‘Scream’ Review: Let the Blood Bath Commence

Is this really our killer?

Is this really our killer?

Going into the season finale they’re a lot of questions about who the killer is. Is it someone who has looked guilty or are we going to be very surprised?

Kieran has been mysterious since the beginning and there’s always been a big question mark over his head. We never knew enough about him to say he was the killer or to take him off the suspect list. He was just always around. Now a video shows up showing that he was with Nina the night before she was killed and it’s the only link to Rachel.

The hard part was that we know Rachel is connected, but we had nothing to connect her to the rest of the murders. So this new piece of evidence looks pretty damning.

Noah has had question marks about their teacher Branson for a while now and he found the evidence that led the police straight to him. But there doesn’t seem to be enough physical evidence to prove it was him. It doesn’t help his case that he broke out of jail and left a dead body and the Sheriff had been kidnapped too. Though he still could just be the fall guy.

When Branson’s mother said Seth came to see her, I wasn’t convinced. Not because I’m sure it wasn’t Seth, but because she’s an unreliable witness. She thought Emma was Daisy. Then Piper went back to be absolutely¬†sure and said Mrs. James pointed out Kieran. This could be just another clue to point to Kieran or it could be Piper pointing fingers again. Did we ever really check her off the suspect list? She’s always around too, just like Billy’s mom was in the second film and she was a reporter.

There I go again comparing clues to the original films. I keep saying I’ll stop doing that and I seem to find more comparisons.

If Kieran is the killer, than the story just took a very gross turn. Emma slept with him and if he is her half brother, that’s awful for Emma. She’s going to be scared for life. We don’t actually know if the baby her mom gave up his Branson’s. Maggie is still waiting for the results. If the lost son isn’t Bran’s child, then what is the reason for all of these murders and why does it come back to Emma?

We still don’t know where Emma’s father is in all of this. Not that we know enough about him to really be the killer. But who knows.

Jake was looking less guilty this week. Just more of a big idiot. He was probably just an idiot this whole time. He likes to seem sexy by making threats. Like saying he’d kill Branson if he hurt Brooke. I get the sentiment behind it, but when so many people have actually been killed, that’s maybe not the best line you want to use on a girl.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of anything happening at the dance, but that might just be what’s coming next week. Parties and horror films seem to go hand in hand and we haven’t even made it to Brooke’s after party yet. That’s where everything happened in the fourth film. Sorry I did it again. But that is where the fourth film ended.

It all comes down to next week’s season finale. Will anyone make it out alive?

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