‘The Whispers’ Review: They’re Coming

Drill is in the White House!

Drill is in the White House!

This was one crazy episode. Half the time I was crying and the other half I was yelling at the screen. I was not sure how it was going to end.

As the evidence pilled up against Minx, I still wasn’t convinced it was her. Drill is really good at getting kids to do his bidding. And just because it was Minx’s file that was altered didn’t make me think it had to be her. Maybe I’m just really use to ‘A’ in Pretty Little Liars and she sure liked to make you think someone else was ‘A’.

I don’t know what else they could have done to prove Minx wasn’t Drill. But as I said before, they had to make absolutely sure it was her.

Talking to the reporter was a good and bad idea. Sean’s only agenda was to get Henry home, but the reporter was able to give them some valuable information that proved Minx wasn’t Drill. But getting the kids released was also a bad idea, because Drill was set free.

Then all of a sudden Drill was in the White House and things got really exciting and quite scary. Claire tried everything to stop Drill. I’m surprised they didn’t just shoot her when she ran past the secret service. But I think the President will forgive her for putting not just her country first, but the world.

The President is so well protected no one could stop Drill from sending out the message and now all of his family and friends will be heading to Earth.

When I was really yelling at the screen was when Minx was being taken to be killed and in a very brutal way. That poor soldier couldn’t even push the button and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t even be able to walk Formmer through it. Of course I would have been kicked out with Wes and Claire because I would have been fighting for them no to kill Minx. You have to be absolutely sure beyond a doubt and the evidence didn’t make me think it was her beyond a doubt. I still had doubts.

There was only two seconds when they finally stopped the count down. It was insane. I could finally breathe after Wes saved his daughter.

It was heartbreaking watching him think that Minx was actually possessed by Drill. Drill had taken his wife from him and now he though Drill had taken his daughter too. I really want Wes to be the one to take him out because he deserves the justice. This poor man has been through so much.

So Drill’s kind are on their way. What does that mean for the world? And what will the President do now that it’s his kid? He was quick to say kill Minx, but will he be so quick when it’s his daughter? It’s way too late to eliminate Drill now because more of him are on their way anyways. We can’t say he made the wrong call with that first boy, because killing an innocent child is not the answer. He made the wrong call when he sent the kids home. Then he set up a press conference making it very convenient  for Drill to send his message. The President played right into Drill’s hands.

One final note, I loved the reporters face when Sean told him that Drill wasn’t human. He thought it was some secret nuclear program. He had no idea he was about to write a story about aliens. Of course now there will be wide spread panic. But he still has a story of a lifetime.

Their children are not safe yet. The season finale is next week. Are you ready for the battle to protect the children?

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