‘Madam Secretary’: Elizabeth Played the Game for an Important Cause

Elizabeth's team messed up so badly, she had to call in a fixer.

Elizabeth’s team messed up so badly, she had to call in a fixer. And he brought his dog.

Politics are a dirty game and Elizabeth knows how to play the game very well, but she does it for a good cause.

Elizabeth was attending her first Congressional Budget Hearing. She was preparing for a fight for the Micro-loan program. It was an issue that was important to her. Matt and Daisy agreed, but Jay wanted to cut it from the budget.

Chairman Burke was gunning for Elizabeth and her staff just left her hanging. The man in charge of the program was caught in a compromising position. That wasn’t all, he was caught gambling with tax payers money. This discredited all the good the program was doing.

We’ve hardly seen Elizabeth get mad at her staff and this time she was very angry. She called in a fixer to help sort the dilemma out, Mike B and he brought his dog Gordon. The whole team was terrified they would be fired.

The Secretary is not the kind of boss to clean house, she gives second chances, so when she fired Jay, everyone was shocked, including me.

When we later saw him drinking away his sorrows and consulting with the enemy, I was not too happy with him. I was also surprised that Elizabeth offered Burke’s guy, Kyle, the one who found the dirt, a job. There was just surprise after surprise, so when the real surprise came, it wasn’t a shock. The outcome was much more in character with the Secretary than the road that got her there. But I really enjoyed the ride.

Jay wasn’t really fired. It appeared like he was so he could leak false information to Kyle and he could pass it along to Burke. The Chairman called Elizabeth back to the hearing and wanted to hear her guest speak, but he thought the guest didn’t speak English or have any idea what was going on. The young woman was able to speak English and talk about how her village benefited from the program.

I’ve understood Elizabeth’s frustration with Stevie. She dropped out of school and has been floundering ever since. I understand not knowing what you want to do, but out right refusing to go to school, wasn’t too smart.

Stevie has learned the hard way that she won’t be able to do anything she cares about without a degree. Henry hoped that he could talk to his daughter and persuade her to go back to college. Their lunch didn’t go as well as he hoped, but it did send her down the path to coming to her senses.

Elizabeth's old friend and colleague left a note before vanishing.

Elizabeth’s old friend and colleague was behind the leak. She left a note before vanishing.

She felt really passionate about the micro-loan program, so she went to volunteer. She got handed a call as she walked through the door because she spoke French. Then she spent the evening there working hard. She easily got the internship, but was informed she had to be a student to take the position. This brought her back to her senses and she decided to apply to Georgetown.

It was really funny watching her parents stay really calm when you just knew they wanted to jump for joy.

Stevie was not too happy about having to surrender to her parents. She made sure they knew she was doing this for herself and not them.

Through all the chaos of the congressional meeting and Stevie coming to her senses, Elizabeth and Russell were investigating Marsh’s death. They found an Iranian woman that could have shed light on the plane crash, but when the operatives tried to grab her, there was an ambush. The op had been blown.

Elizabeth had to come clean that she was working with her old CIA colleague, Isabelle. Her friend’s house was searched and she was given a polygraph. There was a bug in her purse and she passed the test, but Russell wasn’t convinced she was innocent.

Elizabeth said it was time to take this to Potus. Russell wasn’t too happy about this but brought it to him anyways. This brought some very bad things to light.

Potus suspected the crash in Dubai wasn’t an accident but he was told it was. One of the analysts that told him it was an accident is now dead. It was George, Elizabeth’s friend who died suspiciously at the beginning of the series.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the other analyst was also a friend, Juliet. Her friends were corrupted and she didn’t even know it. She’s so good at knowing people and must be devastated in herself for not knowing. But what did the note say? What could Juliet possibly say to make this better?

Their failed op will cause them some problems. Take a look at the promo:


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