No End in Sight for ‘Supernatural’

f8bb89305b0c03cc751b797240e080dfI thought season 1o would be the last for Supernatural and then here we are getting ready for season 11. Now the CW announces there is no end in sight for the Winchesters. How long can this show possibly go on for?

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour the CW President Mark Pedowitz said: “If the numbers hold and the [producers] want to do it, we’re in. We’re very excited that the guys want to keep on doing it. They bring fresh enthusiasm every week.”

Supernatural could go on past the 11th season if the devoted fans keep watching and the boys keep wanting to come back.

How long can the story go on for? We’ve been to hell, heaven and purgatory, battled demons and angels and lots of other monsters. We’ve also lost many beloved characters. Now we have a new evil to battle in season 11 and we just keep on going.

I really enjoyed Dean turning into a demon and wish he could have been a demon a little bit long. It was fun watching him deal with the mark and Sam trying to find a cure. I’m very excited for season 11 and I’m hoping for a lot more Crowley.

I want to keep enjoying the boys, Cass and Crowley, but I don’t want the show to go on past its prime.

Do the writers and producers have any idea how they want to end the series? Is everyone going to end up dead or will the boys actually get live happily ever after? I guess the ending depends on what happens between now and then and how long the show goes on for.

When the show does come to an end, I hope the network gives the writers plenty of notice or the producers decide it’s time to end. I’ve been watching Sam and Dean since day one. That’s 10 years out of my life and I’m about to dedicate another year to the Winchesters. After spending that much time with Supernatural, I want there to be a proper ending.

Here’s to another great season of Supernatural!

How long do you think the show should go on for?


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