The Historical Salvatore Manor Being Torn Down

ShinelessCrystal292 |

ShinelessCrystal292 |

Have you heard the horrible news? The Salvatore Manor in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is going to be torn down.

In real life the manor is called Glenridge Hall. According to Alloy Entertainment, the house could be torn down as early as this week. The home has an 86 year history in Sandy Springs that also hosts weddings and other benefits.

Creative Loafing, Atlanta, reported that Ashton Woods, an Atlanta based developer, will purchase 76 acres of land in Sandy Springs. The land is divided by Abernathy Road. The homebuilder plans to build on 47 acres north of the road with a heavily wooded parcel. On the south side of the road, Mercedes Benz USA plans to build a new 250,000-square-foot headquarters on 12-acres.

Creative Loading also said that demolition could take place anytime between April 1 and Sept. 5.

“In my 29 years working in historic preservation, this is probably the most unnecessary demolition I’ve ever seen,” Georgia Trust President and CEO Mark McDonald told Creative Loafing. “A lot of buildings demolished are in bad condition. This one is being torn down to develop the site. It’s very disappointing.”

Are you upset the center of ‘TVD’ is going be demolished? So much has happened in the Salvatore Manor. It’s been the headquarters for many plans, where Elena confessed her feelings for Damon and where Bonnie and Damon were trapped in 1994. And that’s not naming half of the scenes that have taken place in the house. What will the show do without the manor?

Plus it’s such an historical house, why tear it down? Melissa Swindell, director of historic resources and education programs at Heritage Sandy Springs, told Creative Loafing that the house and grounds are a historic gem and an important part of the city’s history.

There’s not much history in the U.S., so why tear down what little history there is? The country needs to preserve the history it has so future generations can enjoy it too. If the states keep making way for new things, there won’t be any history left.

The Salvatore Manor has been placed on the 2015 Places of Peril list from the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. The website said the list brings awareness to historical sites so communities can help save them. A ‘TVD’ fan has started a petition to help save the house! Make sure to sign the petition to help save this historical landmark and an important part of the ‘TVD’ world.


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