Are Michaela Conlin and T.J. Thyne Really Leaving ‘Bones’?

Angela and Hodgins are heading to Paris!

Are Angela and Hodgins really leaving?

Last week we watched the promo for ‘Bones’ and found out that Angela and Hodgins are leaving. How can two main characters be leaving the show when ‘Bones’ is coming back for an eleventh season?

There is no official news about Michaela Conlin (Angela) and T.J. Thyne (Hodgins) leaving the series, but the preview shows them saying goodbye. Plus we already knew they were thinking about moving to Paris.

Last month The Hollywood Reporter said that David Boreanaz (Booth), Emily Deschanel (Brennan), John Boyd (Aubrey) and Tamara Taylor (Cam) signed new contracts, as well as Michaela and T.J. If they signed new deals, why are they leaving now? How can ‘Bones’ go on without them?

Brennan and Booth may be the center, but without Angela and Hodgins, who would look at the particulates and who would simulate the crime scenes? They are a big part of what makes up the show. I don’t believe there is a show without them.

Angela has always been the one guiding Brennan. Brennan doesn’t always know what to do socially and Angela helps her. We didn’t realize how much, until we found out that Angela helped Brennan write her books, well the sex scenes at least.

Hodgins has always been a big part of the comedy on the show. I still miss King of the Lab and enjoy when he brings it up every once in a while.

Angela and Hodgins definitely became the other big couple on the show early on. They got together a lot earlier than Booth and Brennan, but have still struggled. They also are a big part of the team with solving cases.

Please tell me this isn’t true and they will be returning next season. There was that one time when everyone went off for a year and rejoined. Can this be one of those times?

I guess we will have to watch and see what happens and keep a look out for the official word on if Michaela and T.J. are really leaving ‘Bones’ behind.