Gotham Season 1 Episode 11

Jack Gruber is in the wind.

Jack Gruber is in the wind.

It’s been a long wait for ‘Gotham’ to return, but it’s back and the landscape looks a lot different.

Gordon was doing his best not to crazy at Arkham. He was getting the blame for every time an inmate decided to attack another inmate. Guess what, they are psycho lunatics and they are going to do that.

Just as things didn’t seem like they could get any worse for Gordon, an inmate turns up with an electroshock to the head and almost dead. Of course this was Gordon’s fault as well.

Gordon tried to do the investigation himself, but he called in reinforcement, his old partner Bullock. It was a nice reunion.

Gordon wasn’t the only one that had fallen far, Oswald sat in a jail sell most of the episode. He was on a high climbing his way up to the top, but he was a little too eager and Maroni took him back down a couple of pegs.

While Gordon and Oswald were falling down, Fish was rising up, well kind of. She’s certainly making sure she can rise to the top when the occasion presents itself. It makes me wonder if Fish will be the top villain before the Penguin. I mean we know that Oswald doesn’t rise to the top until Bruce is a man and Bruce has some growing up to do.

At the moment I feel like the whole Barbara¬†story is pointless. She’s doing drugs with her ex? I just don’t get the point. I get the point of Gordon falling way down, I mean he pissed off a lot of people. I also get that Oswald had to be thrown back a few steps, since it will be a while before his rise to power. Fish getting things in her order for her take over is also very good. All of these story lines have points. I don’t see the point to Barbara’s though.

Most of the cases that Gordon and Bullock take on are solved, well not the Wayne’s murder. It may be officially closed, but not really. But it was interesting that two crazy murderers got away. Most of Gotham’s villain’s are crazy. It’s nice to leave this story open ended. I’m sure Gordon will want to hunt them down.

The time period that ‘Gotham’ is set in is before it gets really bad. Before villains like the Penguin and the Joker. It’s interesting watching Gotham go down this very bad path, while Gordon is trying everything to save the city, but in the end not even Batman can save it, well at least not yet.

‘Gotham’ returns in two week. Gordon gets back into the detective ring to get Gruber and Fish is making her move. Take a look at the preview:


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