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‘Chicago PD’ Review: Erin’s Downward Spirial Continues

And she continues to fall.

And she continues to fall.

Season two has been one wild ride, but it goes out on a very personal note. Erin gives her badge to Voight.

We’ve always known Erin’s mother was bad news. The more we get to know her the more that we see it. Now when Erin is at her lowest point, Bunny sinks her teeth into her and takes her away from everything good in her life. So her mom wants her to get drunk in the morning and hang out with druggies? Sounds like a great mom.

But why does Bunny want so little for her daughter? Erin pulled herself out from being on the wrong path and became a cop. She’s done really well. Nadia would not be happy to see what’s become of her friend and mentor.

We can’t blame Nadia’s death for her downward spiral, we can blame her mother.

I’m actually not surprised of how far Erin has fallen. I knew that nothing good could come from her talking to her mother again. All her mother was doing was supplying her with alcohol. That’s no way to mourn someone. Sure her team went to the bar to toast to Nadia, but that’s different from getting blind drunk and waking up extremely hung over.

Jay tried to talk to Erin, but he has to try more. I hope next season Voight asks Jay for help. If Voight can’t get through to Erin, Jay may be the only one who can.

Intelligence’s cases are never black and white, especially when they get tipped off. It seemed like they were just dealing with some dirty cops who were ripping off drug dealers, but it went much deeper than that. They believed they had a lot more power and were willing to kill to keep it.

It was sad that Commander Perry got killed. He made it to retirement and then only a matter of months latter he got gunned down and his nephew led to his death. Perry wasn’t the target though, Carter, his nephew was.

The team ran down Perry’s killer. A guy named Drug Store that ran with the Latin Kings. It wasn’t as simple as Carter thought. Carter wasn’t as innocent as he claimed to be. He did take from the cookie jar once and it was a place the Latin Kings did business at. So of course he assumed that was the reason he was a target. But the sergeant of the bad cops, Roland, put the hit on him.

So they thought that was case closed, but Roland was taking care of Erin himself, well his people were. This had all of Intelligence on high alert. Luckily Atwater and Roman were near Erin’s place and were able to save the day. Atwater barged in and didn’t think twice about shooting. He wasn’t going to let one of his own be killed.

I thought for sure Voight was going to kill Roland. Roland not only went after one of his own, he went after Erin. She’s like a daughter to him and you don’t mess with Erin. But Voight let him live. He made him turn himself in and took some of his money in the process.

That money is going to good use though. Antonio can now buy the boxing gym he wants and save a lot of kids. He was trying to get the whole team involved, but none of them had the capital. Antonio being Antonio, seems very unsure about the money. I don’t blame him.

Intelligence is such a mixture of straight arrow cops and border line dirty cops.

An indiscretion of Olinsky’s has come back to haunt him. He had an affair with a woman while undercover and it turns out he has another daughter. He just got his family back, will this derail it all?

Burgess might not have to wait too long to get back up to Intelligence. With Erin out, that means she’s back in. I basically saw this was coming. I hoped that Erin would push through, but it seemed like the story was heading in that direction.

Burgess and fans also got a nice surprise at the end. Ruzek purposed! We may be waiting a long time for Erin and Jay, but at least Ruzek and Burgess may get a happy ending. Can they be engaged and work in Intelligence at the same time? That should be interesting.

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‘Chicago PD’ Review: Erin Pushes the Pain Away

This was heartbreaking because she really meant it when she said, "shoot me."

This was heartbreaking because she really meant it when she said, “shoot me.”

I knew Erin was in pain, but I never thought she was in enough pain to do drugs again. She’s come so far and now she’s falling all the way back down.

I knew it was a bad sign when she was going to talk to her mother. Nothing good ever comes from conversations with her mother. What mother would supply her kid with alcohol like she did? Okay maybe one night, but really two nights in a row? One night to take the edge off is one thing, but two nights is not good. And now she’s adding drugs to the mix. How long till it starts affecting her job? How long till someone figures it out?

If that wasn’t bad enough, I think when Erin said, “shoot me”, she really meant it. I think she really wanted that kid to shoot her. That’s where she’s at. I think her colleagues should have picked up on that. I realize she was doing her job at the same time, but that was a very low moment. A very scary moment for me. I love Erin and I was very afraid the boy would pull the trigger. I was also looking into Erin’s eyes and seeing her pain. Nadia’s death has recked her. Someone needs to grab her before she falls too far down and can’t get back up again, but she might already be there.

This was another intense episode. It didn’t take long for the action to start. Burgess had barely walked through the door on her first day and they were already off. What a day for Burgess. She didn’t even get a second to settle in and Erin was the only one to welcome her to Intelligence. If Erin’s not careful, Burgess will be taking her spot.

I’ve been waiting a long time to see Burgess in Intelligence and I wish she got more action in this episode. Atwater got more action and he’s not even in Intelligence anymore. He chased down the shooters. He was really on top of his game. Voight may have to make room for both Burgess and Atwater.

The action has been really intense this season and next week it looks like it just keeps on going for the season finale. Voight knows Erin is spiraling out of control. Will her bad habits cost her her job? Take a look at the promo:

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‘Chicago PD’ Review: That’s Intelligence’s Girl, Nadia

R.I.P. Nadia, you will be missed.

R.I.P. Nadia, you will be missed.

You could tell Erin was taking Nadia’s death hard. Her eyes said it all. Everyone kept asking her if she was okay and she kept saying she was fine. But her pain goes much deeper than that. She blames herself for Nadia’s death. She wanted to be for Nadia what Voight was for her. She can’t blame herself for that. If she left Nadia where she was, Nadia probably would have died of an overdose. But regardless of the truth, Erin’s pain runs deep and she’s cutting herself off from the group.

Voight is very worried about her. Afraid she’ll slip back. She may already be slipping back when it’s her mother she goes to talk to. This will be a struggle for Erin. One that I think she’ll come back from even stronger. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a long bumpy road. It’s nice when writers can give characters struggles to overcome. I hate that we lost Nadia, but this leaves Sophia Bush with a great storyline to work with.

Erin isn’t the only one that will be struggling. Atwater just got bumped back down to uniform because of a stupid mistake. He left a soda can in the interrogation room with the suspect when he left the room. The suspect then killed himself and almost blew the whole case. I.A. is now launching a full investigation and Atwater can’t be in Intelligence while it’s going on. He will now be Roman’s partner and Burgess has been bumped up to Intelligence, until further notice. I’ve been dying to see Burgess in Intelligence, especially with how courageous she’s been lately. She doesn’t like how she got the job though. She feels really bad. I don’t think Atwater has any ill will towards her, I think his frustration is with himself. He made the mistake that almost cost them the case. It it wasn’t for Mouse, the case would have been lost.

This was a very emotional episode. Platt is not one to cry, but she spent most of the episode holding back tears. She really loved Nadia. Platt was so angry when Nadia wouldn’t get her memorial. But Voight saved the day again. Don’t do anything bad in Chicago, because Voight will find out and he will use it against you. It was a no brainer for George, agree to the memorial or let it be known that he was with a prostitute. It’s sad that their excuse was because she wasn’t a cop, but she did get accepted as a recruit. Her dream was realized, but she wasn’t alive to see it. That was really hard to swallow. She had worked so hard. She had overcome so much. It was also a nice way to memorialize Nadia in the episode. I was devastated when she died because she would never become a cop. Now at least we know she succeeded.

Next week Intelligence has a hostage situation and Voight has to go in alone. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Chicago PD’ Crossover Review: Intelligence Lost One of It’s Own

Nadia stayed strong. She knew Erin and Voight would catch him. They were just too late to save her.

Nadia stayed strong. She knew Erin and Voight would catch him. They were just too late to save her.

This was the best crossover yet! All three shows implemented characters very well. And the case didn’t just start at the end of ‘Chicago Fire’, it really started within the episode.

It all started with a burn victim that had also been rapped. Olivia Benson came to Chicago pretty quickly, because it was too close to cases she worked over ten years ago. The guy was back.

For a moment it looked like the killer could be Jay’s brother, but Will was more than willing to answer any questions. It was Jay that didn’t want his brother to say anything.

It looked suspicious because Will knew one of the other victims and now he’s in Chicago when another murder happened. But Will didn’t do it, so he was fine with helping the police.

They quickly moved on to Yates. Roman and Burgess brought him in claiming his car was involved in a hit and run. He was smart though. He knew what they were really up to.

He asked to meet Erin so he would have an alibi for his next murder. But he wasn’t happy with Intelligence, so he took Nadia.

Yates was a very busy man. He attacked two more women when he arrived in New York. He killed one and the other one had brain damage. Then he went to propose to his girlfriend. She didn’t believe a word the police said.

They had no evidence linking Yates to the crimes. The best case they had was Nadia, so they took him to trial.

It was interesting seeing Voight, Erin and Jay in the court room. We never get to see them when the case is going on.

The case was quite exciting. Yates was smart and knew Nadia use to be an addict and a prostitute, so he waisted no time in painting that picture for the jury. He also claimed she wanted to get out of town because Voight was forcing himself on her. He was creating reasonable doubt. He also tried to pin it on Jay’s brother.

Things were looking bad and Voight wasn’t happy. He voiced his grievances with the lawyer. Olivia seemed to know how to turn the tables. They didn’t really do much, they mostly let Yates paint himself into a corner. But the doctor on the stand did prove that Nadia’s injuries weren’t from multiple sexual partners. Then Yates got really weird. He wanted to know how Nadia felt right before death, or how much she felt and how much she could comprehend what was going on. He showed the jury his true colors and they convicted him.

I was proud of Voight for playing this case by the book, especially seeing one of his own was taken. But he couldn’t leave it without having some words with Yates and terrifying him. You don’t take one of Voight’s and get off the hook. He threatened Yates and made sure he was always looking over his shoulder.

I didn’t even know Voight liked Nadia. Or maybe because Erin cared about her so much, he cared too. But then again he did take care of Roman and he doesn’t exactly like him either. When you are under Voight’s roof, you are one of his.

It was sad that Nadia had be taken when she was planning Erin’s surprise 30th birthday. Not to mention she was so close to becoming a cop. She had really changed her life around. She was one of the kick ass women on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and now she’s gone. She will be missed.

Next week Intelligence has to catch a bomber. Take a look at the promo:

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Crossover Week is Coming: ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘SVU’, ‘Chicago PD’

Have you heard that ‘Chicago P.D.’ is having another crossover? Starting Tuesday, April 28, ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and ‘Chicago P.D.’ are joining forces for a crossover event. The event will conclude Wednesday, April 29.

Firehouse 51, SVU and Intelligence will be tackling one case and it looks to get very personal. There are three victims that have been raped and murdered. The guy has been at this for ten years. Then the preview makes it appear that Erin gets taken by the guy!

I remember reading that someone was going to die on ‘Chicago P.D.’, tell me it isn’t Erin! Sophia Bush has been kicking ass since she appeared on the show and has led the way for other kick ass women on the show: Burgess and Nadia.

I’m still wanting to see Linstead and that can’t happen if Erin is gone. Or could this jump start that relationship, if Erin doesn’t die. Jay looks pretty mad in the preview, if he almost loses her, I’m sure that will pull these two back together.

Olivia asks Voight to play this one by the book, but if Erin is the one taken, will he be able to stick to his word?

Take a look the promo and get ready for whatever the consequences may be:

‘Chicago PD’: Olinsky Gets a Second Chance on a Most Wanted Man

His regret almost made him cross the line.

His regret almost made him cross the line.

This week was all about Olinsky and him finishing up some unfinished business.

Olinsky and Erin were having breakfast with his daughter and she told them about traveling with her boyfriend and his band after graduation.

After she leaves a call came in and Erin suggested they take it because they were close by. Olinsky said okay, they’ll do their good dead for the day.

They went into the building and found six young girls left to die. They had died of starvation and dehydration.

They looked through the rest of the building. When Olinsky went out a back door, he spotted a man walking suspiciously away. He tried to get the man to stop and told him he was with the C.P.D. The guy went into his car and pulled out a rifle and started shooting. A woman was shot and Olinsky tried to shoot back, but the man got away.

While intelligence was investigating the crime scene, Burgess and Roman tended to young girl that was shot. The girl was going to die if she didn’t get to the hospital soon. Roman said they would take her and Deluca steps in and says there will be a lawsuit if she dies. He wouldn’t let them go, so Roman punched him.

On the scene, a man comes and wants to see if his daughter is there. Voight lets him in and he identifies his daughter.

Mr. Chen had paid Dennis Lee to bring his daughter over. He paid 30,000, but when his daughter arrived into the city, Lee requested more money.

The most wanted felon plays them.

The most wanted felon plays them.

Dennis Lee use to run Chinatown and has been the most wanted man at the C.P.D. for six years.

Olinsky chased him when he was on Organized crime, but he lied on some warrants. When they noticed his paper work was thin, they dropped him and Lee was in the wind. Olinsky blames himself for the girls’ death and it causes him to almost cross the line.

They tracked down the shooters car and find out it’s Lee’s nephew and he’s a known counterfeiter. When they go into see him, he’s drugged up. Olinksy takes his hand and threatens to put it under the sewing machine, until he tells them where Lee is. He doesn’t know where Lee is, but Lee is bringing in guns.

The team goes to catch the exchange in process, but Lee plays them and Jessie Kong, leader of the 14 K Triads. Mouse puts a G.P.S., camera and mic on Jessie’s car. They let him go with the hope he will lead them right to Lee. Voight also made a deal with Jessie to get Lee in 12 hours and the charges would be dropped.

Meanwhile Olinsky remembers Lee had a mistress that was a prostitute and he knows he wrote down the name. He goes through his old files, crazily trying to look for the name. Voight helped him look.

They found the name and Mouse tracked her down. She now has a finance degree and works as a loan manager at midwestern trust.

They break the door to enter her house and find Lee’s passport sitting on the counter.

Intelligence takes her into custody, but she won’t give Lee up. Attwater finds multiply phone calls from her office to Reggie ‘Sticks’ Daniels, head of Vicelords.

The team goes to Reggie’s music studio and finds the guns, but Reggie claims he doesn’t work with guns, it was sent to him by mistake.

Reggie won’t give Lee up, but Mouse gets a lead from his camera. Jessie had found Lee at the Royal Hotel and was going after him.

They arrive at the hotel, they hear gun shots. They run in. Voight gets Jessie and asks him about telling them they found Lee. Jessie said, I was going to bring you his head.

Olinksy sneaks up behind Lee and takes him down the hallway and puts a gun to his head.

Voight persuades Olinsky not to shoot. He slowly tried to take his gun, but Olinsky kicked Lee away.

Olinsky was very quite after the case. Erin tells him to not go under a rock after this and tells him that she and Mouse looked up Lexi’s boyfriend and he’s clean.

He invites Jason over for dinner and introduces him to his wife. Lexi is very happy and smiles at her father. Looks like Olinsky is not retreating this time.

Roman was having some difficulties with hitting a fellow police officer, but it’s Voight to the rescue again. He takes care of Deluca by getting him a dentist. The little girl survived.

Nadia passed her police exam, but she still had to take a polygraph and she was worried about that. Platt gave her a tip to get her to pass. A thumb nail in her shoe.

Next up is the physical exam. Looks like her dream of becoming a cop will become a reality.

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‘Chicago PD’: A Case that Matters to Voight

"The kid matters to Voight, so he matters to me." - Erin

“The kid matters to Voight, so he matters to me.” – Erin

Intelligence finds a turned over truck with $2 million of heroin in it and two dead kids.

Jay and Erin go to inform the family of one of the kids and finds his little sister and no one else. Jay searches the room while Erin asks the little girl questions. Apparently her brother Darius had two friends over, Andre and a guy she’s never met. Andre and Darius had guns. The missing kid, Charlie Gray, had Voight’s card in his wallet.

This doesn’t look very good for Voight and Jay calls him out on it. Voight goes to talk to Charlie’s mother, Michelle, but won’t tell Jay who she is.

Michelle told Voight that Charlie has nothing to do with it that he’s good now. She just gave him Voight’s card just in case.

Jay is not prepared to take Voight’s word that the kid isn’t caught up in this mess.

Erin guesses that the boys were the security detail and the mexicans came to rob them, that would explain the Melverde crystals found at the scene.

Ruzek was trying to figure out where the drugs were headed and Olinksy was about to head to the missing truck driver’s home.

They find where the drugs were headed and stake the place out, but they get made. Attwater goes in with Ruzek, talking to the boys that walk out and tells them they are going back inside. Jay and Erin go in behind them. The boys are panicking saying you don’t want to do that.

They really didn’t want to do that. The place starts going up in flames and they are trapped in. The door only opens from the outside and there are no more doors.

Erin spots a fan in an opening. Attwater helps Jay up and he knocks the fan out and runs around to get them out.

When they question the boys they find that the dead boys did the robbing and it was the mexican’s drugs.

Jay apologizes for questioning Voight and Voight tells him the truth. Michelle use to be intimate with on of his C.I.s and that C.I. pulled a knife on her and he killed the informant. Michelle actually knew more information. He trusts her word.

Erin asks Jay what Voight said and tells him that he wouldn’t like what Voight did for her. He wants to believe he could handle it.

“The kid matters to Voight, so he matters to me,” Erin said.

Nadia gets screamed at just like the officers in intelligence.

Nadia gets screamed at just like the officers in intelligence.

Olinksy and Ruzek go to see the truck driver’s step son. The step son comes up with this story of his step father being in Wisconsin. But when Mouse calls to find out how it went with the bomb shelter, they go back in. The truck diver, Aaron, was hiding in the shelter.

He didn’t know what was in his truck, he just got money to transport it and he confirmed that Charles was the third kid.

Jay was also finding evidence against Charles. Voight went back to Michelle, but she still claimed that he’s innocent.

Then she calls when Charles had been shot. Voight calls Jay and asks for his brother, the surgeon.

Charles was just trying to protect his mother. He was told if he didn’t drive the truck, then they would kill his mother.

Charles has two bullets in him. Will works on him right on the kitchen table, but in the middle of it, the men are there to get Charles.

Jay tells his brother to hurry up, but Will can’t move Charles till he closes the artery or he will bleed to death.

Will finishes up and moves him and the mother to the basement, but the men are already in the house.

Jay shoots at one and then gets in a fight with another one. The man gets away and goes after Charles. Jay comes down the stairs and Voight goes around back. Voight shoots him dead.

He gets Charles and his mother to Canada and gives them money to start fresh. Charles asks him why he helps people like them, and he replies, he’s never thought about it.

Jay is vague on the circumstances on what just went down to his brother.

They get very personal. Jay is mad at Will for not being in Chicago when their mother was dying and Will replies you left too. Jay responds with he went to war and came home. And apparently Jay hasn’t talked to his father in about two years. Will’s sudden appearance in Chicago is letting us get to know Jay better.

Looks like Will will be in the ‘Chicago Med’ spin-off. He tells Jay the hospital need ER surgeons.

Nadia had some excitement of her own. She went on a ride along with Burgess and Roman and got in some pretty scary stuff.

Burgess and Roman knock on a door that a couple is tied up in. While they are in the house, Nadia spots two suspicious looking guys sneaking out of a house. She tries to call Burgess and Roman, but no answer. She decides to go after them.

She blocks the guys in their truck and pretends to be a police officer but they start shooting at her.

Burgess comes out of the house and hears the shots and they go run to find her and where the shots are coming from. Burgess also calls for back-up.

They get the guys and Burgess runs to the car to make sure Nadia is all right.

Platt reprimands Burgess and Roman for ruining yet another vehicle and Nadia gets screamed at by Commander Fischer. But as Erin told her, in Intelligence that just mean your doing your job.

Nadia still wants to be a police officer and Erin is determined to help her.

We got to see the softer side of Platt this week. She hung out with Darius’ sister and wouldn’t let the girl’s aunt take her away when she came in high. The girl was very grateful to Platt and gave her a big hug.

Next week the C.P.D.’s most wanted felon is back. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Chicago PD’: A Threat Assessment Turns Deadly

Ruzek almost crosses the line while trying find Felicia's killer.

Ruzek almost crosses the line while trying to find Felicia’s killer.

‘Chicago P.D.’ was going under cover to assess the threat level before the World Trade Conference.

They all brought back reports, but nothing that added to much. Olinsky ended up getting a little buzz from the group he was spying on.

The unit moved to go to the threat assessment meeting and on the way Ruzek got a message from a girl in the Black Grid, the group he had infiltrated. She sounded in trouble, so Ruzek and Olinsky went to check it out. When they got to the hotel there’s a big crash onto a car. It was the girl falling.

Her name was Felicia Hughes. It appeared that she’d been hooking, but it was a Foreign diplomat, so the C.P.D. couldn’t talk to him. The F.B.I. had control of the hotel and the man. The diplomat, Sorca, claimed to have nothing to do with the girl’s death.

Antonio spoke to one of his C.I.s that claimed she saw the girl with him, but it looked to be her first time hooking.

Sorca was clearly not telling them something, but they couldn’t get near him.

Voight asked his unit if they’ve heard of rendition. Jay said him and Mouse had and Voight said they were going to do it Chicago style.

They stop Sorca’s entourage and his people brought out their guns. They took him into custody, but didn’t take him down to the station.

They knew that Sorca was linked to escorting services, so this wasn’t his first time.

Mouse was able to crack his phone and found a blackmail email. Someone was blackmailing Sorca. He didn’t kill Felicia. Sorca and Voight came up with a story about what happened, when Voight took him into custody, he wanted to see Chicago.

Mouse tracked the place of origin of the email to a Janet Rutowski’s house. When they searched the house they found out it was the leader of Black Grid’s house, Matt, aka Mad Max.

The best place to catch him would be at the protest, but Ruzek informed them that they had cell phone jammers. No problem, Olinsky had them go old school, with old walkie talkies.

What did the note from Olivia Benson say?

What did the note from Olivia Benson say?

Ruzek couldn’t find Mad Max anywhere. Then they found more people with helmets and went after them. Burgess caught Mad Max.

Matt didn’t send the email though. Erin and Ruzek grilled him, but it wasn’t him. He wrote down all the people he was with that night.

They had no leads. Then Mouse and Jay came up with an idea. It was something they did in the military. They proposed emailing the blackmailer to meet up. Then the blackmailer would show up and they could take him.

They did just that. Antonio was the man for the exchange. Of course when intelligence moved in, the man drove off on his motorcycle, but on side walks. Ruzek managed to tackle him, it was another member of Black Grid.

It took some convincing to get the guy to confess. He claimed it was Sierra’s idea (her code name). Ruzek was insistent on him using her real name, Felicia.

He claimed she did it for the cause. She may have been in on it too, but she was still pushed from the window. He finally came clean and said they argued about his cut and he didn’t mean to push her that hard.

Ruzek was obsessed with finding Felicia’s killer. So obsessed that Burgess thought something happened between the two of them. She asked Roman if he ever had anything happen undercover with a girl. He didn’t really help, but said Ruzek was upset that someone he knew died and to let him run with it. She may have meant very little to Ruzek, but it still hurts when someone you know gets killed.

At the beginning of the episode Voight got a little present from Olivia Benson, but we never get to find out what the note said. Will this lead to another cross over? I know one is coming.

Jay’s brother came into town and Erin was very happy to meet him. Will isn’t being honest with his brother about what brings him to Chicago. He might come clean after Jay came home to find Will badly beaten. Does this have anything to do with the cross over?

Next week all evidence is pointing to Voight and he has to clean up the mess. Take a look at the promo:

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‘Chicago PD’: Antonio Takes it to that Ledge

Antonio goes to the edge to keep his cover.

Antonio goes to the edge to keep his cover.

Another exciting episode from the writers of ‘Chicago P.D.’, with Antonio going undercover. It’s been an intense few episodes and this one carried on with that trend.

A Chicago police officer went missing after not checking in. Antonio was tapped to pick up his identity he had undercover for vice. Apparently he had worked with someone on the crew.

Voight was worried about Antonio going back undercover after last time. I wish we could have gotten a little more of a taste of what Antonio almost losing it means. He’s such a good cop and I can’t imagine him being on the ledge.

He did have me worried though when he pointed the gun at undercover officer Manning. I didn’t know if he was going to shoot or not. He was trying to keep his cover, but he didn’t have very many options. I was waiting for the team to come in, but it wasn’t until the gun was pointed at Antonio’s head that Voight and the team came in. Voight even took a bullet.

It broke my heart watching Erin break-up with Jay.

It broke my heart watching Erin break-up with Jay.

Voight wasn’t the only one to get hurt this week. For one, Manning was beaten badly for ripping off the criminals. Something he tried to hide after he was brought back in. Olinsky was smashed in the head with a gun and had a gun in his face. It was a brutal case that kept us on our toes. It’s hard to be the one on the outside trying to decide if you have to move in or not. Voight was able to hold strong, the others were ready to move in when Olinsky had a gun in his face.

One of the most surprising storylines of this episode was Burgess and Roman dealing with a squatter. First of all it doesn’t look like Burgess got promoted, yet. Which was a little disappointing. Anyways, Burgess and Roman responded to a call, but never expected what they would find.

A couple couldn’t get their Airbnb tenant to leave. It turned out this occupant was someone who had sued numerous police officers at Roman’s old district. Mr. Freedman was not a fun man to deal with.

At first Platt said the couple had to go through the eviction process, but Burgess being the sweetheart that she is, tried to get the man out. All that ended up with was another potential lawsuit.

"Here's to ploughing through anyways." - Erin to Gabby

“Here’s to ploughing ahead anyways.” – Erin to Gabby

Roman then had a great idea. There were some ‘Chicago Fire’ crossovers this week. First there was Mouch. Roman went to him so they could get into the apartment. Mouch brought a warrant to inspect the apartment to make sure it was up to code. Sure enough there was something not to code, but no one would have guessed what they would find behind it, his dead wife. So they finally got Mr. Freedman and the nice couple could get their home back.

Through all the intensity of the episode, Voight kept dropping hints that he knew about Erin and Jay. Jay was all ready to come clean to Voight, but Erin wasn’t ready for that and broke it off.

They care for each other so much, I just want them to make it work. Erin doesn’t want to disappoint Voight after all he’s done for her.

Gabby also made an appearance this week. Her and Erin spoke about making a relationship last with someone you work with. They toasted and Erin said: “Here’s to ploughing ahead anyways.”

Jay is taking the break-up very hard. He sat drinking a beer with his old Rangers buddy, Craig. Craig hasn’t done so well since getting a medical discharge and ponders how Jay is doing so well. Jay says he isn’t do as well as Craig thinks. I’m wondering how this break-up will affect Jay going forward. I also want to know what happened to Craig and Jay in the Humvee. If Craig sticks around for more episodes, maybe we’ll get someone background on Jay’s past.

On the next ‘Chicago P.D.’ they will have to go through the F.B.I. to get their man. Take a look at the promo: