The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 17

tvd-season4-exclusive-wallpapersby-dave-the-vampire-diaries-tv-show-32477502-1024-768 (1)So we might get to see Jeremy, Alaric and Lexi again, which would be great, but we might also see some other people we’d rather never see again. The final ritual has been done. I never would have guessed Caroline would be the one to do it.

I understand that her gut reaction was to save Bonnie. Elena’s gone off the deep end and Tyler is gone for good. I pondered last week if Caroline would be the next to turn off her emotions and now she’s killed 12 people. How is she going to handle that? How does anyone handle that.

I’m really worried about Caroline, she wasn’t doing well at all before, and now things are much worse.

I thought for a moment that Klaus was going to comfort her and then he was just an ass. Yes he’s evil, but that doesn’t mean he can’t show Caroline some compassion. He’s in love with her and broke her heart when he vowed to kill Tyler, the least he can do is comfort her at the moment.

Bonnie doesn’t remember anything since the island. How is she going to feel when she realizes she just helped kill 12 people? Not to mention that Jeremy is gone.

Silas has now got Klaus in his pocket as well. Things are getting pretty bad in Mystic Falls.

While this is happening Elena and Rebekah have teamed up to find the cure. Never thought I’d see the day when these two would be a team, but it’s interesting.

I can’t believe how well she tricked Damon. Stefan was right to say not to underestimate her. I think when she switches her emotions back on she’s going to have a lot of regret.

As far off the rails as Elena has gotten, I’m much more concerned about Caroline at the moment.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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