Nashville Season 3 Episode 4

Nashville-Poster1I was so happy that Rayna was able to sign Sadie. I think it’s a good match for both of them. Why would you want to sign with Jeff? He barely gave Layla a chance, he’s forcing Will to stay in the closet and he lost his two most popular artists. I feel like if he signed with Rayna and came out to her, she would find a way to make it work. But now Jeff is going to cross a big line, he’s going to go after her girls. Will Teddy really let them sign a record deal? The agreement was always been school right now and music career later. If Jeff is going to war, how will Rayna retaliate?

Is Juliette going to tell Avery? He’s not leaving much of an opening for her. He deserves to know, but he’s in such a bad place. I thought Avery was stronger than this. He threw away his music career, for the right reasons, and he came back so much better than that. This has broken him. Now if only he could put that hurt into his music.

At Scarlett’s first big tour performance she was freaked out by the audience and now at the Bluebird the audience of just her friends also freaked her out. Whatever happened to her on tour must have something to do with the audience. She loves making music, but performing has never been her favorite thing. I never expected whatever happened to her on the road to just disappear, but I definitely would like to get into this storyline more.

Check out the preview for next week. Juliette finally tells Avery, but not in the best way:


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