Teen Choice Awards: Jared Padalecki Wins Choice Actor, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins Win Choice Chemistry

avatar-teenchoice-copySupernatural has been nominated for Teen Choice Awards for years and in its tenth season the show finally brought home two awards.

Jared Padalecki won the Choice TV Actor: Sci-Fi/Fantasy award. Jared has done some great work over the last ten years, but in the year of Dean taking on the mark, you would have at least thought Jensen Ackles would have been nominated for this award too. This year it was once again brother saving brother. Jared has played this out numerous times before and this time Sam had to watch his brother turn into a demon and almost had to kill him. Not that dying means too much on this show.

Jensen wasn’t left out in the cold though. Jensen and Misha Collins won the Choice TV Chemistry award for Dean and Castiel.

For many seasons Cass and Dean have had such great chemistry, but did everyone forget about Crowley and Dean? They’ve had a great bromance going for the last couple of seasons too. It’s a shame that Mark Sheppherd and Jensen weren’t nominated for Crowley and Dean too.

It the writers keep Mark a central part of Supernatural in season 11, maybe Crowley will be nominated for an award next year.

Who’s your favorite bromance on Supernatural, Crowley and Dean or Castiel and Dean?


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