‘The Whispers’ Premieres June 1

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It’s been a year since Barry Sloane left ‘Revenge’ and I was devastated that the writers killed him off. I wanted Emily to end up with Aiden. I was feeling better when I saw Barry would be back on TV soon enough. I wasn’t expecting to wait a whole year though.

Barry isn’t the only one I’m looking forward to seeing in ‘The Whispers’. I’m looking forward to seeing Milo Ventimiglia. He just guest starred as a villain on ‘Gotham’, which renewed my love for the actor. I first saw him on ‘Gilmore Girls’ as Jess and he was more than just a bad boy. He was a very interesting character, much more interesting than Dean. Sure Dean was the perfect first boyfriend, but he was kind of dull. Jess kept us on our toes.

I also really enjoyed Milo in ‘Heroes’. While I would love to see him return to his character, Peter Petrelli, I’m looking forward to seeing him tackling a new role.

Barry will be back to investigating, but this time he’ll be doing legitimately as a Defense Department operative. He’ll be playing Wes Lawrence, who has close ties to the President. The ABC website said of his character: “Wes must navigate the murky, dirty battlefield of politics in order to fight back against the Enemy.”

Milo will be playing a particularly interesting character, a John Doe, whose real name is Sean Bennigan. He wakes up close to death in a remote village in the African desert. He manages to use his animal instincts to get himself back to D.C., but he becomes the target of a manhunt. He believes that something or someone is waiting for him.

Milo’s character is right, someone is waiting for him in D.C., his wife. Lily Rabe play’s Sean’s wife, Claire. She’s desperately searching for answers to what happened to her husband, who is assumed dead in a plane crash. She’s also an F.B.I. agent investigating the aliens. She discovers that her son is talking to them too.

‘The Whispers’ also stars Derek Webster, Kristen Connolly, Kylie Rogers and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf.

Aliens have been done so many times, but we still search for new takes on what lives beyond our planet. This time the aliens are getting at us through our children. It’s an interesting approach. Children are more open minded, so I can see the appeal of making contact through the children. But are these aliens a threat? Most stories make them a threat. What do they want? All these questions will start to be answered on Monday, June 1 at 10/9c.

Take a look at the promo:

And check out the first five minutes of ‘The Whispers’: