magic, that is until she needed her sister to help her have kids.

Is there no way that Hope could hone her skills without Dahlia? She is in a city with a lot of powerful witches. So maybe I’m a little biased because I don’t want Hayley to be killed. She’s become such a strong character and she’s becoming a great Queen to her pack.

Her advice came in one of the unlikeliest of places, Marcel. She hasn’t always been on the friendliest terms with Marcel. He told her that she can’t be their Queen and a friend. If she’s willing to let her pack die for her, she has to live with it. Hayley’s been on her own for so long, she’s never had to lead and make those hard decisions.

Her first major decision may not have been perceived well at first by the pack. She invited Josh to Aiden’s funeral. It was great that Josh was able to be there and I was hoping from the beginning of the episode that he would be there. It was very fitting that Jackson and and Josh pushed him off into the water. It was a perfect funeral for Aiden.

Things may be getting very interesting for Davina. Vincent suggests she become the leader of the coven. If she does she’ll have access to the power she’ll need to bring Kol back.

I’m not sure how Davina would be as a leader. Her people are Josh and Marcel and she’s close with Rebekah. Not exactly the people the coven would like her to be close to. I think she’s a great young witch and has a lot of potential, but maybe not ready to take over the coven.

Next week Klaus goes after Hayley. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Originals’: Dahlia Breaks the Levee

Klaus shouldn't have took credit for killing Aiden, it was his undoing.

Klaus shouldn’t have took credit for killing Aiden, it was his undoing.

Klaus spent the whole episode scheming and strategizing and now he won’t even be there to see his plan through. All because he wouldn’t trust a single person in helping him protect Hope. He took credit for a murder he didn’t even commit, thinking it would make the wolves fear him. Instead he’s more isolated than ever. He played right into Dahlia’s plan and Freya didn’t have to do much to tear her siblings part. Klaus did that for her.

Right from the start Klaus was creating a plan by himself. He hid the ashes from everyone and wouldn’t even let Elijah know where they were.

Josephine came with a message for them, or Dahlia using Josephine’s body did. She just wants what is her’s and she wanted it nightfall the next day. She said there’s “no reason we can’t be civil about this” and Klaus knocked off her head, that was only staying on because of a choker.

Hayley doesn’t want to stay put but she doesn’t want to leave either because Dahlia can track Hope. So what if they stopped her form using magic? Hayley ponders. Aiden jumps in, he has an idea and he wants to make it up to them for screwing up before. Jackson doesn’t know he screwed up yet.

Rebekah goes to see Freya and gives her her condolences. She tells her she didn’t know the man Freya loved. All Rebekah knew was a man with a terrible temper and awful cruelty. Freya gives Rebekah a choice, Klaus or her.

Elijah walks in on Klaus painting and knows he’s strategizing. Elijah tells him he can’t do this alone, but Klaus says Elijah’s judgement is not what it was since Ester got inside his head and he’s not what he was.

No! Not Aiden!

No! Not Aiden!

Aiden sneaks inside the Mikaelson house to steal the magic binding chains, but he’s caught by Klaus. Aiden tells him he’s there for Hope’s bunny and to tell him Hayley and Hope are safe. Klaus acts like he believes him at first, but gives him a warning.

Aiden and Josh ask if Davina can transfer the magic from the chains to something smaller, so Hayley, Jackson and Hope can get out of town.

While Davina is working on the spell, Dahlia has found Hope. She can’t get in, but she magically grows dahlia’s right outside the door. She wants to meet the child face to face. The problem with Freya was she took her too late, so she’s come for Hope sooner. She’ll have no memory of her family and will be better off.

Rebekah is still trying to decide what sibling to choose. Marcel knows Klaus will have a plan.

Elijah refuses to choose a side. He goes to see Freya to bring her Mikael’s old knife for the marker she is making. He urges her to stay and defeat Dahlia together. Freya agrees, but wants Elijah to make sure Klaus won’t be their undoing.

Aiden is ready to run away too. He wants Josh to go with him and he tells Josh he loves him. Josh agrees, but first Aiden must tell Jackson the truth.

Aiden give’s Jackson the magic binding bracelet and tells him he’s been spying for Klaus. Jackson punches Aiden, but ultimately forgives him. Jackson says goodbye, but that he’ll always be apart of the pack.

Aiden is off to meet with Josh. He buys him nice roses, but Dahlia is there to greet him. She calls Aiden a tipping point to put Mikaelson against Mikaelson. She rips out his heart and leaves him there in the alley.

Davina is so happy that Josh is getting away and getting his happily ever after. But then they find Aiden lying in the alley. Josh tries to give Aiden his blood, but it’s too late.

Jackson brings Aiden’s body into the safe house blaming Klaus for the murder. Klaus looks absolutely shocked, but takes the credit. Hayely is furious, Jackson is furious. Jackson attacks Klaus. Hayley jumps in and then Jackson again. Elijah breaks it up and protects his brother.

Davina goes to see Marcel distraught and brings the dagger with her. She wants Marcel to put Klaus down.

Meanwhile Hayley pleads with Elijah to help them leave town.

So why did Klaus admit to a murder he didn’t do? Cami confronts him about it and Klaus tells her the truth, that he didn’t kill Aiden. He just wanted them to fear him because he’s the only one that can protect Hope.

He tells Cami that a better man would protect her with that lie, but he’s leaving her with the burden of the truth that no one will believe.

Elijah goes to see Klaus and tell him Hayley and Jackson have taken Hope. Klaus is furious with him and attacks him. Elijah fights back and daggers him. Rebekah and Freya walk in as Klaus falls asleep.

Next week the fight against Dahlia continues and Freya wants to use Hope to lure Dahlia. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Originals’: Dahlia Has a Thousand Eyes

Dahlia is proving to be very powerful.

Dahlia is proving to be very powerful.

Dahlia has arrived and she’s the scariest villain we’ve seen yet. She observed them by taking control of the people in the town to spy on them. Jackson was even taken. All Jackson felt was darkness and after that, he didn’t trust the Mikaelsons to protect Hope and Hayley.

Elijah was also working on another plan. Marcel and him went to Josephine to cast a spell to a place that wouldn’t allow magic. Marcel would escort Hayley, Hope and Jackson that night.

Klaus was also working on a plan. He joined forces with Mikael. Klaus used his father’s love for Freya to get him to help.

They then took the soil of Scandinavia, Viking’s ashes and Freya’s blood binded it to a knife to use as a weapon.

Klaus used Davina to cast the spell. He also used her to find Mikael. Davina was getting Kol’s remains in return.

Everyone was trying to figure out a new way to protect themselves and destroy Dahlia.

Freya tried to use Jackson to track Dahlia’s magic, but Rebekah saw that Dahlia was drawing power from Freya, which we already knew. So I’m not sure why that was a surprise. Rebekah sent Freya away and Elijah was not happy about this. The one person that understood Dahlia’s magic.

Freya was wandering around the Quarter when her aunt found her. Dahlia called her selfish and ungrateful.

If you were wondering if Freya was telling the truth, the fear in her eyes told it all. She went straight to Elijah and Rebekah to warn them afterwards. Klaus and their father was her next target.

She would lure them into a place where mass murder happened. Where else would that be, but the church.

I didn't expect Mikael to be killed off again so soon.

I didn’t expect Mikael to be killed off again so soon.

Dahlia was prepared and used more people to fight them. Klaus and Mikael of course had no problem killing them, but Dahlia was more powerful and put Kluas and Mikael almost in the brink of sleep, like a dagger would do. Freya showed up and begged her aunt to stop. Elijah fed his brother his blood. Klaus was back to full speed and sped to Dahlia with the knife, but she was too quick.

She vanished and took the knife with her. She reappeared with the knife. All she wants is Hope, what she believes is rightfully her’s and will spare them if they give her Hope. She leaves them be to think on their fate.

Jackson had asked Aiden to help them run, but Aiden was also working for Klaus. He now had a hard choice to make, betray Klaus or Jackson. Klaus would kill him, but Jackson is a longtime friend. Josh knew Aiden spoke to Klaus that morning and asked what was going on and helped Aiden figure out how to handle it.

Marcel came to pick up Hayley, Hope and Jackson, but they were gone. Aiden was off in a car looking like he didn’t know what to do or mad at himself for betraying Jackson. He ended up telling Jackson there was traffic and he bought it.

Marcel found Hayley, Hope and Jackson and took them to safety.

Klaus, Mikael and Freya were all rattled by the failure. They needed to get all the ingredients again to form another weapon.

Klaus struck out at Mikael and Freya panicked. Elijah had to hold her back. You could see the hurt in Klaus’ eyes for all the pain his father has caused. He asks Mikael why he resented him and Mikael replied with, I just did. Mikael tells Freya he loves her before Klaus kills him.

They now have their Viking’s ashes.

Next week Klaus is losing it. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Originals’: To Save a Sister, Klaus had to Become Vulnerable

To save his sister, he weakened himself.

To save his sister, he weakened himself.

The Mikaelson family has always been complicated and Klaus has always had trust issues, but now those trust issues may cost him his siblings.

Freya seeing into Klaus’ mind didn’t show exactly what Klaus was afraid of. It showed Freya that he will never trust her, so in turn she will turn everyone against him. Her glimpse into his mind also showed her how to do it.

Ester was right about something, that he shouldn’t have let her in, but he was sacrificing himself for Rebekah.

I don’t know if Freya can tear them apart. After all that Klaus has done, Elijah and Rebekah are still by his side. It will take a lot to break that bond. Hayley on the other hand, would probably be easy.

Ester won’t be around to see the possible destruction of her son, Freya killed her. I can see why Klaus put magic resistant chains on her.  She has a lot of anger towards Ester and she has good reason. Klaus and Freya have been deeply hurt and have the emotional scars to show for it.

Rebekah finally has control of Eva’s body, but it wasn’t easy. Eva had taken complete control and snapped Marcel’s neck after waking up and attempted to take Hope. Eva was able to hold off Hayley and Klaus, but wasn’t able to capture Hope, but Eva did get away.

Klaus put Marcel on finding her and Elijah and Hayley to renegotiating another deal with Josephine. The only problem was that all the witches would be looking for Eva too.

Hayley was wondering what Klaus would be doing while they were doing the “dirty work”.

What Eva didn't realize was that she was the one being played.

What Eva didn’t realize was that she was the one being played.

He was finding a way to get Rebekah back in her body. He went to Freya, but it was too late. The situation was much more complicated now that Rebekah was lost in Eva’s mind.

She didn’t have a spell for getting her out. There was one person in their family that would know the spell, Ester.

Of course now that she’s a vampire, Klaus was able to compel the spell from her.

It wasn’t a nice reunion for mother and daughter though. Freya hates Ester for putting her into slavery when she was five years old. Ester was shocked to see her first born was still alive.

Ester gave them the spell, but it wasn’t a spell Freya could do without an anchor, so she came up with the idea of using Klaus. He didn’t want her to see all of his secrets to give to Dahlia, but Elijah volunteered to be the anchor to save his sister. His negotiations didn’t work well with Josephine. She didn’t mind sacrificing Rebekah to stop Eva.

Marcel did a little bit better. He went to Vincent for help. They tracked down Eva and then it appeared that Vincent had traded sides, but he was just gaining Eva’s trust to find out where the children were. She had also tricked him, well so she thought. She told Vincent that the kids didn’t have to die, even know they did have to die for the spell.

She was sacrificing nine witches from the nine covens to form a new more powerful coven to take over the city.

Vincent knocked Eva out, but that’s when he discovered all the kids were linked to her and if she died, they died.

Marcel and Vincent were going into Eva’s mind to find Rebekah, but Freya told Marcel that he couldn’t kill Eva until he found Rebekah and he would be vulnerable to death too.

Marcel found Rebekah first, but Eva wasn’t far behind. He told Rebekah to run and Eva tried to kill him. Vincent found them, but she also tried to kill him. It ended up being Rebekah who killed Eva.

Things were going badly till Klaus came and offered himself up as a second anchor.

They all made it out alive, well except for Eva. Klaus wanted to get Rebekah back into her body, but the kids were still linked to Eva’s body and Rebekah didn’t want the kids to die and she didn’t want Davina to die. She also still wants to bring Kol back.

Rebekah isn’t worried about what Freya saw in his mind and gave Klaus a rare thank you.

Rebekah is safe now, but none of them are really safe. Josephine saw Dahlia coming when she looked into Hayley’s future. The witch didn’t know it was Dahlia, but all she saw was darkness and said Hayley should be afraid.

There’s no more time to wait, Dahlia will arrive next week. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Originals’ Are Preparing for Dahlia

Freya tells Elijah and Klaus her story.

Freya tells Elijah and Klaus her story.

Can Freya be trusted? Elijah and Rebekah seem to think so, but Klaus doesn’t trust anyone.

Freya has lived a very hard life. Dahlia pulled her away from her family when she was so young and then did a spell to draw magic from her.

I was wondering how Freya could possibly be alive after so long, it was yet another spell. Her and Dahlia are pretty close to immortal. They can’t be killed, but they have to sleep for a century, only to be awake for one year. Sounds like her life was pretty much like her siblings.

Dahlia is an extremely powerful witch. She was a very powerful witch a thousand years ago when she could wipe out a village with a wave of a hand. I’m nervous about meeting her for the first time.

Elijah and Rebekah believed every word, but Klaus did not. Klaus wanted to know what was in it for her. I think that was pretty clear, she wants to kill Dahlia.

There was more to the story. She had told them she vowed not to love or have children, but she broke that vow. She fell in love in the 1400s and got pregnant. She tried to kill herself so her and her baby wouldn’t be slaves to Dahlia. That is when Freya learned she couldn’t be killed. She awoke after drinking the potion. She was alive, but her baby was not. Dahlia also killed her love.

Dahlia does a spell to draw Freya's power.

Dahlia does a spell to draw Freya’s power.

Klaus still doesn’t believe that she’s being sincere. He sees anger and fear in her eyes and believes she’ll do anything to survive.

For most of the episode I was getting really frustrated with Klaus. I feel like they should trust Freya, I want to trust Freya. Klaus doesn’t trust her at all. It was just Klaus being Klaus. Then Marcel said Klaus was the smartest person he knew. That made me rethink the whole episode.

Klaus is so calculating and he rarely lets anyone in. Hardly anyone has been able to out smart him. He spent a thousand years running from his father and kept evading him. He really is smart. And he’s also right about Elijah and Rebekah, when it comes to family, they are easily trusting. That’s why they’ve been able to forgive Klaus again and again. Klaus is very protective over them and his daughter. He would do anything to protect every single one of them.

At the moment Rebekah is the one in trouble. Eva is taking back control of her body and killing children. This is causing a lot of problems and Elijah is running out of time. He told the witches that Rebekah didn’t do the crimes, which isn’t exactly a lie, but he has one day to figure out who is doing them. Or in the real case, make sure Rebekah can take control of the body.

Rebekah might have been back in control if Klaus would have just let Freya help them. Instead they don’t know when Eva will return and Davina is one of  those children that Eva took. I’m assuming she’s still alive and just asleep. I can only hope at least.

Dahlia is coming.

Dahlia is coming.

While Elijah, Rebekah and Klaus were learning about Dahlia, Marcel was trying to find out about Eva.

He tried to talk to Vince, but he wasn’t willing to talk to him, so Marcel brought in Cami. She seems to be very good at getting information out of people.

She wasn’t looking forward to talking to Vince, seeing as while Finn was in Vince’s body, he tried to kill her.

Cami is very, very good. She made a deal to tell him about what Finn did, to get information. Vince doesn’t really know how to handle all of this information. Apparently he walked away from witch craft before his body was stolen. He believes that was why he was so vulnerable. He was willing to to tell Marcel what he knew. And it turns out Vince and Eva were married.

Hayley was off with her pack. They were sparing to test out their knew abilities. Jackson is really stressed out. He’s worried about Klaus and Aiden didn’t help. Aiden tells him he has to stay stronger than everyone else to stay the Alpha.

Hayley told Jackson that she can handle Klaus, but that’s not actually true. It doesn’t actually have anything to do with her. I think he’s so scared about Dahlia coming for his daughter and of course his trusting issues, he’s closing ranks to protect his daughter at all costs.

We’ll have to wait a little to see when Dahlia will come. ‘The Originals’ will return April 6. When the show returns Eva will have taken complete control of her body. Take a look at the promo:

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