‘Bones’: Celebrates Sweets

Sweets gives his birthday gift from beyond the grave.

Sweets gives his birthday gift from beyond the grave.

‘Bones’ is back and it was very bitter sweet. Sweets may be gone, but his spirit is still very much alive on the show.

Booth got a reminder on his phone to buy donuts for Sweets’ birthday, it was his 30th birthday.

Brennan doesn’t get too emotional very often, but she did on this particular day. So much so that Hodgins asked her what was wrong. She told them some scientific reason for her feeling, but then followed it with the reason, because it was Sweets’ birthday.

Hodgins was devastated when he realized Sweets didn’t make it to 30, but Cam said he made it to happy.

Remembering Sweets didn’t stop there. Avalon was back, thinking she was summoned by the other side to work on the case, but really it was Sweets reaching out to her.

When she tried to say what Sweets said to her, Hodgins got mad. He didn’t like Avalon using his friend like that.

Avalon spoke with Sweets, well so she said, it depends on whether you believe it or not. She was very confused with his message, something about driving his car with thumbs.

Angela decoded the message and said it was a thumb drive in his car. Daisy was about to sell the car that day. They rushed to Daisy to find the thumb drive before Daisy got rid of the car.

Sweets had a special thing of giving other people presents on his birthday. He would thank them for another great year. He had a present for Booth and Brennan that he finished before he died. Angela and Avalon were able to give Booth and Brennan their gift.

Sweets wrote a book about Brennan and Booth, a love story. He dedicated the book to them as well. It was so moving. And Avalon hinted at the fact that Christine’s imaginary friend, Buddy, was actually Sweets. It’s a really nice thought that Sweets is watching over Brennan and Booth’s daughter.

Booth also tapped into Sweets to help solve the case.

There was a body found in an old tree that had carvings of couples names on it. Aubrey looked up offenders that had done their crimes in public parks. He found someone, but Booth didn’t think this was the guy’s M.O.

Booth still bought the donuts for Sweets' birthday.

Booth still bought the donuts for Sweets’ birthday.

The victim was Justine, a psychic, a fraud. There were a lot of interesting suspects along the way.

They looked at her father twice. The first time to inform him, but looking into him found they had a strained relationship. The second time when one of the victim’s former girlfriends pointed it back around to him. Plus Justine hadn’t gone back to church to seek forgiveness, it was to find clients. Also his cane was a possible murder weapon.

When Brennan and Booth searched the victim’s apartment they found a cracked laptop screen with blood on it. They also found a lot of cash. Avalon walked in to help them solve the case. Booth and Brennan were not happy about this.

Avalon did her thing walking around the apartment and said there was a struggle. Brennan said they knew that from the laptop. Avalon claimed it was with a man. Brennan told her if she could give her a name she would be impressed. Avalon had a name, Anthony. Then the landlord filled in the pieces. An old associate, a physic, also a fraud and they had a falling out and an argument.

Avalon spoke to Aubrey to tell him how to spot a fraud and turn it back around on him. The talk actually helped. Aubry was able to prove Anthony was a fraud, but he wasn’t the killer.

The money left in the apartment came from a client, Alana. She gave the money to Justine willingly because she felt grateful for Justine protecting her husband overseas.

Booth is really good at reading people and he figured out Alana was more than just a client. They had an affair, but it had ended.

Avalon proved to be invaluably to the case. When they found something on the remains it lead back to the landlord and Avalon made the connection.

Apparently the landlord also had an affair with the victim. She through a malet at the victim. Justine also fought back. When the landlord left Justine was still alive though.

Then Justine had another lover’s quarrel with Alana. Alana slightly pushed Justine and she fell into the bikes. This slight blow was enough to kill her, because the the last blow was building blood in the intracaranial space until the final blow ruptured it and killed her.

Alana thought this made her innocent, but she covered up the murder. By dumping her body in the tree where they had carved their name on. Which is where the case brought along back to Sweets. He would have said the tree wasn’t a good dumping tree, unless you were in love and weren’t thinking.

In the end Alana was making a deal for probation and the landlord was being charged with manslaughter.

Dr. Fuentes was a little distracted through out the case. He was trying to smuggle medicine to Cuba, but he used the Jefersonian to ship the medicines to.

Cam was not happy about this. So Dr. Fuentes decided to leave. Brennan told Cam to bring her intern back because she would have done the same thing and she did exactly that. She used Booth’s contact at the CIA to smuggle the medicine to Cuba. Dr. Fuentes was so happy he hugged Brennan.

That put Cam in a very awkward position. But Dr. Fuentes pointed out that there was no evidence and Brennan agreed. So Cam let it slide, but warned them to hone their covert operations from now on.

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