The Originals Season 2 Episode 2

tumblr_nc2hg0enW31rjjkjjo1_500Since Caroline transitioned into a vampire on ‘The Vampire Diaries’, I’ve really enjoyed watching characters transition. Each one has been very different. Hayley’s transition is once again very unique and her’s is a bit more difficult. If she wasn’t a hybrid her emotions would be high with the loss of her daughter to begin with, but now it’s ten times worse. She’s dealing with it pretty well though. She doesn’t really have a mentor like Caroline and Elena had. Caroline had Stefan and Elena had Stefan and Damon. Hayley just has her werewolf temper to go with her new vampire state and Klaus edging her on. Now she has a focus, reuniting her family and gaining a strong force in the Quarter. This is a good start. Of course all of this was Elijah’s ideas, so I guess he is kind of a mentor.

It was so nice to see Nathaniel Buzolic reprise his role as Kol, even if it was in the past. He’s such a fun character.

Elijah has been doing everything for Klaus. He kept Kol daggered to help find Klaus’ humanity and he distanced himself from Marcel, because he though he would be the key to Klaus’ humanity. Well all of that has not worked and now there is a lot of animosity between Elijah and Marcel. It’s clear that Elijah actually liked Marcel.

It’s very interesting that Klaus and Elijah are ending up on different teams, not that this is the first time this has happened. Elijah did unite with Elena and Stefan against Klaus, but this time Elijah and Klaus have similar goals. Elijah seems to be feeling very lost. He’s not a wolf and he’s not a hybrid, he’s a vampire. So maybe aligning himself with the vampires is the right option.

I’m enjoying Daniel Sharman as Kol. The accent certainly helps, but he now has this big secret over his mother and brother. I’m very interested to see how he uses this information.

The family reunions were pretty good. Kol got to see his brother and father, but kept quiet. Elijah was stunned to see his father and was almost killed by him. Klaus didn’t let on that he knew the 16 year old witch was his mother, but I think she knew. Now that they out in the open, what’s next?

Check out the preview for next week. It’s a family dinner:

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