Kat Graham to Make Her Feature Debut with Biopic of Motown Singer

charliebelevski | photobucket.com

charliebelevski | photobucket.com

Kat Graham will be using her acting and sining talents in her next gig.

Kat, 25, will be making her feature debut in a biopic about the woman who teamed up with Marvin Gaye on a bunch of 1960s Motown hits, Deadline reported.

The woman she’ll be playing, Tammi Terrell, started out as a back-up singer in the James Brown Revue before she broke out on her own and scored a few minor pop hits. She saw great success with Marvin in early 1967. Then Tammi collapsed on stage while performing with Marvin in October 67. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor, but continued performing until she died at the age of 24.

“I immediately connected to Tammi and her story in many ways and have felt the incredible need to tell it,” Graham said to Deadline. “Tammi Terrell defined passion and soul itself. Getting lost in the music enabled her to override life’s punishments — for when she sang, she could use the hurt to create greatness and give the world hope that maybe they could overcome their pain as well.”

After seeing Kat as Bonnie for the last six years, this seems like a great role for her. She’s dealt with pain and life’s punishments on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and now she’ll deal with real life problems. With her talent, this seems like the perfect role for her feature debut. It will be great to see her performing those 60s hits and using the pain to create great music. The best music comes out of great pain.

According to Deadline, Kat is currently working on her debut album with Babyface. Soon we’ll have more than one way to check out Kat. We still get to enjoy her on ‘TVD’, the songs she’s released so far have been really good and imagine a whole album! Plus soon we’ll see her in a film. It sounds like her career is just starting to heat up.

The film was written by Mayram Day and produced by by Robert Teitel, Rose Ganguzza and Hilary Shor, Deadline reported. This is the first full length feature through Kat’s production company, Panthera Pictures. The film will start shooting next year.

Are you excited to see Kat in her first feature length film?