‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Review: It’s All Beginning

fear-the-walking-dead-posterWhen I first heard about Fear the Walking Dead I thought it was a very bad idea. I generally like spin-offs but this wasn’t really a spin-off. The more and more I’ve read about the show in the last week, the more I’ve warmed to the idea.

Then I watched the pilot and it was quite good. It reminded me a lot of Shaun of the Dead though, just without the comedy.

It is kind of interesting to see how it all started. I read that it was going to start really slow and it sure has. They have no idea what is going on yet.

Nick was one of the first people to see the zombie apocalypse start and he was not a credible witness. He was coming down from a bender.

Nick’s mother’s boyfriend, Travis, went out on a limb and took what he said seriously. He checked out the church where Nick said it happened, but of course the bodies had walked up and left already. Travis saw enough to believe Nick saw something. There was a lot of blood.

I’m very intrigued by these new characters. Madison and Travis are very good teachers.Travis was really good at getting his students involved in the conversation. He wasn’t punishing them for not paying attention or sleeping in class, he was engaging them. It’s too bad none of this is going to matter.

Madison saved a boy from getting suspended. That was a really cool thing to do. She didn’t let the boy get away with it, but instead of punishing him, she tried talking to him to find out what was going on. The boy had a knife to protect himself from the walkers, well we knew that’s what the knife was for, but the boy couldn’t understand what going on enough to explain to Madison what was happening.

But why would you believe it? If someone told me about people eating people, I would laugh and think they were talking about The Walking Dead or some zombie flick. I would never even entertain the idea that what they were saying was true.

Nick feels like he’s going crazy because the bodies keep disappearing. His mom and Travis finally saw it for themselves, but they can’t figure it out.

I like how the writers have done the story so far. While I was watching it I felt like I wanted to get to the zombie part faster, but I’m actually kind of glad it’s going as slow as it is. The characters are developing and it’s nice to see realistic reactions to the events. You’re not going to be it’s a zombie or walker or whatever else you want to call them, because in everyone’s mind, zombies do not exist.

The pilot has set us up with characters who deeply care about each other, so they are going to fight to protect each other. Nick wasn’t even in his right mind, but when he saw Calvin attack his mom, he fought back. Granted running over a walker with a truck is going to do very little, but they don’t know that yet. All that’s happening right now it they’re getting even more confused.

The apocalypse is just getting started. Here’s what we get to look forward to this season:


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