Bones Season 8 Episode 20

tv_bones12 (1)This season has had very few episodes that I’ve truly enjoyed. And at the beginning of this episode I thought it would be another dull one.

So many shows have had an episode where they tape the cast for reality TV, and this time Bones was one of them. With a slight difference, it was for a documentary, but essentially the same thing. I for one hate reality TV, there are very, very few reality shows that I’ve watched. It feels like they’ve run out of ideas when the bring the reality idea into a scripted show.

This episode turned out to be very good, but it nothing to do with filming for a documentary

The case was much more interesting and intense then they have been. I think most of the cases have been so straight forward lately and this one was more intense.

The victim turned out to be an undercover cop and a rouge cop at that. The other interesting thing about the episode that it didn’t have anything to do with drugs, it was diamonds.

The show felt like it got back to its roots and I was interested in the case. Brennan was her funny usually self. Clarke had to be brought in for the video because he was more likable. The whole point of the video was so the Jeffersonian could get donations. Brennan was watching the footage at the end of the episode and thought she looked like a mean lady. Well I guess she could come across that way, it you don’t know her. It’s always funny watching other people try to communicate with her.

At first Clarke was liking the limelight but came to the conclusion that he preferred the quiet of science. In so many ways Clarke and Brennan are different, but in some ways they are the same. they both have a love for science and bones.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment.

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