‘Madam Secretary’ Has to Clean Up the Mess

I don't think Elizabeth knew what she was getting into when she started investigating the former secretary of state's death.

I don’t think Elizabeth knew what she was getting into when she started investigating the former secretary of state’s death.

Last week Elizabeth, Russell and Andrew’s op went south and this week they had to clean up the mess.

Turkey was saying the CIA was involved. Daisy was having to go in front of the press and tell them that wasn’t true, but she couldn’t be read in on what was really going on.

Elizabeth was keeping her entire team in the dark. Not even Nadine knew what was going on.

Elizabeth tried to do the right thing when talking to Brett Boris’ mother, but that ended up backfiring. Mrs. Boris was so mad at the Secretary lying, that she threatened to go to the public and tell them the truth. Elizabeth managed to calm her down with the promises of getting her son’s body back and bringing her with to Turkey.

Turkey released the footage of Boris dying and their men dying. What was shown looked more like an operation than just a tourist getting caught in the crossfire.

Elizabeth got on a plane to go to Turkey, but did not expect what she was going to find.

First she met Isabelle in Turkey. She found out from her contact that the Iranian woman had a laptop with her that was encrypted. Elizabeth had to add getting the laptop on to her agenda and that wasn’t going to be easy.

The Iranian Foreign Minster said that the Iranian woman was one of her assets and that they were plotting against them. Elizabeth was shocked by this. She had no idea that this woman was an asset. She assumed that it would be Juliet’s asset and Andrew wasn’t surprised by this news.

Elizabeth was able to have Turkey say that the CIA was not involved and get the body back, unfortunately they weren’t willing to give her the laptop.

Luckily she has influence with foreign minsters and the Iranian one gave her the contents of the laptop. He finally believed her and told her that there were people in both of their countries trying to start a war.

She brought this back to Potus and Russell. The laptop revealed that the CIA Director, Andrew, was running the Iranian woman. He was orchestrating a coup that was already under way. He never believed that the talk with Iran was going to work. He had his asset killed when they were getting too close

He said this is what Potus wanted. The plan was to make sure Iran didn’t make a nuclear weapon and according to him, this is the way to do it.

They dealt with the fallout of the failed operation, how will they deal with this?

They dealt with the fallout of the failed operation, how will they deal with this?

I love that ‘Madam Secretary’ uses current events in their storylines. The nuclear talks have been heating up in the news lately and there are some people in congress that don’t believe a deal is the right way to go. That’s exactly the tone that ‘Madam Secretary’ took as well. Only in the show, the CIA has it’s own idea on how to tackle the problem.

I wish more people in Elizabeth’s circle would listen to her. She said they should tell Turkey about their operation, but Russell shot it down. Maybe things would have not blown up in their faces.

Now the Secretary’s staff is afraid she’s up to no good. It didn’t help that Matt told Daisy about feeding Russell false information. Now Daisy won’t lie to the public, but if she only knew what the truth was. The truth would not be good in the hands of the press. As much as people like transparency, sometimes the public shouldn’t know everything. It could compromise the work that is being done. When the mission is done, then it should be revealed, until then it should only be in the right hands.

Daisy stepping down from her post, doesn’t look good. Has Elizabeth ever given her any indication that she’s dirty? I don’t think so. She should have complete faith in her boss. And as Nadine said, it’s part of the job.

Another time Elizabeth should have been listened to was about Jason. She was worried about the bullying, but Henry thought they should let it be for now. Then Jason gets in a fight with the guy that’s bullying him. The boy called his mother a liar. Jason just protected his mother’s honor.

Violence is bad yes, but so is bulling. Jason was getting punished for getting in a fight, but what about the boy that was doing the bullying? What kind of message does that send?

It’s good that Jason is going to go to a different school, but I hope that expulsion doesn’t follow him around. I don’t condone violence, but the incident wasn’t just his fault.

Now if people would start listening to Elizabeth, maybe some of the fallout could be prevented.

The conclusion of these intense three episodes airs next week. It looks like Elizabeth will be caught right in the middle. Take a look at the promo:


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