‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Review: Everyone Finds their Home

They dance it out.

They dance it out.

After eleven seasons ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is still incredible. This season finale was one of it’s best. It had the most exciting surgery yet and a lot of emotion.

Couples were coming together and they were ending. Jo and Alex are finally taking that next step. They are finally getting a place together and starting their life. Meredith had to knock some sense into Richard and Catherine, but she got them down the isle. April and Jackson are going down their own paths now and Amelia got to hear Derek’s voice one last time. It was a very emotional episode.

I really like where Meredith is. She’s bonding with her sister. Maggie didn’t want to tell Meredith about her parent’s divorce or her mother’s affair. Looks like Maggie’s life isn’t as far off from Meredith’s after all and Meredith can help her through it. I absolutely loved that she danced it out with Maggie and Amelia. As mush as I love Alex being her person, Alex needs to put Jo first and Amelia, Maggie and Meredith seem like a nice little threesome. There’s something that feels so right about Meredith and Amelia moving into her old house. It’s where everything all began.

I’m very glad that Richard and Catherine finally worked out their issues. They are both very intelligent and competitive people. They both have to be right. Does this mean Catherine will be sticking around?

Are April and Jackson leaving? April is going back to the army but Jackson said he won’t be there when she returns. Does he mean in person or in the marriage? I like Jackson and I don’t want to see him leave. I don’t really want to see April leave either. I really enjoyed this tough new April. The army has made her a great surgeon and she was a big part of that man surviving in this episode. She gave him a chance and then the whole hospital pitched in to see it through. They accomplished the impossible.

I liked that Meredith let the guy see his baby before they started. It gave him a reason to fight. It was such an emotional moment.

We got one last glimpse of Derek before we say goodbye forever. Amelia got one last glimpse too. It was a great message. Derek had changed. He was no longer that brain surgeon with the big ego. He was a father, a husband and a brother. He knew what is priorities were and that is a nice way to remember him.

I wasn’t sure how ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ could go on without Cristina and here we are a season later and it’s been a great season. I know that ‘Grey’s’ will continue on without Derek. I know there are more stories to tell. I wasn’t sure what I thought about Meredith having another sister, but I absolutely love Maggie’s character. I was happy when Amelia became part of ‘Grey’s’ and I’ve enjoyed watching her become as good, if not better, than her brother. As long as the stories continue to be this good and they keep making me cry, laugh and be on the edge of my seat, I will continue to watch.

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