‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: The Shocking ‘A’ Reveal

I never imagined that CeCe would be A, but I always thought that A was a girl!

I never imagined that CeCe would be A, but I always thought that A was a girl!

I knew A was a girl! Even when we found out Charles was A, I kept thinking that doesn’t make any sense, A has to be a girl.

There was so much hype around this episode and it’s been six years in the making that I wondered how it could all live up to expectations, but it was so good.

I loved the twist that CeCe was A. We never saw that coming, not after we were told Charles was A.

Pretty Little Liars is breaking new ground making their villain transgender and explaining Charlotte’s story so beautifully. She loved playing with her dolls. Sure Charlotte wasn’t well, but maybe if she got the love that she deserved. Mrs. D liked her lies though and taught Charlotte how to be A.

So Mona was A from the beginning and then CeCe took over the game. We always assumed there was a leader from the start, but it was just Mona. Mona was pretty evil, but CeCe stepped up the game.

I never trusted Sara, but how exactly did CeCe and Sara partner up? We didn’t get all of our questions answered. Melissa and Jenna were never mentioned in the timeline. Those characters played a part in all of this too. And who killed Mrs. D? That is the big question left unanswered. So the #SummerofAnswers didn’t answer everything.

We did finally find out what happened to Toby’s mom though. Bethany killed her and blamed it on Charles. Now we understand the cover up.

Wilden knew who CeCe was the whole time. He knew who killed Ali (when we though she was dead), so why did he torture the girls so much? Oh right, he was just a bad guy. He did take money for all of those cover ups after all.

CeCe hit Ali on the head thinking it was Bethany and Mona hit Bethany on the head thinking it was Ali. Two major screw ups.

That night Mona helped Ali get out of town, but she had just hit her on the head? That is crazy! Was it guilt? Not that Mona should have tried to kill Ali, but Ali was not nice to people back then. She certainly had something coming to her.

Whatever happened to the moms? We never got a conclusion to that storyline for their little adventure.

Five years later someone else is after Ali, but who? CeCe said the game is over. The girls go back to Rosewood to protect Alison. Five years have past and what have the girls been up to? There’s a new mystery coming this winter.

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One thought on “‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: The Shocking ‘A’ Reveal

  1. Nice review! I honestly was disappointed that Cece was A mostly because I had my money on Wren for a while now. Wren as A and Melissa as Red Coat would’ve been perfect! I just don’t really understand Sara’s motive for wanting to torture the girls, so I’m hoping that will get explained a little more.

    I also didn’t really like the plot hole with Toby’s mom. Even though they explained what happened to her, they sort of messed up the timeline with it. If Charles was 12 when Bethany killed Toby’s mom, then how could she have walked in on Toby and Ali when they were teenagers (in a flashback from season 4 episode 1)?

    Other than that, I enjoyed the episode. It was nice to finally get some answers!!

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