‘Scream’ Review: Ghosts from the Past

Have the two film geeks cracked the case?

Have the two film geeks cracked the case?

Noah didn’t know how right he was when he said Emma was processing what had happened, but she was processing it in a very scary way.

Will kept coming back to give her a message and lead her to what was right in front of her all along.

I knew there was more to the Bran story than Maggie told us, but as I said last week, it’s not typical to tell your daughter about someone you slept with in high school.

There was so much more to the story. I had accepted that Maggie just went out of town to avoid the press, it never even occurred to me that she left because she was pregnant. Was the baby Emma’s father’s or Bran’s? I think it was Bran. If this mystery child isn’t the killer, I think he or she has something to do with this whole mess. Whatever is the cause of all these murders, it all comes back to Emma’s family.

I really enjoyed this episode. Emma was not fine at all. She couldn’t sleep and she was having hallucinations, very scary ones at that.

In the third Scream film, Maureen’s secret child turned out to be the killer. Not that this script is following everything from the films, but it does make me think about that. If the killer is this mystery child, the murderer can’t be any of the students.

That could point fingers at Seth, but I don’t believe he’s the killer. I think he’s the fall guy. Especially now that he’s been taken into custody. The killer can’t be revealed yet. Though in the first film we thought that Billy was the killer for two seconds and then crossed him of the list and then he turned out to be the killer. But I think I’m over thinking this killer thing, quite like Noah and Audrey.

This Scream has taken on a life of its own with a very cool backstory. So I’m going to forget the original films and just enjoy the ride.

I got really worried when the killer went after Brooke. I didn’t like her at the beginning, but she’s had such great character development and I’m not ready to lose her yet.

Noah has the best monologues, but this week he just kept saying the wrong thing. It’s fun watching him and Audrey try to solve the case. They are convinced the killer his Branson. The evidence doesn’t look good for the teacher, but there’s always a fall guy.

Next week Noah isn’t so sure the killer is Branson anymore, but the Sheriff is confident.

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