‘True Detective’ Review: No Way Out

This totally changed the game.

This totally changed the game.

HBO wasn’t kidding when they said you have to watch True Detective as a whole. Each week it’s gotten progressively better and now everything is connecting.

Basically in this episode everything came crashing down. Ani, Ray and Paul thought they came out of that crazy party with something, but the party blew everything.

They are completely on their own now. They’ve got no one to protect them and no way out. Pretty much everyone is corrupt and their boss, Davis, the one person who was trying to end the corruption, just got killed.

That was a crazy scene. Ray got in the car to update Davis on what they found and she was just sitting in her car dead. These three were trying to do the right thing and it could have ruined  their lives.

Ani is wanted for questioning for a security guard she killed just trying to save herself. Paul is also now dead and has left his unborn child without a father.

He really should have told Ani and Ray. He tried to, but it was too late. I was so nervous for Paul and even after he took out everyone, I was still waiting for someone else to pop out to kill him. And they did. A cop killed him. There really isn’t anyone they can trust, except Ani’s old partner. He helped her get her father and sister out of town, but will they ever be able to come back? With Davis out of the picture and Paul killed, what can they do to get out of the big mess they are in?

While Frank was trying to get himself out of his gangster ways, he was getting screwed, screwed out of everything. The only person he can trust is Ray, and Ray and Frank just had a stand-off last week. Ray finally figured out where Frank’s money went and what Blake, one of his men was up to. Then Blake filled in the other details.

I’m a little confused though. What time period are we in? I never felt like we really clarified what year it is. Whenever they talk about the past, I’m always so confused. I would like some justification on the timeline so I don’t get confused every time.

I think there’s a little too many players too keep up with. I love shows with so many different people, but I hate talking about people that we barely know, that we know more about in dialogue than we actually see.

There’s so much good in this season. I love the corruption and I’m biased, I love Rachel McAdams, but there’s so many loose ends. Maybe everything will get tied together in the finale episode. But at very least, can we firm up the timeline?

Next week it all comes to an end in a 90 minute season finale:

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