‘Gotham’ Cast Take on Comic Con

Gotham_1When Ben McKenzie walked on to the stage at the New York Comic Con on Sunday afternoon, you couldn’t even hear his name being announced. The crowd just roared when he appeared. The audience knew he was coming by the name card on the table and they were ready. Robin Lord Taylor also got a really good applause. Everyone was ready to see their favorite new ‘Batman’ stars. Gotham_2Many actors have taken on these roles before and these actors are just the most recent to immortalize these characters.

Ben said that he doesn’t get encumbered by the talent that played James Gordon in the past. He said you can’t try to mirror what other actors have done because “you won’t live up to it…. For me personally that approach wouldn’t have been Gotham_3good.” But he did said he tries to be faithful and loyal to the character.

“He’s a moral face finding himself in a moral land trying to bring justice,” Ben said.

Robin gives the actors who have taken on the Penguin before him major props, but for his own portrayal of the legendary villain he gives all credit to executive Gotham_4producers Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller. He said his “character was so beautifuly joined and perfectly put together.” With the suit and the fake nose he felt like he was “stepping into the skin of the character.”

“I’m having the time of my life”, Robin said.

A fan asked, where in time does ‘Gotham’ takes place?

Danny answered: “Does it matter? Like a good Shakespeare play?… Maybe look at Nolan’s films and when they’re set.”

The Gotham world came from Bruno and Danny thinking about the “Dickensian era, Grimms Fairy Tales, mixed with old New York. It was kind of like our poem to New York,” Danny said.

Another fan asked if the ending of the show would be when Batman puts on the cape.

“Lets not think about the end of the show. Let’s revel in the now,” Danny answered.

There were a few spoilers given during the panel. Danny told fans to look for Victor Zsasz in episode seven and Harvey Dent in episode nine. They also are having a lot of fun with teasing the Joker.

“A lot of secret fun,” Danny said. “We’re going way, way back.”

Danny also gave a special preview from episode eight that gave him goosebumps in the cutting room and while telling it again at the panel.

Bruce to Alfred: “I’m angry all the time. Will that ever stop?

Alfred: “I don’t know.”

Bruce: “Will you teach me to fight?”

Long pause.

Alfred: “Yes.”

One of the most fun questions asked during the panel was who the actors favorite superheros were. Most of the cast answered Batman, but Donal Logue said Spiderman and the Green Lantern and Robin said Michael Jackson. Erin Rachards (Barbara) said she use to dress up as Batman and put on plays for her family.

The cast is very excited for their new roles and you can catch them on Mondays on FOX at 8|7c.

Here’s a clip from the panel:


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