My 10 Favorite Private Practice Episodes Number 10

10. Blowups 
Season 3 Episode 10 

The best episodes of Private Practice deal with tragedy and more importantly when tragedy strikes within the characters lives. This episode is where Dell’s wife Heather is cooking meth and the house blows up with their daughter Betsy inside. Betsy got out with only minor injuries, but Heather had very bad burns on her entire body and ends up dying. Dell is so angry with Heather that he doesn’t want Betsy to see her. Pete takes it’s upon himself to take Betsy to see Heather and Dell ends up punching him. Pete was trying to help Dell not have any regrets. Instead, Dell waits too long to see Heather and then it is too late to say goodbye. The writers are really good at tugging at our heart strings and this episode was no exception. It’s painful to watch Dell have to tell his daughter that her mother is gone and have to try to explain why.

This episode also focuses on Addison and her parents affairs. Addison always believed that she got her cheating from her father, but turns out her mother is a cheat too. Her mother has been seeing a women for 20 years and her father has been sleeping with many different women for 40 years, but claims Bizzy is the love of his life. Addison is very screwed up from her parents. She somewhat forgives her mother in the end. They go back to “wasp talk”, which doesn’t really help or fix anything. It just makes things go back to normal.

Between hospital drama and family drama, you’re kept on the edge of your seat and sure to be in tears by the end of the episode.


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