‘The Whispers’ Review: Save Our Children

Is there any hope? If the only way to destroy Drill is killing child, is that really winning?

Is there any hope? If the only way to destroy Drill is killing child, is that really winning?

Can any parent make that sacrifice? One child for the lives of all. What if it’s your child? Even if you are the President, I don’t think that’s any sacrifice you can make. No parent should have to make that decision.

I really enjoyed the ending of this episode. It was so tragic and so helpless. Thomas is a hero. Elliot was already gone, but still, how do you look at the face that use to be your brother and kill him to save the world? How can any child be that strong to make that sacrifice? And what did it get poor Thomas? Drill took everything from him and when faced with death, as scared as he was, he didn’t give into Drill. He died with his secret.

These poor children are being corrupted and will never be the same. As Thomas said, once you cross that line, you’ll never be innocent again.

Claire didn’t want Frommer to find out how to kill Drill, because she knew he wouldn’t think twice about sacrificing a child. And she was right. The only problem is, even though they may not tell him what they discovered, he’s using them for information anyways. It should come to no surprise that he had them followed. Claire, Wes and Lena are doing all the work for him. Claire was right, if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t know anything

There needs to be a plan B. There needs to be another way to destroy Drill. Killing a child can’t be the only way. I’m so afraid that child will be Henry or Minx. But even if it’s any other child it’s still so tragic. Claire’s loud cry said it all. It just can’t be the only way. Claire is holding the weight of not only her child, but of all their children. She wants to save them all and she’s setting herself up for failure. But can you blame her? Who wants to admit that the only way to save the world from an alien, is to sacrifice a child.

Each week The Whispers gets better and better. The story is so tragic for these families, but they’ve been bonded together over a common threat. They will do anything to protect their children.

It was so moving watching Sean tell Thomas that he can rest now, that Drill can’t hurt him now. He spent his whole life hiding from Drill. Drill took not only his childhood, but his life. They may need someone as brave as Thomas to save them again.

I wasn’t sure if Thomas was telling the truth or stable enough to remember what happened. Jessup was asking all the questions I was. Did he really kill Drill, is he crazy? Someone needed to ask these questions.

After everything Thomas has been through, it’s no wonder he locked himself away. He sacrificed his entire life to get rid of Drill. I felt it was just too easy and they were holding all their hope on this one man who seemed a little crazy. Claire didn’t sit around and wait for Thomas to be saved, she went looking for answers. And she found more than she bargained for. It wasn’t that easy. Sure they know how to kill him now, but it won’t be easy. The death itself will be easy, finding the will to go through with it won’t be.

How far will they go to destroy Drill?

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