State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 7

This doesn't look good Nick.

This doesn’t look good for Nick.

There are so many things that I’m liking and there are some things that are bothering me about ‘State of Affairs’.

For starters why was Charlie wearing a robe with sexy underwear underneath. It’s like she knew what was going to happen between her and Nick. I know there’s a history between both of them but that’s not what you wear when you’re working with someone. We still don’t really know the extant to their relationship, which I’m okay with, but them hooking up was a little bit too easy.

Plus shouldn’t they be trying to figure out who put them together and who interrogated Nick? Someone knows that they are both there. Shouldn’t they know who it is? It could complicate the mission. Why are they not worrying about it too much. I like when the writers don’t give us everything, leaving things to mystery, but they should at least be more interested in their predicament.

Second, why didn’t Charlie go with Nick or at least have some sort of back-up with him. I know they are monitoring him, but was anyone surprised when they blindfolded him and punched him? I know I wasn’t. Charlie is the one Fatha trusts, not Nick. Nick tortured him and got nothing out of him. Nick never really believed that he was their asset, maybe he was right. He certainly hasn’t done anything to prove that he is yet.

Anyone else suspicious of Newsome? He’s the new guy and he has a drinking problem and I’m guessing he has some secrets, but he went a little overboard on interrogations and seemed a little bit too upset when the case met a dead end. Then he showed up at Maureen’s house drunk. There’s just something really strange going on with him.

So now that Nick has been taken by Al Moosari, what’s next? We can only hope that Moosari will take him to see Fatha, but will they let him go. This doesn’t seem like they break that they wanted, but I guess at episode seven, nothing was meant to be resolved.

Next week the team will go into save Jack Dawkins. Take a look at the preview:


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