‘The Whispers’ Review: What Lies Beneath Brings More Questions

The answers are written in the tattoos.

The answers are written in the tattoos.

What is Drill? That is the big question. As Claire said, they’re not dealing with a who, they’re dealing with a what.

What kind of thing can contain a nuclear meltdown and give a child back his hearing. Henry was never supposed to get back his hearing and Claire, Sean and Henry should be dead after that nuclear meltdown. The laws of physics don’t seem to apply in Drill’s world.

The other big question is what happened to Sean. The amnesia isn’t a big thing. After a bad crash like he went through it’s not unreasonable to think he could lose his memory, but why is he getting visions and why is he connected to that big glowing rock? Maybe ‘What lies Beneath’ wasn’t the best name for this episode, because we didn’t learn anything about what that glowing rock is.

I get why the FBI want Claire off the case, but she’s actually producing some good leads. And I don’t like that she’s being watched. She doesn’t have anything to do with this thing. She’s just trying to protect her son and find answers.

She has figured out more than any of the other agents so far. So has Wes.

I really like Wes. He’s thinking outside of the box to solve this one, but with some help. Drill gave him the answers he needed to get back to Africa. But what does Drill want with Wes? Why are the two men in Claire’s life seem to be targeted by Drill? Scretary Formmer seems to think she has something do with this whole big mess.

What does Drill want with Wes? He’s now out in Africa and he’s found the rock, what now? Of course maybe the more pressing question is, is the glowing blue harmful?

Plus another issue is when will Drill strike with his contained nuclear essence? The woman said it would be the ultimate chemical attack, just when and where does Drill plan to use it?

Will Sean ever be able to remember who he was? He’s scared of even a possibility of a future. He clearly knows something we don’t.

Drill really targets his children well. They are so well placed. He’s very strategic. He doesn’t miss a detail.

Not only are the kids well placed, they are also very smart. Drill can get them to do a lot of things. It’s very scary how easy these kids are manipulated. They all think they are doing nothing wrong and they get a prize at the end of the game. If only they new how deadly of a game they were playing.

Next week Claire tries to talk to Drill.

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