One of the Few Comedies to Survive the Fall: ‘Marry Me’

onesheet (1)Fall has not be kind to TV comedies. ‘Bad Judge’, ‘A to Z’ ‘Manhattan Love Story’ and ‘Selfie’ got cancelled before they barely began. But through the not so good season of new comedies, ‘Marry Me’ seems to be sticking around, at least for a little.

‘Marry Me’ was not on my list for checking out. Even with Ken Marino from ‘Veronica Mars’. Then one day I decided to watch it. Turns out it’s the only new comedy that I’ve made it past episode one. Sure the other shows were funny, but I guess they weren’t funny enough to keep me coming back.

Casey Wilson from ‘Happy Endings’ plays Annie, a girl with a big personality and can’t wait any longer for her boyfriend of six years, Jake (Ken Marino), to propose.

She freaks out thinking Jake is not going to propose, but while she’s going on her rant, he’s down on one knee. To top that off, their family and friends are hiding waiting for her to say yes. Her proposal had finally come, and she ruined it.

The premiere episode really sets the tone for this pretty crazy comedy. Life isn’t easy and the ‘Marry Me’ cast muddles through it making a lot of mistakes on the way.

Annie is a very unique girl and that probably has something to do with being raised by two dads. And they are both named Kevin. Talk about confusing. Jake tries to get close to Annie’s dads, but he can’t seem to figure out which Kevin likes what.

Jake is nothing like Annie. He’s very laid back and calm. But there’s something about this couple that clicks. They are totally in love and totally a team. They create a great haunted house together and when a kid gets left behind, they work together to find out where the kid lives.

This is a great fresh comedy. Where else are you going to see a father and daughter have a brides war?

According to TV Line, ‘Marry Me’ debuted with 7.5 million total viewers, making it the highest rated Tuesday comedy since March on broadcast TV.

‘Marry Me’ has picked up five more episodes. That’s 18 episodes for season one, TV Line reported.

‘Marry Me’ also stars John Gemberling, Sarah Wright, Tymberlee Hill, Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky.

Catch ‘Marry Me’ on NBC Tuesdays 9/8c.

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