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‘The Following’ Review: Ryan Makes a Great Sacrifice

How could Ryan just walk away from everyone he loves? That must have took a lot of strength.

How could Ryan just walk away from everyone he loves? That must have took a lot of strength.

That was one crazy finale. Just two hours of being on the edge of your seat.

I was surprised that Theo went after Gina. I thought for sure the clear target would be Max. That would be the person Ryan loves as much as Theo loved his sister. I was happy that he went after Gina. That meant we got to see Gina again and she didn’t disappoint. She was so tough. Theo was threatening her family and she stayed strong throughout. Even through everything she was able to protect them. It was nerve wrecking watching, but she was incredible.

Did they really think two agents were going to protect Gina and her family? That was a disaster waiting to happen. They needed multiple agents to really protect them. They keep underestimating Theo.

Things started to take some turns from there. When Gwen was leaving a message for Ryan and letting him hear their child’s heartbeat, I knew something bad was coming, but I could never have predicted how bad it could go. It was an ominous, but beautifully done scene. You just knew Ryan wasn’t going to get to see his kid grow up. It was heartbreaking to watch.

First Theo takes Ryan and then Liza comes back into the mix. Though Liza put her fate into her own hands. Ryan didn’t know anything about her and didn’t even think twice about her. If she had stayed out of it, Ryan wouldn’t be hunting them down.

There was a mole in the F.B.I. all along, Lisa. Another person Ryan was close to. She’s working with Liza’s group and it sounds like the depth of the organization goes deep. What did Ryan learn from her? We may never actually find out.

I’m torn, part of me liked this ending as a series ending and the other part of me wants to know more about this corrupt organization. It seems fitting that Ryan would leave his family to protect them. Max has Mike, and Gwen has them. If Mike didn’t pull through, would he have made the same decision? Luckily Mike did pull through. I would have been very mad at the writers if they killed him off.

Ryan told Gwen he was leaving the F.B.I., but he never could let go. There was always going to be a new bad guy. He needs to hunt them and his family is always going to be in danger. Even when Liza thinks he’s dead, they are still ready to move in on his people. They don’t even know anything.

Theo took one last final stand before he went out. He was going to raise Ryan’s child to be a psychopath. This was a fate worse than death. It was more personal than any of his target’s have gotten before. This flipped a switch in Ryan’s brain. He doesn’t believe his family will ever be safe with him. But it also made him take a life of a F.B.I agent. He’s completely rogue now and I believe he can take this huge organization. When you’re dead, you can do anything you want. Part of me wants to see this happen, but I don’t think any of the other characters will be around to see it. This may be the end of the road for Mike, Max and Gwen, even if another network picked up the show.

Do we want to see Ryan’s new journey? I think I would like to see it in a movie format, but I don’t know if I want to see it in a full season or more. I like Max and Mike and I would want them to be in on the journey too. If this is the end, I’m very happy that Mike and Max ended up together. I always wanted this.

I like that Ryan is sacrificing himself for his family. You can see it hurts him to leave them behind, but he can’t have any more of them die. Max will hurt, but she’ll be alive. At least that’s what I think Ryan is thinking. The same goes with Gwen. He could just get out, but Liza would continue to come after him and you see how well that worked out for Gina.

If this is how ‘The Following’ ends, I like the ending. It’s very fitting to Ryan’s whole journey. We will have to wait and see if we see his next chapter.

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After the Defeat of Joe, ‘The Following’ Comes to an End

MV5BMTUxNTk0MjUwOV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwOTE4MDc2NDE@._V1_SY1200_CR90,0,630,1200_AL_Ryan Hardy’s journey is coming to an end. After finally defeating Joe and getting really close to Theo, it’s all coming to an end.

Some fans predicted this. There was a petition that popped up after Joe Carroll died and it said they had killed their own show. Maybe it’s true that ‘The Following’ can’t survive with out the legendary serial killer.

I’ve been enjoying this season, but I know a lot of fans haven’t. In the two-hour special on Monday night the direction of the show took a turn. Ryan now knows he’s going to be a father, Max and Mike gave into their feelings and Mike is struggling to live after Mark stabbed him. In the two-hour season finale Ryan is putting an end to everything. I was little disappointed that ‘The Following’ is ending, but I was happy that there appears to be an ending in sight. I hate when shows are canceled and then they don’t get a proper ending.

I wasn’t surprised by the cancelation. We’ve bounced around serial killers this season. It started with Mark, Daisy and Kyle. Then Strauss came into play, then Joe. And now we have Theo. It’s kind of been all over the place. It really does kind of feel like an ending season than a reinvention like the cast and EP said at NY Comic Con last October.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the WB is trying to shop ‘The Following’ around elsewhere. I think if the writers do want to continue with the story, they will have to think hard on the direction they are taking. Can Ryan hunt serial killers while being a father? Can Mike and Max carry on a relationship while working together in the F.B.I.?

‘The Following’ was special because it focused on Ryan hunting down Joe. Joe was extremely psychotic, but very intelligent all at the same time. We were sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see what he would do next. Ryan had dedicated his life and lost a lot on his journey to catch Joe. It was a very focused show and it made it different from other crime dramas. But I think focused shows like these have a limited shelf life. There’s only so long you can prolong the storyline. It was the same with ‘Revenge’, and Emily Thorn’s journey came to an end on Sunday night.

Ryan’s journey has been a tough one. Even after Joe is dead he still can’t let go. He got inside Joe’s head to take him down and now Joe’s gotten inside his. Ryan’s journey isn’t over just yet. There’s still the two-hour season finale where Ryan will end this one way or another.

This season Mike has also been on a hunt. A hunt for Mark, but Mark found him first and stabbed him. He was able to shoot Mark before he hurt Max. Mike’s life hangs in the balance while Max and Ryan take care of Strauss’ best student.

Are you sad that ‘The Following’ is coming to an end? Or did you see this coming after Joe was killed?

‘The Following’ Review: Not A Simple Trade

The moment was short lived. Mark was back to get his revenge.

The moment was short lived. Mark was back to get his revenge.

I was expecting something bad to happen at the end. I was waiting for it, while trying to enjoy Max and Mike reuniting. But I was expecting Theo to come for Max, I wasn’t expecting Mark to come for Mike. Mark went after Max too, but Mike saved her. Mike already has his biggest regret when he left Max for Mark, he wasn’t going to do it again, even if he was shot.

The double dose of ‘The Following’ was very personal and it ended very personal too. I was scared for Mike’s life during the entire episode and it wasn’t until the end when we really had to worry. Will Mike make it through this? ‘The Following’ has killed a lot of people off, will Mike be next? I really hope not. I want Mike and Max to end up together.

This was an intense episode. Max knows her uncle very well. She went back into his apartment and used the key, but she didn’t expect what she would find. Ryan had taken Penny and that’s why Theo had Mike. Ryan deserved that punch, he really did. Maybe it could wake him up a bit. It’s just lie after lie. He’s lying to his loved ones one after another. Except for Gwen, he finally told her the truth, or some of the truth. The complete truth would be a lot for her take, but at least he’s being honest. Now he needs to be honest to Mike and Max, who risk their lives for him everyday. They deserve better.

I wasn’t sure how the trade was going to go. I didn’t expect it to go smoothly, nothing ever does. But I think Penny dying is a really bad outcome. Theo was prepared to kill Ryan before, what will he do to Ryan now? It isn’t safe for any of them to be alone. Clearly even Mike and Max being together didn’t keep them safe.

I get why Ryan is truly pushing Gwen away now. He doesn’t know if he’s going to survive Theo’s attack and he wants Gwen out of the way, but will finding out he’s going to be a father change things for him? He could just push Gwen away and they could go on with their lives, but now he’s going to be a father. That has to change things.

Next week ‘The Following’ comes to an end. It’s a two hour series finale and they’re going after Theo, while Mike fights for his life. Will Ryan make it out of this fight alive? Will Max? Will Mike be okay? After three years of chasing serial killers it all ends. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Following’ Review: Ryan is on the Edge

Tom had already made a mess for himself, but this secured his demise.

Tom had already made a mess for himself, but this secured his demise.

In hunt for Theo and the mole, things got really personal. Ryan took Theo’s sister. Mark and Daisy used Tom to get to Mike and then Theo took Mike for himself. Plus Max discovered Tom to be the mole. Though Tom was never really a mole. He just incriminated himself because of his jealousy of Mike and Max. He dug his own grave.

Ryan isn’t stable at the moment. He’s drinking and Max, Mike and Gwen know it. At least he was honest about it to Gwen. That’s a start for their relationship. But he won’t tell Mike or Max the truth. Ryan is unstable enough with his hallucinations of Joe, he really doesn’t need to add drinking into the mix.

I said last week that I don’t think the writers ever wanted us to like Tom, and this week I like him even less, if that was even possible. He accidentally killed Sloan last week and this week he left her in the tub in his apartment. How did this guy get into the F.B.I.? Can he really be that stupid. Apparently he is, because he made a deal with Mark and Daisy expecting to get out of it alive. If he did make it out of it alive, Max would have killed him. Well she might not have killed him literally, but she certainly would have made him pay. And did Tom not even think of the security surveillance inside the building? His jealousy turned him into a moron.

Tom getting Mike for Mark and Daisy was pretty predictable. But Ryan taking Penny wasn’t as predictable. I’m beginning to think his rogue techniques have more to with his drinking than his detective style. Did he really think he was going to get away with it? The F.B.I. won’t look fondly on him taking a prisoner and he knew it would enrage Theo. He is clearly not thinking properly, but it is exciting TV.

Unless he wanted to draw Theo to him, this is a terrible plan. I think if Theo couldn’t conveniently take Mike from Mark, he would have gone after Max. Ryan’s reckless behavior is putting his loved ones in danger. If he played it by the book, Mike may not have gone off with Tom.

It was hard to watch Max find out what we knew all along. She’s felt so guilty about cheating on Tom, when Tom’s been the one out of line. Max deserves so much better than Tom. She may not want to admit it, but she still loves Mike and it’s going to kill her to find out that Tom just handed Mike over to Mark and now Theo has him.

It’s a good thing we got a double doe of ‘The Following’ this week. I don’t think I could have waited a whole week to find out Mike’s fate.

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‘The Following’ Review: Ryan Plays with Demons

If waking up in another woman's bed isn't rock bottom, what is?

If waking up in another woman’s bed isn’t rock bottom, what is?

As much as it pains me to see Ryan losing it, I’m enjoying this storyline.

Part of what made season one so great was the inner struggle Ryan was going through trying to catch Joe again. And remembering the hell Joe brought him before. Now Joe is gone, but Ryan’s issues and his emotional scars are far from gone and are rising to the surface again. We’ve seen it a little this season through dreams, but it wasn’t until he really admitted that he was having these dreams, that he really started to have a problem.

You would have thought waking up in another woman’s bed would have been Ryan’s rock bottom, but apparently he has a lot more to fall. He loves Gwen, but his attachment for Joe has tore them apart and now a very stupid mistake may mean no more hope for them. But just what will it take for Ryan to see he has a problem? Max has never seen this side of Ryan, but Mike has. Mike worked by his side while he was a functional alcoholic. How long can he really get away with it this time?

As soon as Lisa Campbell told Ryan to play this one by the book, he went rouge and lost the Madman in the process. Then he almost beat the Madman to death when he came for them. He’s out of control.

With catching the Madman, we now know more about Theo, or Terrance Jackson. The Madman killed his family when he was ten years old, but he only killed them because Terrance asked him to. He also asked him to spare his foster sister, Sophia. It’s interesting that the one family member he bonded with was not even his flesh and blood. If we thought Theo was scary before, we were wrong. He’s so much scarier now. How can a ten year old want his whole family murdered? If fans were upset that Joe is gone, they really have an evil villain to fill the void now. Daisy is even terrified of him, and she was one of Strauss’ students.

Daisy and Mark are trying to get to Tom, but they need a little help to figure out who he is. What they do know is that he works for the F.B.I., so Daisy has contacted Theo for help.

While Daisy and Mark are hunting down Tom, he’s getting into his own mess. He lied on the report about clearing the Brooklyn safe house. He also lied to Sloan when asked about it. She then came over to his house to go over it in more detail. Sloan read another report and figured out he’d been lying. Before he could explain, she was getting her gun out. Tom tried to stop her and in the struggle, she ended up shot.

At this point I don’t think the writers ever wanted us to like Tom or even get to know him. He was always going to be a villain in our eyes. He’s dug himself a pretty big hole, how will he get out?

We met another one of Strauss’ students this week, Eliza. Apparently she likes to put on very exclusive parties where men get to torture women. She’s a scary woman. Will she give Theo and Sophia new identities after he attempts to kill Ryan?

At this point I give the edge to Theo. Ryan is so out of it, if Theo attacked now, he would be sure to get the upper hand, if not succeed.

Next week is two hours of ‘The Following’ and Ryan is losing his mind and putting his loved ones in danger. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Following’ Review: Joe is Nevermore

Joe's last words: "Quoth the raven, nevermore."

Joe’s last words: “Quoth the raven, nevermore.”

Is Joe Carroll really gone? Has his story really come to an end? Well his reign of terror may be over, but Ryan is very much haunted by him. His dreams have become hallucinations and I love it.

You can’t just expect Ryan to let go of Joe, not after everything Ryan had to go through to catch him. He had to get inside Joe’s head and he had to kill a lot of people and lose a lot of people on the way. Ryan really had to get intimate with Joe to catch him and their relationship blossomed into something very bizarre. That messes with your head.

Joe may be haunting Ryan, but he’s gone from the world and this episode gave him a great farewell. He wouldn’t be Joe if he didn’t stop his execution, but he didn’t stop it so he could escape, he postponed it because he wanted Ryan to attend and wanted to make sure  his legacy was in tact. I don’t know what sort of legacy Joe was hoping to leave behind, whether it’s just a memory or if he believes Ryan will carry on his legacy.

Ryan scared me a little bit. He went a little crazy on those prisoners, granted they were ruthless prisoners, but he may have taken it a step too far. He definitely hit the one guy over the head a few too many times, but he did get the hostages out, mostly safely. Fear, adrenaline and fighting for your life can make you go a bit crazy while protecting yourself, so maybe nothing to be worried about, but the hallucinations and drinking are something to worry about.

Joe got to die with the satisfaction of believing Ryan and him are very close, soul mates even. Joe got what he wanted in the end. And left with one finally quote from his favorite author: “Quoth the raven, nevermore.” It ends his time on the show nicely. He was a great villain, one that you actually love and hate to see die. He was ruthless, but charming and he was very entertaining to watch. It’s been great watching Ryan and Joe interact on screen and it was fitting that they had one last episode together.

Joe may be haunting Ryan, but Ryan still has Theo to worry about. Joe was nice enough to give Ryan a clue about Theo before he left. What that clue means is unclear, but that’s one step closer to catching Theo.

Will Ryan be able to take down Theo in his state? Ryan’s always been protective of his family and now we know Theo has a sister. Will Theo’s sister being in danger change up his tactics? Will Theo really try to kill Ryan? Theo finally cracked Strauss’ code, where will the location lead them?

Next week we’ll see the madness in Ryan. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Following’: The Messenger Gave Joe One More Hand to Play

Joe is upset that Ryan doesn't want to be friends anymore. Not good to upset someone right before they attempt to escape.

Joe is upset that Ryan doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Not good to upset someone right before they attempt to escape.

Just as Ryan thought he was getting rid of Joe, Joe gives himself one more chance at escaping.

Maybe Joe being executed is the only way Ryan can truly let go of Joe and Joe can let go of him. The episode opened up with Ryan dreaming of Joe teaching him how to kill Gwen. It’s a pretty messed up dream, but after everything Ryan has been through to catch Joe, it’s not surprising that he’s a little messed up by it. So messed up that he almost broke his sobriety. It’s a good thing he didn’t, since there will be a little Ryan on it’s way.

Theo is proving to be a difficult enemy. He reported Ryan’s car stolen, with him as the description of the suspect. The N.Y.P.D. pulled him over and told him to get out of the car and then when they saw he had a gun, they knocked him to the ground. Ryan had to tell them to look at his badge. That wasn’t the only thing Theo did. He orchestrated a car crash with Ryan, Max, Mike and innocent civilians. He also made a discrepancy in Gwen’s electronic medication record making it look like she was over prescribing meds. This prompted her bosses to put her under review.

After the crash Theo called Ryan to prove how easy it is for Theo to get to him. Sloan put a trace on this phone, if he ever used it again. Ryan said he was too smart for that, but Theo didn’t know how to control his new student.

Theo targeted Gary Benson and really got on his good side. Theo helped him stand up to an old Captain that pushed him out of the military before he got to fight for his country. Then Theo shot the captain. While Theo was inside getting Gary’s mask, Gary made a call to his ex-wife. Theo told Gary he was special, but the only real reason he was special was because Theo could easily get him into the prison to see Joe. Theo needed to see if Joe had the code key to crack Strauss’ code.

Theo broke into Julianne Barnes’ office at the beginning of the episode to retrieve a notebook that had Strauss’ code. Ryan, Max and Mike are unaware of what was taken.

The phone call that Gary made to his ex-wife tipped the F.B.I. off on what they were up to. Theo didn’t have enough time to convince Joe to give him the key, if he even has it. I’m not sure if Joe even wanted to work with him at all. Joe did get some information out of Theo, he wanted to know all about Ryan’s new girlfriend, Gwen. Joe also took the opportunity to get the sunglasses off Gary. This meant Gary had to die and Theo didn’t seemed too fazed by that, just a little upset he didn’t get his information before that happened.

Mark reappeared, but claimed mark was dead, Luke lives.

Mark reappeared, but claimed mark was dead, Luke lives.

Joe now has something he can use to escape. Will he be able to use those sunglasses to get out and continue to torture Ryan?

Tom may be second guessing taking the laptop now. Sloan searched Mark’s safe house and found an ethernet line open with an unusually high data transfer rate. This proved there was a computer in the house, but this computer is missing. We all know Tom has been using it to spy on Max.

They isolated the burned in address and traced it to their building. Now they believe they have a mole. Tom walked in when they were pinpointing the laptop’s location and he quickly got the laptop and broke it. Tom may think he’s in the clear for now, but Daisy know’s someone has been logging into spy on Max and she plans on using that person to get to Mike. This is her leverage to keep Mark from killing her.

For a moment it almost appeared that Mark had completely lost it. He’s injured from jumping off the boat, he has a limp, but he claimed to Daisy that Mark is dead, he’s Luke. Mark told Daisy to take off her clothes and when she wouldn’t, he brought out a knife. Daisy stripped for him and then got on top of him seeing if he wanted more. Mark clammed up and that’s when Daisy knew, Mark was still there. So Mark isn’t as crazy as he appears, but he’s still not all there in the head and he’s coming after Mike.

Next week Joe reschedules his execution and requests to see Ryan or everyone dies. Will Joe make it out of this alive? Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Following’: Flesh and Blood Means Nothing to Their New Target

How many identities does this man have?

How many identities does this man have?

Donovan was still searching for the wrong man, while Theo was chopping up Tucker, the man they were searching for. Ryan was still adamant that they were chasing the wrong man. Donovan was about ready to replace Ryan.Donovan was just following the evidence and not reading the evidence.

So once again Ryan, Mike and Max are off on their own searching for the real killer. They widened their search to all employees of Manatech.

During their search, they found Sam Lewis. His life was so perfect it couldn’t be real. He was a part-time programmer at the company and was never late. He went to work and went home. This put up a red flag. Max had a run in with him last week.

Mike and Ryan check out his house, but of course all there was, was a suitcase with his I.D. for Manatech an some clothes. Then Ryan found the camera. He wanted them to get out right way, it could be a trap. It was a trap they jumped into bathtub as the house blew up.

They were a little battered, but okay. Max looked worried when she saw Mike. Which made me feel like there is still hope for these two, there are clearly still feelings.

Donovan finally believes Ryan, but as they were investigating the house, Max was watching Sam’s picture vanish from the database. There was a self destruct code on the picture. Sam was gone.

Donovan wanted a sketch of the man. Max had to work with a sketch artist to remember a man she briefly met.

Their next step was figuring out who vouched for him. Manatech works with the F.B.I., so he had to pass a background check.

Eldon Wyck, attorney, vouched for Sam, so they checked out his house. Numerous hanging ears were found in the basement and a dead body with the top of his dead torn off, with the brain exposed. Wyck showed up and Ryan was able to catch him.

Theo was cleaning up mess after mess this week and tried to kill Ryan and Mike.

Theo was cleaning up mess after mess this week and tried to kill Ryan and Mike.

Wyck didn’t know who Sam was. All he knew was Sam had information on him and threatened to expose him. All Sam wanted in return, was for him to plant HR documents at his company and vouch for him.

He still had the flash drive, which was the one piece of evidence that was any use. The flash drive had a fingerprint of coding on it.

Max found the same coding broke into Bob’s email in Maryland.

Theo had a lot of cleaning up to do this week. Bob’s wife, Nancy, was on to him, but not in the way he thought. She thought he was cheating on Cindy, his wife. He planned a surprise birthday party to conceal that fact that he’s hiding something. That would explain the sneaking around, but Nancy still pushed and that led Sam to killing Bob and Nancy to make it look like a murder suicide.

So Max looked on Bob and Cindy’s Facebook and found Sam. He was hiding his face, but she knew it was him. They used face recognition on the wife and looked up her DMV records. Their mystery man was Theo Noble.

Theo got an alert that his wife’s records were accessed. He looked surprised that it got this far. He could only do one thing, kill his wife. He at least only drugged his kids and they were going to be okay. Max, Ryan and Gina were too late to save the wife, but they saved the kids.

Gina was on the verge of retiring, but Ryan dragged her back in. She said she was in until she caught the guy, but with this latest murder and the kids, she can’t do it anymore.

“This job steals your soul Ryan,” Gina said to him and said he should get out too and spend his life with Gwen while he still can.

He’s messing up his relationship with Gwen already. He was late to her dinner with her boss and his wife. Then the boss didn’t believe it was right to put Joe to death and this set Ryan off. He ended up kicking them out of his apartment.

Ryan is not doing well. He’s having hallucinations of Joe. When Ryan tells Gwen he was almost blown up, he said him and Joe were. When he meant to say Mike.

Joe is on the verge of being put to death and invited Ryan to his death. Ryan declined and this really hurt Joe.

Joe imagined himself breaking out of prison yet again and Ryan coming to the rescue. I almost hoped this was real, but Joe was much better secured than in his daydream.

The chase for Theo isn’t over, he’s in the wind and has told Ryan he has many identities. Next week he shows Ryan how he can get to him. Take a look at the promo:

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‘The Following’: The Hunt for a Ghost

Ryan is having a hard time letting go of Joe. He has a nightmare about two things he thought he left behind, Joe and alcohol.

Ryan is having a hard time letting go of Joe. He has a nightmare about two things he thought he left behind, Joe and alcohol.

Do we know Strauss’ best student’s name now? He was called Sam at the end of the episode. Is that his name or is it an alias?

Ryan is so smart at catching these guys. I don’t know why they won’t listen to him. His gut says that Tucker isn’t the guy and he’s right. Sam has framed yet another guy and killed a lot of people trying to cover his tracks. I’m assuming when they find Tucker, he’ll be dead. Then what? Sam is still hidden and Nick will think they have their man.

The episode started out with more deaths. Duncan was being transported and Sam hacked into their computer and rerouted them. Then he turned off their car. When Corey went to check out what the problem was, he was killed. Jillian got out to see what the problem was and she was also killed. Then Sam took Duncan. He needed his help in tying up some loose ends.

Ryan went to see Joe again. Joe doesn’t know who Strauss’ best student is and assumed it was him.

Arthur kept his prodigies separate from each other. That apparently went out the window when he used his students to get him out of jail.

While Joe is talking to Ryan, Joe found out that he will be killed in seven days. He gets to choose injection or electric chair.

At the crime scene of the two cops they assume that Duncan lied about knowing Sam. Ryan told them what Joe said about Arthur keeping his students separate. So the next assumption was Sam needed Duncan.

Nick gets put in charge of Ryan again, pending Gina’s hearing. He wants to restore order to the office. He said it’s a new era of transparency and Ryan should think about if he fits into it.

Max is easing back into duty, but she’s only fit for desk duty. She tried to practice at the gun range, but she can’t hit the target and she’s still in pain. She’s working on the fake Clarke email and told Ryan that they are close to making a break.

Mike interrupted Ryan and Max with a lead. They had a break on the passports that were found on Strauss. They lead back to an office in Queens. The employee in charge of inventory has been suspended for negligence. His name is Luis.

Luis was playing cards with friends and he left before Sam and Duncan arrived. He just missed them. Sam killed his friends trying to find where he was.

Ryan and Mike walk into a blood bath. Ryan felt like they were always two steps behind.

Meanwhile Agent Sloan told Max that she nailed how the hacker got in, from off site, Manatech.

Nick told Sloan to go check it out, but Max wanted to stick with it too. So Nick okays it.

Just as Max is getting close to Sam, he gets alerted and left Duncan to deal with Luis so he cold cover his tracks at the tech company.

Max set up a team of employees to seek Sam out. It turns out Sam is an employee at the company. He was only supposed to work a few days this month, but he had something come up, he told a colleague.

Max meets their man and doesn't even know it.

Max meets their mystery man and doesn’t even know it.

First Sam framed Collins. Max arrested him, but the intern, Kent, came forward with an alibi. Kent and Max try to figure out who framed Collins, but the server goes off line. Kent went to check it out. When Kent didn’t come back, Max went to go see what was wrong. She found his body and right as she found him, the lights went out. She called right away for back-up. They showed up just in time. Sam was right behind her ready to stab her.

Duncan had burned the evidence and was about to kill Luis, but Sam needed him to do one more job.

This last job gave Ryan and Mike enough time to show up before Luis ended up dead. They get Luis in custody and went after Duncan. Duncan shot Ryan with a shot gun and Ryan went down hard. He got back up and shot Duncan before he could get another shot off.

They find a passport and asked Luis if that was the guy, but Luis had never seen Sam’s face. The guy on the passport is Tucker, another guy Sam framed.

This week Tom and Mike also had some confrontations. In the stairway, Tom bumped into Mike purposely. Mike asked him if he had a problem, and Tom replied with, other than leaving his girlfriend to die. Mike told him it was a mistake and Tom said he makes a lot of those. Ryan came in before it went any further.

Right before their raid they had another confrontation when Ryan was asking for them to take one of them alive and Tom said if they shoot at his team, they take them out. He doesn’t put his guys in danger.

Ryan is having a hard time letting go of Joe. At the end of the episode he had a dream about the two of them drinking and playing pool together. Joe told him he believed in him and was his true north.

Ryan is determined to let go of Joe and next week he decline’s Joe’s invitation to his execution. Take a look at the promo:

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