‘Grey’s Anatomy’: He Can’t Live Without Her

Derek comes home to explain.

Derek comes home to explain.

Derek came home. He rushed home in the middle of the night.

Meredith heard him out and went to the hospital. She mentioned to Alex that Derek was back, but wouldn’t go on.

Callie and Maggie tried to get information from Alex, all he could reply with was Derek came home. Callie and Maggie knew that couldn’t be good. They said he came home to apologize.

Through out the episode we got to see what happened between Derek and his fellow, Rene. It looked like it was all leading to one thing, sex. It almost went there too. They did kiss and then he pulled away and ran home. So Callie and Maggie weren’t wrong. He had cheated, he just didn’t take it all the way.

Is he giving up D.C. for Meredith now? He finally realizes that she’s more important, but is it too late?

Meredith was doing great without him and as soon as he comes home, her streak ends.

Alex knew she wasn’t right. He couldn’t get her to just talk about it though. She wanted to do a dangerous surgery, that could have potentially saved the boy, but Alex thought it was a bad idea and questioned her every step of the way.

Alex has grown up a lot. What would have blown up into a big argument years ago, ended with Alex hugging Meredith.

He said it was fine for her to take out being mad at Derek on him and she could yell at him and just be a mess, but don’t be a mess in the O.R. He also told her that it wasn’t her fault that the boy died, they both tried in there.

He was so adult about it. He’s nothing like the Alex we were introduced to over ten years ago. It still amazes me every week how much Alex has grown. He’s become a great doctor.

I’ve been saying for weeks that I want Jo to get a good storyline and the writers finally listened, while kind of. She got a good case.

She attended to a woman in the E.R. who had headaches all the time. It turned out it wasn’t a headache at all, it was a leech in her nose. The woman said she got nose bleeds but when she went to put a tissue to her nose, the bleed would go back up. Jo got to see this firsthand.

She went into investigate, but was not expecting what she found. She called it a critter. She tried to pull it out, but the woman started screaming for her to stop and then slapped her.

April had to step in. She started all sweet about how the leech made a home in her nose and then turned to grose and scary. The leech would eventually get hungry and start eating her brain, like Christmas dinner. The woman decided to let Jo take care of the thing. April told the patient to take a big sniff to open up the airway, to help get the thing out.

Jo decided to keep the thing a name it Herbie.

Owen was in a little distress this week. His mother came in after falling in the shower, but it wasn’t that that distressed him, it was the younger man that she was seeing. He was younger than Owen.

Owen got really protective over his mother. He didn’t think that this nice young man, John, could be genuine. This really hurt his mother and made him be mean to Amelia.

It wasn’t until his mother made John go and John stayed to make sure she was alright that Owen finally saw their relationship as real.

It turns out that fall was very lucky. While Mrs. Hunt was in the hospital her aneurysm erupted and it was good she was in the hospital when it did.

She's going to name him Herbie.

She’s going to name him Herbie.

Owen apologized to Amelia and they finally have sex and this time with no interruptions. Does this mean they are a couple? Or are they still working their way up to couple status?

Stephanie was on a mission, to get on cases. She had logged too many hours in neuro and had to make up in other specialties. She tried to bribe Ben with $50 for his case. He wasn’t giving up his case.

Bailey came to Stephanie very upset. But not for the reasons you might think. She said in her day the surgery would have gone for $100 and with inflation she should have at least offered $175. Sometimes it’s very surprising what you learn from Baliey.

Next week Derek is back to work and he has to work for his sister. This can’t end well. Take a look at the promo:

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