‘Scream’ Review: The False Ending

I'm not sure how I feel about Audrey being the other killer.

I’m not sure how I feel about Audrey being the other killer.

I have mixed feelings about the season finale of Scream. There were moments I was at the edge of my seat and screaming at the screen. Noah had some great one liners. But the final showdown felt rushed, but maybe that’s because it wasn’t really the final showdown.

I had my suspicions about Piper for a while and I guessed it was her right before she pulled off her mask. Of course that was kind of an easy guess, seeing as she was the only one we hadn’t found yet.

Piper kept making someone else look guilty, which is why she was never crossed of my suspect list. Even when we did find out that it was Brandon’s son or at least we suspected it to be him. But we never realized Maggie and Brandon had a daughter. I do want some clarification about that, because I thought she knew she had a boy.

I’m not sure how I feel about Audrey being the other killer. I love her. When Audrey was taken by the killer I was very worried, but when she reappeared with hardly hurt at all, I thought that looked really suspicious. It didn’t add up. Brooke survived, but the killer did leave her for dead. If Jake, Kieran and Emma found her any later, she would have been dead.

Is Piper really Brandon’s daughter or is Audrey the long lost daughter? The age wouldn’t add up though. But why does she have his picture? She was the one that stole the mask from evidence. That explains why were DNA was on the mask.

I don’t know how I feel about going into season two knowing who the killer is. Where will be the suspense? That’s half the excitement, trying to figure out who the killer is and not knowing who to trust.

I think the other thing I have mixed feelings about was there wasn’t many deaths. Yes, I wanted at least Noah, Audrey, Emma and Brooke to survive. Which wanting Brooke to survive now is funny, since I was ready for her to die in place of Riley before. Part of the excitement of the final showdown is more death scenes. Lets face it, if you are watching a horror film you are watching it either to be scared, the death scenes or both.

There was a lot of close calls, but only one real death. The kid in the bathroom doesn’t count because we didn’t know him and there was no real death scene.

My favorite parts of this episode was when Noah was on screen. As I said before he had the best one liners. He also had a great monologue. I was very scared when Kieran told him to go to the porch. What was that boy thinking?! You don’t split up and let my favorite character go out on his own! Noah knew it was a bad idea and he wasn’t about to say he’d be right back. In fact he said he won’t be right back.

Overall I really liked the first season. I guess I just wish the ending could have been a bit stronger. And it will take me some time to decide how I feel about Audrey being the second killer.

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