‘The Whispers’ Review: Where Are Our Children?

The message was: "Are the children ready? "

The message was: “Are the children ready? “

ABC better renew The Whispers for a second season because this can’t be the end! I mean technically it could be, it’s a very disturbing ending, but I’ve been enjoying the show so much that I want more.

We assumed that Drill had a group of kids when the first one touched down in 1982, but we had no way of knowing who they were. We also wanted to know what lasting affect Drill’s presence had on the kids. We now know. They were sleeper cells. Ready to do Drill’s bidding the next time he came.

We always assumed that Drill was going to destroy all the humans and take the planet, but his kind wasn’t there for the planet, he was there for the children. Now it all makes sense why Drill was making friends with kids. I thought maybe those are the only ones he can communicate through, but it was way more than that. He gained their trust, betrayed them and then possessed them.

Poor Henry was only given back his hearing for doing Drill’s work, but because Drill was actually kind. As Claire said, he would only kill himself if he had a reason to, and he always has reason for everything he does.

That was crazy when Drill killed himself inside Cassandra’s body. It’s no wonder we only got one glimpse of the President. He’s no good to anyone now. His own daughter was taken and used to send the message and now all of the children are gone. But are all of them gone? Henry was saved, how many kids were taken?

The writers know how to pull at your heartstrings. That scream Wes did when he was helplessly looking for Minx broke my heart. He couldn’t make it in time before the aliens took her away. He came so close. Claire was closer to Henry and was able to push him out of the way. It was also heartbreaking watching Claire run to Henry and then Claire being taken instead. She sacrificed herself for her son, even if that wasn’t her intent.

Poor Wes lost his wife, his daughter and his mistress. Every girl he ever cared for is gone and there was nothing he could do about it. Will Sean and Wes team up to save all of them. Can they all be saved?

With Formmer in charge they will never be saved. He didn’t even give Wes a chance to translate the message, he just attacked. It didn’t do any good either.

Everyone made mistakes along the way, but when you’re dealing with children, you have to be very carful. Formmer never thought about the children’s well being. Maybe if Wes had sacrificed that one boy, but that’s still the loss of a child. And you can say that if that one child was sacrificed, all of them would be saved, but losing a child is still a high price to pay to protect the rest of the kids.

I really hope ABC renews this show because it’s a very unique show about aliens. Plus I would like to continue watching Barry Sloane and Milo Ventimiglia on TV. So please ABC, gives us more of The Whispers!

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