‘The Following’: Joe and Ryan Reunion

Joe wants to 'us back' from Ryan before he dies.

Joe wants to ‘us back’, he tells Ryan.

I did not expect Strauss to get killed so soon. He’s got more students than Joe and I thought we would be chasing him down for a while.

Instead Strauss gets killed by one of his own students, his best student. I guess the student has surpassed the master. According to Duncan he’s a ghost. As we saw at the end, he has kids and a wife, so he is well hidden.

We didn’t get to see as much of Joe as we probably would have liked, but he did open and close the episode. Joe gave Ryan some good advice. He told Ryan that Strauss would reach out to a friend and he did. Does Joe know anything about Struass’ best student? I guess we’ll find out next week.

Ryan didn’t handle seeing Joe very well. He ran to the bathroom to throw up afterwards. I’m sure it didn’t help that his deal with Joe was to see him every day till he dies. Ryan thought he closed that chapter of his life, but apparently it’s still open.

Doesn’t it seem very convenient that the D.O.J. dropped the investigation and figured out the email was a fake? I’m happy they are still on the case, but that was all too easy, especially since they didn’t find any evidence. At least Gina did get suspended. Not that I wanted her too, but at least they didn’t completely brush it under the rug.

The next step was finding a friend of Strauss’ nearby. They searched through missing persons reports close by and found them two hours away in Beacon. That’s where Mike and Ryan started their search.

The Sheriff wasn’t so willing to help at first, but the young female cop was very willing to help. When Ryan and Mike showed her the missing persons reports they had, she thought a body they found matched one of the woman in their report.

She took them to the site the body was found. They couldn’t find anything else, but when the cop mentioned it rained that day, Ryan thought the body could have washed up there.

They found hanging baby dolls on trees while looking for a mass burial ground. A guy showed up with a mask, but disappeared when they chased him. They found their mass burial ground with bodies dating back 10 to 15 years.

One of the bodies was killed differently and had the fingerprints and teeth removed way after their death. Ryan thought this was their key. The identity of this body could lead them to Strauss.

The young cop’s uncle was behind the murders and was very worried. Duncan told Strauss that he killed before Strauss taught him how to cover his tracks and was very worried that body was going to lead to him and then to Strauss.

Strauss wasn’t worried at all and said him and Daisy couldn’t leave till they had their new IDs.

The body was revealed to be Fran Banks, wife of Duncan Banks. Ryan and Mike went to question him in the diner and when he knew they were on to him, he grabbed his niece with a knife. She threw coffee in his face and was able to get away and they caught him.

She couldn’t believe her uncle could kill all those people and he killed her parents too.

Duncan wouldn’t give them anything though. The Sheriff chimed in with some useful information. His father and Duncan’s father use to go hunting together and Duncan’s father had a cabin in the woods, a good spot to hide someone. You had to hike to get there.

During the episode we got to know Struass’ best student. He killed before Strauss met him and actually met Strauss during his first mass murder. Let’s just call him Ghost for now. Ghost went into an insurance office and killed everyone in there and got stabbed. This wasn’t his plan, this was another man’s plan. Ghost did the murder and framed it on the guy and faked a suicide. Strauss helped patch Ghost up and finish the task.

Ghost is also a master hacker, but he is very upset with Strauss. He doesn’t like that Strauss made him expose himself. He killed Strauss for that and disappeared again before Ryan and Mike could catch him.

Tom finds out about the truth of Ryan, MIke and Max's lies.

Tom finds out about the truth of Ryan, MIke and Max’s lies.

Ghost did let Daisy go though. Daisy and Mark are on the run. Though I think they care more about catching Mark than Daisy.

Max is recovering from being beaten and Tom is taking very good care of her, but he’s still spying on her. His spying has led him to find out the truth about Lily. He now knows Mike killed Lily and they covered it up. What will he do with that information?

Max is deeply hurt by Mike. He claims he would have done it differently, but Max thinks that means he would have killed Mark. Can Max ever forgive Mike after this?

Next week they hunt for the student and Joe has seven days till his execution. Is it bad that I feel sad about that? Take a look at the promo:

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