‘Scream’ Review: The False Ending

I'm not sure how I feel about Audrey being the other killer.

I’m not sure how I feel about Audrey being the other killer.

I have mixed feelings about the season finale of Scream. There were moments I was at the edge of my seat and screaming at the screen. Noah had some great one liners. But the final showdown felt rushed, but maybe that’s because it wasn’t really the final showdown.

I had my suspicions about Piper for a while and I guessed it was her right before she pulled off her mask. Of course that was kind of an easy guess, seeing as she was the only one we hadn’t found yet.

Piper kept making someone else look guilty, which is why she was never crossed of my suspect list. Even when we did find out that it was Brandon’s son or at least we suspected it to be him. But we never realized Maggie and Brandon had a daughter. I do want some clarification about that, because I thought she knew she had a boy.

I’m not sure how I feel about Audrey being the other killer. I love her. When Audrey was taken by the killer I was very worried, but when she reappeared with hardly hurt at all, I thought that looked really suspicious. It didn’t add up. Brooke survived, but the killer did leave her for dead. If Jake, Kieran and Emma found her any later, she would have been dead.

Is Piper really Brandon’s daughter or is Audrey the long lost daughter? The age wouldn’t add up though. But why does she have his picture? She was the one that stole the mask from evidence. That explains why were DNA was on the mask.

I don’t know how I feel about going into season two knowing who the killer is. Where will be the suspense? That’s half the excitement, trying to figure out who the killer is and not knowing who to trust.

I think the other thing I have mixed feelings about was there wasn’t many deaths. Yes, I wanted at least Noah, Audrey, Emma and Brooke to survive. Which wanting Brooke to survive now is funny, since I was ready for her to die in place of Riley before. Part of the excitement of the final showdown is more death scenes. Lets face it, if you are watching a horror film you are watching it either to be scared, the death scenes or both.

There was a lot of close calls, but only one real death. The kid in the bathroom doesn’t count because we didn’t know him and there was no real death scene.

My favorite parts of this episode was when Noah was on screen. As I said before he had the best one liners. He also had a great monologue. I was very scared when Kieran told him to go to the porch. What was that boy thinking?! You don’t split up and let my favorite character go out on his own! Noah knew it was a bad idea and he wasn’t about to say he’d be right back. In fact he said he won’t be right back.

Overall I really liked the first season. I guess I just wish the ending could have been a bit stronger. And it will take me some time to decide how I feel about Audrey being the second killer.

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‘Scream’ Review: Let the Blood Bath Commence

Is this really our killer?

Is this really our killer?

Going into the season finale they’re a lot of questions about who the killer is. Is it someone who has looked guilty or are we going to be very surprised?

Kieran has been mysterious since the beginning and there’s always been a big question mark over his head. We never knew enough about him to say he was the killer or to take him off the suspect list. He was just always around. Now a video shows up showing that he was with Nina the night before she was killed and it’s the only link to Rachel.

The hard part was that we know Rachel is connected, but we had nothing to connect her to the rest of the murders. So this new piece of evidence looks pretty damning.

Noah has had question marks about their teacher Branson for a while now and he found the evidence that led the police straight to him. But there doesn’t seem to be enough physical evidence to prove it was him. It doesn’t help his case that he broke out of jail and left a dead body and the Sheriff had been kidnapped too. Though he still could just be the fall guy.

When Branson’s mother said Seth came to see her, I wasn’t convinced. Not because I’m sure it wasn’t Seth, but because she’s an unreliable witness. She thought Emma was Daisy. Then Piper went back to be absolutely sure and said Mrs. James pointed out Kieran. This could be just another clue to point to Kieran or it could be Piper pointing fingers again. Did we ever really check her off the suspect list? She’s always around too, just like Billy’s mom was in the second film and she was a reporter.

There I go again comparing clues to the original films. I keep saying I’ll stop doing that and I seem to find more comparisons.

If Kieran is the killer, than the story just took a very gross turn. Emma slept with him and if he is her half brother, that’s awful for Emma. She’s going to be scared for life. We don’t actually know if the baby her mom gave up his Branson’s. Maggie is still waiting for the results. If the lost son isn’t Bran’s child, then what is the reason for all of these murders and why does it come back to Emma?

We still don’t know where Emma’s father is in all of this. Not that we know enough about him to really be the killer. But who knows.

Jake was looking less guilty this week. Just more of a big idiot. He was probably just an idiot this whole time. He likes to seem sexy by making threats. Like saying he’d kill Branson if he hurt Brooke. I get the sentiment behind it, but when so many people have actually been killed, that’s maybe not the best line you want to use on a girl.

I was a little disappointed with the lack of anything happening at the dance, but that might just be what’s coming next week. Parties and horror films seem to go hand in hand and we haven’t even made it to Brooke’s after party yet. That’s where everything happened in the fourth film. Sorry I did it again. But that is where the fourth film ended.

It all comes down to next week’s season finale. Will anyone make it out alive?

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‘Scream’ Review: Ghosts from the Past

Have the two film geeks cracked the case?

Have the two film geeks cracked the case?

Noah didn’t know how right he was when he said Emma was processing what had happened, but she was processing it in a very scary way.

Will kept coming back to give her a message and lead her to what was right in front of her all along.

I knew there was more to the Bran story than Maggie told us, but as I said last week, it’s not typical to tell your daughter about someone you slept with in high school.

There was so much more to the story. I had accepted that Maggie just went out of town to avoid the press, it never even occurred to me that she left because she was pregnant. Was the baby Emma’s father’s or Bran’s? I think it was Bran. If this mystery child isn’t the killer, I think he or she has something to do with this whole mess. Whatever is the cause of all these murders, it all comes back to Emma’s family.

I really enjoyed this episode. Emma was not fine at all. She couldn’t sleep and she was having hallucinations, very scary ones at that.

In the third Scream film, Maureen’s secret child turned out to be the killer. Not that this script is following everything from the films, but it does make me think about that. If the killer is this mystery child, the murderer can’t be any of the students.

That could point fingers at Seth, but I don’t believe he’s the killer. I think he’s the fall guy. Especially now that he’s been taken into custody. The killer can’t be revealed yet. Though in the first film we thought that Billy was the killer for two seconds and then crossed him of the list and then he turned out to be the killer. But I think I’m over thinking this killer thing, quite like Noah and Audrey.

This Scream has taken on a life of its own with a very cool backstory. So I’m going to forget the original films and just enjoy the ride.

I got really worried when the killer went after Brooke. I didn’t like her at the beginning, but she’s had such great character development and I’m not ready to lose her yet.

Noah has the best monologues, but this week he just kept saying the wrong thing. It’s fun watching him and Audrey try to solve the case. They are convinced the killer his Branson. The evidence doesn’t look good for the teacher, but there’s always a fall guy.

Next week Noah isn’t so sure the killer is Branson anymore, but the Sheriff is confident.

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‘Scream’ Review: New Game, Hide and Seek

The best death scene of the series yet.

The best death scene of the series yet.

Thank you MTV for a great death scene and more Noah this week!

After this episode I wasn’t suspecting Will. I only really suspected him in the first couple of episodes. After that he seemed like too nice of a guy to be the killer. Now Jake on the other hand is either the killer or just an idiot.

Jake getting stabbed doesn’t make me think he’s not the killer, he could still totally be the killer. But it is still way too early to call. Once we know who the killer is, the show is over.

Noah was living in his own horror film this week and he didn’t like it very much. Clearly he doesn’t look like he would survive very long in a horror film. He was smart with getting a weapon ready, but he lost it very quickly. If they weren’t in a group, I think he wouldn’t have made it. Thankfully he did make it. I would be very upset with the writers if they killed him off. I love Noah!

The other character I love is Audrey and there wasn’t as much of her this week. I guess I can’t get everything I want. There was more of her last week and less of Noah.

This was a great episode though. As stupid as it is for these teens going off on their own, it’s great to watch. I loved how Noah pointed out how terrifying it was, because in reality, it is terrifying chasing after someone who’s been taken by the killer. He loves horror films, but in reality, it’s just terrifying. Emma, Jake and Brooke acted like it was nothing, until the killer appeared. Then they were freaked out.

We are learning more truths about Bran and Daisy. I’m not too surprised she slept with him. They seemed to be good friends. I won’t hold it against Maggie for not telling Emma about sleeping with him, that’s not something you typically tell your daughter. But there’s definitely more to the story than she told us.

I’m suspicious about Kieran. He’s a mysterious guy. How convenient is it that he showed up right at the end? I suspect Jake more than him, but still. And whoever was on the phone with Emma at the end was not happy that she was going back to Will. Not that that’s enough evidence to pin everything on Kieran.

Lets talk about that great death scene for a moment. That was so much better than getting stabbed in the gut. I’m very happy Will got a better death scene. If you are going to die in a horror movie or TV show, you want it to be good.

Emma may have already lost Tyler, Nina and Riley, but this is the worst one for her. Not because it was her ex-boyfriend, but how can anyone see someone murdered in front of them and be okay? Let alone mutilated in the way Will was.

There’s only three episodes left of the season  until we find out who the killer is. I guess next season will have a new killer on the loose.

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‘Scream’ Review: The Truth About That Night

This video looks pretty bad, but lets take it into context, she had just been outed on YouTube.

This video looks pretty bad, but lets take it into context, she had just been outed on YouTube.

I was just asking myself why they are hanging out in abandoned buildings when there’s a serial killer on the loose. Then Will gets stabbed and dragged off.

It’s been a couple of episodes since we’ve had a death, so I did not see that coming and I loved it. I hadn’t really gotten attached to Will, so I’m okay that the writers killed him off. At least I’m assuming that’s what happened. He’s still alive when we leave off, but unless he gets to the doctor or that was fake, he’s probably dead. But why leave Piper behind? Will was threatened by two people this episode, could the Mayor or Jake be the man behind the mask?

Jake certainly seems capable of murder. He has no problem threatening people and had a sinister look when he was helping Brooke figure out what her father was up to. He just wants to get the dirt, so he can get the money.

Last week Piper wanted to make us suspicious of Audrey and this week the evidence did that for her. I don’t believe Audrey is the killer, even after seeing that video. Of course she was mad. Anyone would be if they were just outed on YouTube. Even if Audrey got to Nina that night, she wasn’t going to kill her. Maybe beat her up, but not kill her. Most people don’t kill someone when they get mad.

Emma trusts that Audrey is not a killer enough to lie and sign an affidavit to that lie. Noah wasn’t so sure after seeing that video. Noah is best friends with her now, Emma and Audrey use to be friends. Who’s instincts are better?

Emma wondering about Audrey made her mother finally tell the truth about Brandon James.

Maggie was actually friends with Bran and she doesn’t believe he committed all those murders. So if Brandon didn’t commit the murders, who did? He does seem like the perfect fall guy. This opens up the case so much. You can’t just look at who we know was connected to that time and Brandon because if it wasn’t him, we don’t know who it was.

It does have something to do with Maggie and Emma though. It has to because that’s who the killer seems to be targeting. But why go after Rachel? She’s the one that doesn’t fit in all of this. Nina, Riley, Tyler and Will are all Emma’s friends, but Emma didn’t even know Rachel. There’s a lot more to this story that we don’t know.

With the Pretty Little Liars mystery coming to an end, it’s great to have a new mystery to fill the void. I was very excited for the reboot of Scream, but also nervous about how well done it would be. I’ve been very pleased with what the writers have done so far and I’m looking forward to a second season. A second season does mean that we won’t find out who the killer is anytime soon and more people are sure to die. Does this mean more people will be introduced in the next season?

It looks like Will might not be dead yet. The killer plays hide and seek with Emma and her friends:

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‘Scream’ Review: Everyone is Exposed

Scream is reminding me a lot of Pretty Little Liars, only there's a lot more players involved.

Scream is reminding me a lot of Pretty Little Liars, only there’s a lot more players involved.

The killer stayed mostly in the background this week and watched while the aftermath of his handy work played out.

It certainly seems like he wanted them to find that video and upload it and there’s a lot more to that video.

Nina’s spirit is living on. She’s left a lot of destruction behind. She bet Will he couldn’t sleep with Emma in a month and Will took that bet. Emma just found out and she’s furious. Things are about to get much worse for Will though. He wanted nothing to do with the blackmailing, but Jake is setting him up to take the fall. If the mayor did kill his wife, then who knows what he’ll do to Will.

Jake brings the biggest question marks to my mind. He purposely tore his friendship with Will apart and he used too much force with the mayor. He could easily be calling Emma and playing these sick games with her. Even if he’s not the killer, he’s still a dick. He’s enjoying telling Brooke her father’s dirty secrets a little too much. I’ll be keeping an eye on him for the next few episodes.

I don’t believe the killer is Mr. B. He’s the perfect fall guy though, especially since he’s sleeping with a student. There may be plenty of evidence making him look guilty, but there always is.

I really like Audrey and I don’t want her to be the killer. She’s supper tough and has a great motive, but along with not wanting her to be, I don’t think she is. I know Piper was trying to make us be suspicious of her, but really I just got suspicious of Piper. The reporter was the killer in the second film and was always around. That gives Piper the perfect opportunity to be the killer.

The killer stayed pretty quite this week. He only popped up to torment Emma about the video, interrupt the candle vigil and to continue the game. And he doesn’t want Emma to tell the new detective in town anything or he’ll kill her mom. A lot of threats, but not a lot of action this week. He called her the ‘new Emma’. It seems she’s playing right into his hands. Whoever the killer is, he knows the players very well.

Through everything, I don’t know how Emma has even a chance to get in a new relationship. I know life goes on, but really, she’s going to sleep with him. She hardly knows the guy and he should at least take her out first. This relationship is moving way too fast and it’s sure to blow up in her face.

While she’s starting something with Kieran, her mother is starting something with his father, the Sheriff, but technically they had already started something. This could get a little awkward.

We also learned Sheriff Hudson’s secret. He use to take pills and sleep with his partner. It seems everyone has a sorted past or even present in Lakewood. I wonder what Kieran’s dark secret is. I feel like we know so little about him. He’s so mysterious, which is why Emma is being sucked right in.

Next week Emma faces her fears, Jake is looking more suspicious and Audrey is brought in for questioning.

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‘Scream’ Review: The Game is Just Getting Started

These three are going to spend years in therapy after finding their classmate's head.

These three are going to spend years in therapy after finding their classmate’s head.

I think the answer to the question of if a horror film can be turned into a TV show, is definitely yes!

The mystery is so exciting and there wasn’t even a murder this week, but I was so okay with that. Veronica Mars was definitely great at the detective work. Then Pretty Little Liars took it to the next level with A and now Scream is diving into the teens investigating too! I would like to say I would have done the same thing as a teen, but sadly I’m not so sure. That’s okay though, we can live vicariously through the stars on the screen.

Now that the police have finally realized that Tyler isn’t the killer, the real investigation can begin. I loved when Audrey said the killer could easily be a girl. I never just thought the killer was a guy, but she opens the doors to new possibilities and we definitely need more female villains.

My favorite part of the episode was when Noah found the killer’s staged lair. He really was like a kid at Disneyland and I loved his PLL reference. This also answered my question of why Brandon’s x-rays were on display. So the killer wanted Emma to go to the hospital after sending the yearbook and she played right into his or her hands. That’s find though, because it made for some great entertainment.

The killer must have also suspected that they would take the contents of Nina’s laptop and watch the video of Will and Emma having sex. Who exactly set it up the video to automatically upload? The killer or Nina? Audrey was outed on YouTube and now Emma’s first time is out there for everyone to see. Technology really makes growing up tough.

I was expecting to see something of the mayor on there, but I guess they didn’t get everything. I can’t believe Will and Jake are blackmailing the mayor and why were Nina and Tyler blackmailing people? Was it all for the money? What we’ve learned about Nina so far, I’m not really surprised. I’m not so sure about Tyler though. We know less about him.

I’m so glad that the writers didn’t kill Brooke off. I hated her, but losing Riley is really providing good character development for Brooke. I’m interested to see where the writers take the character. Well at least until they actually kill her off.

It looks like blogger Piper Shay will play a big role in the coming episodes. She was all ready to leave town, but Emma told her to stay because the case isn’t solved yet. Piper was so sneaky when she used Emma’s words to gain Emma’s trust. Now Emma is sharing some information with her. How close will Piper get to the killer?

There’s so many different people investigating these murders. Who will solve them first?

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‘Scream’ Review: Ghost Face 1, Emma 0

Ghost face is back to playing games.

Ghost face is back to playing games.

The episode started with a flashback death scene and ended with a death scene too. Clearly the writers want to keep us on our toes. Though it wasn’t too much of a surprise that Riley died after Emma chose Brooke. She tried to save Riley, but she didn’t realize she would be too late.

It seems that ghost face is back to his games again. Will Emma tell the police? I’m thinking she’ll feel too guilty to tell them, but it could be a lead. The Sheriff may be convinced this is Tyler, but I’m not. Unless you give me reason to believe that Tyler is alive and he has a motive, then I won’t believe this is him.

As for Tyler’s friends, Will and Jake, they are getting more suspicious with each episode. I was nervous when Jake was holding that shovel and what was Will doing with that knife? Do they think Tyler could have killed Nina? They clearly don’t trust each other either. Will and Jake may just be guilty of filming girls, but how were they earning money for it? I hope Kieran is as nice as he seems, because Emma doesn’t need two bad guys in her life.

We know so little about Kieran though. He could be anyone. The murders started when he arrived in town, so how long till people start pointing fingers at him?

I don’t know whether this ghost face is a team or going solo, but I don’t think Noah is the killer. Why would he kill Riley before having sex with her? He was clearly wanting to and unless he’s really good at acting, he’s still a virgin. I never wanted Noah to be the killer, so I’m perfectly fine with leading suspicion away from him.

Now how long will Noah make it is the question. I don’t think Brooke will last very long. If she’s going to lie to her friends about sleeping with their teacher, she’s going to be hard to find at times. That gives the killer the perfect opportunity to strike. She almost didn’t make it through the third episode, but Emma chose her over Riley. She really just chose the person she could get to the fastest, but she miss calculated the killer.

I think Maggie needs to start telling her daughter the truth. Emma’s getting phone calls and texts and her friends are getting killed. Her and her mom are at the center.

One by one the characters are being knocked off, which one is next?

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‘Scream’ Review: A Formula for TV Horror is Starting to Take Shape

What's your favorite TV show isn't quite as scary as what's your favorite horror movie, but dropping How To Get Away with Murder was a nice touch.

What’s your favorite TV show isn’t quite as scary as what’s your favorite horror movie, but dropping How To Get Away with Murder was a nice touch.

In the second episode we saw more throw backs to the original films. First with a bathroom scene with a girl saying ‘so tragic’ when Emma walked in. Of course the original one was much longer, but same concept. Then Emma got a phone call from the killer again. This time he was asking her about what TV shows she likes, just like the killer asked Casey what horror films she liked.

Emma likes the tough shows like Game of Thrones and Scandal, but the killer suggested How to Get Away with Murder. How fitting. Once again the killer made a slip of the tongue. He said look instead of sound, but Emma didn’t catch on as quickly as Casey did. It wasn’t until he said she should be asking if you locked me in or out that she knew it wasn’t from the security company. She better change her security code, because she just gave the killer it. Though I don’t think she thinks this is the killer, but she might now.

Will Emma learn what her mother had to with Brandon James now? The killer told Emma it all started with her mother, so now she should start asking questions. Sidney couldn’t ask her mom any questions, but Emma can.

We also know this does connect with Brandon James, but how? Most of these kids weren’t even alive back when the murder happened, unless it has something to do with their parents. Maybe Brandon James had nothing to do with it at all. In the film everyone thought Cotton killed Maureen, but it was Stu, Billy and Sidney’s brother, Roman.

I’m starting to see a pattern form and I’m wondering if each episode will be constructed in the same way. The episodes are starting with a murder and ending with a phone call. Though as the season progresses I think they might need to change that up a bit, we can’t get scared if we know when the murder is coming.

This death was more about character development for Audrey and Emma than the death itself. Emma blames herself completely. She’s having a hard time dealing with Rachel’s death. What will she think when her mother reveals the death to be a murder?

I think Audrey should be a little more upset that her girlfriend just died. Unless she’s one of those people that takes a while to break. I’m guessing the writers don’t want her off our radar yet.

Noah is not as innocent as he acts, except when it comes to the ladies. He played really innocent when Jake attacked him and accused him of tagging his car. Noah did to the crime, which is not what you would have thought by his innocent act.

With Riley though, Noah has no game, but he still managed to get a kiss. Could he be playing then too though? I don’t want Noah to be the killer, but I can’t rule him out just yet. Besides the film geek in the second film was one of the killers, so you never know. But this is supposed to be Randy, so he should be a victim, not the killer.

Who do you think is next on the killer’s list?

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‘Scream’: Who is Ghost Face?

And so the blood bath begins.

And so the blood bath begins.

We’re only one episode in so it’s hard to say who the killer is so far, but there’s a lot of people who look suspicious.

I’m hoping that the writers don’t just make the boyfriend the killer again, that’s too easy. So it can’t be Will, but he didn’t make himself look innocent in the pilot episode either.

Him and Jake were filming the victim, Nina, the night she was murdered. That doesn’t paint a pretty picture for these two, since it seems like the killer was also filming her. It’s way too easy to blame them right now, but we will have to keep an eye on them. Will did threaten Brooke about getting in between him and Emma again.

Once again suspicion his landing on the Sidney character’s father. Emma’s father, Kevin, is MIA and was stabbed by Brandon James. Emma’s mom, Maggie, believes this has something to do with Brandon because she got an animal heart sent to her addressed to her nickname, Daisy. Which is the name Brandon used when writing her letters and creating her carvings. Kevin has psychological scars from what happened to him so it’s not too far fetched to think he could be behind the recent murders, but why Nina and Tyler? What reason would he have to kill them? So he’s probably not the one.

The police haven’t found Tyler’s body yet, so they are assuming it’s Tyler, but he’s already dead, right? That was his head in the hot tub?

Audrey has a picture of Brandon James on her wall. She’s a film geek living in a town with a dark history, so it could be research for a film, but it is intriguing. She would have a motive to kill Nina because Nina was the one that posted the video of Audrey and a girl making out. We’d have to see who the next victim was to see if there was a pattern.

Even the Randy character looked like he could be guilty in the first episode. Noah had a streak of blood across his forehead at the end. What could that mean? I don’t want the killer to be him because he’s just so supposed to be our tour guide. He’s the guy that tells us the rules of a horror film and the one that we root for to get the girl. Though it looks like Noah is having better luck getting the girl this time, but it doesn’t appear he has a crush on the Sidney character this time around.

Or is Brandon James still alive and he’s come back?

After just one episode, what’s your best guess at who the killer is?