State of Affairs Season 1 Finale

Charlie realizing she's about to be hit by an air strike, one can only assume.

Charlie realizing she’s about to be hit by an air strike.

Charlie resigned from the CIA and went on a mission to kill Fatah once and for all. Director Navaro told her, “No one ever died for a flag. They died fighting for the people they loved.”

Officially Charlie may not have been part of the CIA anymore, but her team and Navaro were doing everything they could to help her complete the mission.

Payton was even behind Charlie. She gave her a number only two other people had. She trusted Charlie to get the job done, but as we’ve seen over the course of this first season, losing her son and the battle against Fatah has made her a changed woman. She wanted Fatah dead, no matter the cost. Even if that meant aligning herself with a group that has known links with terrorists and killing Charlie in the process.

Payton trusted Charlie to get the job done, but she chose avenging her son over Charlie.

Payton trusted Charlie to get the job done, but she chose avenging her son over Charlie.

Charlie had just called Payton to tell her it was almost done. Why would Payton send the planes in when she knew it was getting done?

Over the course of the episode, it was clear that the people Payton trusted were losing faith in her. First her husband. Marshall was heading to their other home to get some distance. He doesn’t like the person the presidency has made her. Then David resigned because he thought she should have a chief of staff that is more likeminded and he didn’t feel that was him.

Now Charlie, the person that has stood by Payton and watched on while Nick was sacrificed, is being sacrificed herself.

Payton has gotten out of control and has lost sight of what the goal is, to keep the American people safe, not avenge her son. I don’t think Aaron would like what has become of his mother or fiancé.

Charlie got the job done.

Charlie got the job done.

I’m sure Charlie’s rash reaction to going after Fatah herself, wasn’t patriotic at all. It was part anger from losing Nick and anger at herself for trusting Fatah and failing her country.

But is Nick dead? Who was Charlie’s savior as she went in to kill Fatah. There was a sniper taking out threats and then drove in at the end waving. Other than Nick, Dawkins and Sid are the only two people I can think of that would come to Charlie’s aid. But Sid gave her unregistered weapons and a satellite, he did his part already. So who was it?

So TKG got what it wanted, an alliance with the President. They manipulated their way there and made sure of mutual destruction. Maybe if Payton hadn’t been in such a rush to call a press conference or Charlie got to her sooner, the outcome could have been avoided.

Kurt went undercover in TKG and is now an enemy of Gantry and he doesn’t seem to be a man you want to make an enemy of. But according to Gantry, this was his plan all along. Kurt should be careful with those files, something tells me it’s a threat against the CIA.

The CIA had a two big wins. First they got all of the vests, then Charlie took out Fatah. So in the end, Payton didn’t really lie to the American public. To be fair, she told the public what she knew at the time, it wasn’t a lie, she was just wrong.

There were great flashback moments between Nick and Charlie.

There were great flashbacks between Nick and Charlie.

We are left with two cliffhangers and no sign of a second season. If we have to leave it off here, we can pretend that the man in the car is Nick and Payton sacrifices Charlie to take out Fatah. It’s a very tragic ending, but that’s what we have to work with.

If ‘State of Affairs’ gets a second season, what’s next? Fatah is dead, we’ve figured out his plot and the president is in bed with her own private army.

I don’t really like what Payton has become, but at the same time, she’s human and her grief of the loss of her son has led her to this. I like how real that feels. Not even a president can resist the urge to avenge their loved ones. They may even feel it more since they are in a place to seek that revenge.

If anything it seems like TKG is the new enemy and a pretty scary one at that.

Who knows if we will ever see what is next, so if we can’t see the next chapter, I’m just going to pretend that Nick was Charlie’s savior.


State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 12

Nick sacrifices himself for the mission.

Nick sacrifices himself for the mission.

For most of ‘State of Affairs, Charlie has been right. It turns out Nick was right all this time. He never believed Fatah had been turned.

Did we get confirmation of Harkam and Fatah being killed? If they are dead, then that can still be spinned as a win for the CIA.

Why was TKG protecting Fatah? Are they part of Ar Rissalah?

I wasn’t expecting Kurt to be a double agent and that Navaro sent him in. Great idea, if only his old team wasn’t so mad at him. I get the point of secrecy at the agency, but sometimes trust is better. If his old team would have known what he was doing. One of them would have answered his call and maybe saved Nick’s life.

The CIA will have some explaining to do.

The CIA will have some explaining to do.

I was really getting to like Nick and this episode gave an even better look at his character. He’s a really sweet guy at heart, well at least he was to Charlie, but she left him. She left him for the job. Not surprising really.

“I’m flawed and I’m selfish, and I can’t give up,” Charlie said about why Nick and her can’t work.

To top off this incredible episode for Nick’s character, he sacrifices himself for the mission, and it might have been all in vain.

Things just keep getting worse for the CIA. No wonder Navaro put Kurt undercover. How much did Navaro know about what was going on at TKG?

First Senator Burke finds the photograph of Charlie, Fatah and Nick and gives it to Jules.

Then Charlie finds out what TKG is up to, or somewhat. If Fatah is the true leader, then he may have weaseled himself out of the air strike. How are the CIA going to explain this screw up?

There were some great flashback moments between Nick and Charlie.

There were some great flashback moments between Nick and Charlie. We got to know their relationship better and how it came to an end.

Charlie is left to tell the President this new information and come up with answers for the press, seeing as it was her face plastered on the paper. She’s also lost another man she loves. It was hard watching her wait for the bombs and listen to everyone applaud a successful mission.

I really enjoyed Nick reading the letter of Charlie saying goodbye to him as we are about to say goodbye for good. It was a very heart wrenching moment. They worked so hard for this moment and it was overshadowed by the loss of Nick.

One good thing, Sid is definitely on Charlie’s side. What is he doing working for TKG though? But when Charlie needs help, he’s there.

Next week Charlie will resign, so she can avenge Nick in the season finale (and hopefully not series finale). Take a look at the promo:

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 11

The President has her game face on and is ready to take out the enemy.

The President has her game face on and is ready to take out the enemy.

We are eleven episodes in now and they finally have eyes on Fatah and Harkam and are about to take them out, but will the mission succeed? If both terrorists who have been driving the storyline are taken out, what’s next?

Maybe the mission will be a success. ‘State of Affairs’ has been rapidly changing since it began. It first started with Charlie in a state of denial, drinking her sorrows away. She couldn’t remember what had happened to her fiancé and was hiding what little she did remember from Payton.

Then she discovered Fatah did indeed kill Aaron, but he was also her asset. This has led us to Nick working with Fatah to get to Harkam. Could there be another turn in the story?

There is still the impending threat to deal with as well. They have no idea where or when. They got to Professors Ahmadi’s place too late. The vests were gone and he shot himself as they were bursting through the door. They had him in their grasps before, but couldn’t find any evidence to hold him.

I think Charlie finding leads wherever she can is working. She was right to contact the foster family that Kenneth felt closest too. He had contacted his foster mother and that led Charlie and Lucas straight to him. They may not have found out the exact threat, but at least they know there is one.

Kenneth said, “No single man knows everything, so no single weakness may bring Ar Rissalah down.”

Their one last hope is taking out Harkam before he gives the order.

Will Nick be coming home from this operation? He’s pretty thick into it and Payton certainly isn’t concerned about bringing him back home, only Charlie. I want to say that he’ll be sticking around, but the way shows these days kill off their characters, there is no way in really knowing.

David and Payton are really bumping heads. He’s more concerned about her image than she is and she’s more concerned about the mission than he is. She was all set to do the interview, then Charlie called with the good news, they were 60 minutes away from having Harkam in their sights. So she doesn’t turn up for the interview and gets ready to take out the two biggest terrorists. If she succeeds, she’ll be a hero. If she fails, then she will have to deal with the backlash of missing the interview and maybe the operation being blown.

While Charlie, Payton and Nick work on killing the two most wanted men, Syd is working for the infamous private security firm, but he still has Charlie’s best interests at heart. And Gantry is using her against him. Gantry won’t let Syd out of the operation and said, “the only way you can protect Charleston Tucker, is to remain operational. End of story.”

So what was Syd doing following Nick? How much does Gantry know? How is he using Kurt to complete his endgame? What is his endgame?

Kurt is enjoying himself a little too much at his new job. How long will it be till he betrays his friends at the agency?

Next week the airstrike is being sent in, but Nick is still there and Payton has no plans on getting him out. Take a look at the preview:

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 10

The President and Charlie are having a little pre-celebration.

The President and Charlie are having a little pre-celebration.

At the beginning of ‘State of Affairs’ I wasn’t the biggest fan of Nick, but the more we’ve got to know him, the more he’s growing on me. He’s really deep in enemy territory and by the looks of it, he’s not coming out of it. If he makes it out alive, he’ll have to answer to for the things he’s done along the way. It’s not easy gaining the trust of a terrorist to defeat the terrorist. And Nick is working hard to see the op succeed.

On the home front Charlie has her own problems to deal with. They may have taken down seven young people tied to the terrorist group and found their bombs, but it turns out the professor was one them all along. The FBI and the CIA couldn’t see through him.

Gantry knows a little too much about the CIA and I’m not sure what he wants to do to the agency. He certainly wants to do something. And Kurt has the information for him do to it. Will Kurt give it up?

I thought there might be a little more to Senator Green and Marshall. I didn’t understand why Patyon had gotten so mad before. Marshall was just seeking answers about his son. Payton couldn’t give them to him because they were highly classified. It’s not easy being married to the most powerful person in the country. There will be sometimes when they can’t tell you everything. So it turns out he slept with Senator Green. There has been this tension between the President and her husband, especially when it came to Senator Green. I just didn’t know what it was. But if she’s going to hold her presidency together, they will have to work out their issues.

Next week Charlie and her team have to work fast to stop the attack. Take a look at the preview:

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 9

After all their hard work they weren't able to stop the attack.

After all their hard work they weren’t able to stop the attack.

‘State of Affairs’ has moved pretty quickly since it started and it continues full steam ahead.

In a matter of one episode the terrorist cell made an attack and many were taken into custody. If only the FBI had listened to Charlie’s gut just a little sooner.

This was probably the best episode yet though. It was so good because of the way it was delivered. The episode started out with Stacy Dover blowing up the safe house, but you didn’t know who was in the safe house. What you did know was all of Charlie and her team’s work was futile.

Then it jumps back five hours and shows you what happened. Throughout the episode it also jumped back to the explosion scene to show more of the destruction. Things just weren’t looking good and it could be anyones guess of who was in the explosion.

The polygraph scenes were great to shed light on the characters. Each of them reacted differently to the questions. Newsome decided to come clean about his drinking problem before any questions were asked. Maureen was shaky after the question of marriage was asked. Being divorced is so new to her that the question caught her off guard. Greer announced he was a smart ass and Kurt seemed very weird when he tapped his foot during the questions.

There were a few surprises. For one, Kurt was the one who was sending Charlie the texts. He gave no indication that it was him. He seemed like such a team player. But I guess he can’t be completely blame, Senator Green did put him up to it and I’m sure anyone of the people on Charlie’s team would have been a little worried seeing her with Fatah.

The other surprise was Senator Green dying in the explosion. She was definitely not one of the characters I saw being killed off so quickly, but there seems there are other senators that want to burry Payton anyways, so the President isn’t safe yet.

What wasn’t a surprise was that Fatah was still Charlie’s asset. If we’ve learned anything in the last nine episodes, it’s that Charlie’s gut is usually right.

Next week their battle is only just beginning. They may have got some of the people in the cell, but the bombs are still out there. Check out the preview:

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 8

Charlie is back in the Oval office.

Charlie is back in the Oval office.

‘State of Affairs’ is on the verge of a war and things look like they are about to get really messy.

Things were a little shaky when Charlie was gone. It didn’t take long for the President to realize that she needed Charlie back. Charlie’s team is good at the research part, but when it comes to proposing a theory, they just can’t cut it.

Senator Green is really trying to ruin Constance. She’s about to say that the President and CIA mishandled an investigation that just got started. They are actually making progress. Especially now that Charlie is back. Things don’t just happen over night.

Things were really looking suspicious when Marshall was going behind his wife’s back. He may only be doing it to get answers to his son’s death, but I don’t think he’s prepared for what he’s about to find. What will he do with the picture of Nick, Charlie and Fatah?

I don’t know if I like David but I certainly liked the character development in this episode. He’s clearly just trying to get information, but is he going too far? He should be careful when dealing with anyone or anything relating to Senator Green. It could come back and slap him in the face or worse hurt the President.

So last week we ended with Nick getting his head covered and what looked really, really bad. This week he’s just sitting in the car with one of Fatah’s associates. Was that all for show? Sure he hasn’t had it easy. He’s had to strip down, give up his cell phone and identify diamonds. He’s having to prove a lot before he can meet up with Fatah. But if this is all leading to Fatah, why didn’t he ask for Charlie? Why Nick?

This week we leave off with a shot of just a normal college girl. Well she appears to be a normal college girl, but she has the symbol of the terrorist group on her book bag. Charlie’s colleagues think it’s nothing, but Charlie knows better.

Next week  things get intense when the realization that there is an active terrorist group is on American soil and is targeting one of their own. Take a look a the preview:

State of Affairs Season 1 Episode 7

This doesn't look good Nick.

This doesn’t look good for Nick.

There are so many things that I’m liking and there are some things that are bothering me about ‘State of Affairs’.

For starters why was Charlie wearing a robe with sexy underwear underneath. It’s like she knew what was going to happen between her and Nick. I know there’s a history between both of them but that’s not what you wear when you’re working with someone. We still don’t really know the extant to their relationship, which I’m okay with, but them hooking up was a little bit too easy.

Plus shouldn’t they be trying to figure out who put them together and who interrogated Nick? Someone knows that they are both there. Shouldn’t they know who it is? It could complicate the mission. Why are they not worrying about it too much. I like when the writers don’t give us everything, leaving things to mystery, but they should at least be more interested in their predicament.

Second, why didn’t Charlie go with Nick or at least have some sort of back-up with him. I know they are monitoring him, but was anyone surprised when they blindfolded him and punched him? I know I wasn’t. Charlie is the one Fatha trusts, not Nick. Nick tortured him and got nothing out of him. Nick never really believed that he was their asset, maybe he was right. He certainly hasn’t done anything to prove that he is yet.

Anyone else suspicious of Newsome? He’s the new guy and he has a drinking problem and I’m guessing he has some secrets, but he went a little overboard on interrogations and seemed a little bit too upset when the case met a dead end. Then he showed up at Maureen’s house drunk. There’s just something really strange going on with him.

So now that Nick has been taken by Al Moosari, what’s next? We can only hope that Moosari will take him to see Fatha, but will they let him go. This doesn’t seem like they break that they wanted, but I guess at episode seven, nothing was meant to be resolved.

Next week the team will go into save Jack Dawkins. Take a look at the preview:

‘State of Affairs’ is More Than it First Appeared

Charlie finally remembers.

Charlie finally remembers.

So last week I said I wanted know what happened the night Charlie’s fiancé died, and this week I found out. This was one of the biggest intrigues of the show and they’ve already told us what happened, well at least from Charlie’s perspective.

While the big mystery of the show is wrapping up, already, there’s a lot more that is surfacing. For starters there’s a scary covert opps company that seems to know more than the CIA. It’s unclear whether or not they can be trusted. It’s also unclear who is torturing Nick, but he’s not giving them anything.

One thing I really liked about this week’s episode was how much more screen time the supporting characters got.

Clearly the writers thought with Katherine Heigl’s name they could draw people in, but there are a lot of great characters they just need more screen time. And this week they finally got it.

In the preview for next year, it looks like there’s a lot on the way. A lot of lies and deception and Charlie won’t know who to trust or maybe she trusts to many.

It appears that the mystery of what happened to Charlie’s fiancé was just setting the show up. There’s a lot more to this new CIA drama and here’s a look at what’s to come:


The Secrets Pull You into ‘State of Affairs’

It's more than just an interview.

It’s more than just an interview.

‘State of Affairs’ is getting very exciting, but there’s one thing that is bothering me. Charlie seems to have a blind spot when it comes to Nick.

Everyone is saying what a bad guy Nick is. Why would she trust him? I understand not having many people to trust, but he just doesn’t seem the most trust worthy. The bond they have is annoying me and makes me think she might get killed because of it.

Charlie seems very good at her job, but it seems she might have made a mistake and this mistake may cost her everything. The whole story of what happened hasn’t been revealed, so all of the events that caused the attack the night her finance died is not clear yet. But the story is coming out more every week.

From the other CIA shows I’ve seen, the agency is a tough place and there are always secrets. Sometimes you get read in on something and others you don’t. Charlie seems to be very high up on the clearance list. But maybe there are some secrets she shouldn’t be keeping to herself. She’s got the ear and friendship of the President and Charlie is keeping her in the dark.

The secrets are what make this show so intriguing. Some secrets Charlie is even keeping from herself. The other thing I like about this show is how flawed Charlie is. She’s this kick ass CIA analyst, but she goes out drinking at night and can’t face what really happened. It seems to be that what happened may destroy her.

I’ve had reservations about this show, but the writers have got me hooked and I want to know what happened.

Next week Charlie wants to know the truth. Check out the preview:

The Conspiracy is Unraveling on ‘State of Affairs’

Charlie is questioning who she can trust.

Charlie is questioning who she can trust.

As Charlie unravels the truth about the texts, she’s finding out she doesn’t know who she can trust.

Last week’s episode wasn’t the most impressive and while I liked the first two episodes, the third wasn’t what I hoped for. This week things got a whole lot more interesting and sheds light on a lot more characters, which is what I thought the third episode was missing.

The mystery is getting a lot more interesting and dangerous. The secrets that are coming out are putting Charlie in a very bad place. I’m very nervous about what she does next.

Someone close to her knows what happened that night, but she doesn’t know who it is yet. Finding out this makes you look at the characters in a new light and question and scrutinize everything they do.

Not only is the mystery unfolding nicely, this week’s operation was a very intense one too. This time it wasn’t so much to do with National security, than protecting themselves from backlash. But when a decision is made to save people, things end up even worse.

If the writers continue on this path I will definitely be putting this show on my list.

Next week things are getting even more precarious for Charlie. Check out the preview: