‘True Detective’ Review: Did They Get the World They Deserved?

I loved how Jordan and Ani had never met, but they formed a nice little family.

I loved how Jordan and Ani had never met, but they formed a nice little family.

About half way through the episode, I thought I was going to be very disappointed, but I ended up loving the ending.

Ray died because of his love for his son and Frank died because of his pride, but they both got their women to safety.

Everything was going to plan and each and everyone of them was going to make it out, but I knew that was never going to happen.

As soon as Ray stopped to say goodbye to his son, I knew that was going to be the end of him. They were waiting for him to do just that. It took him a few minutes to decide what to do. I think Ray should have continued to fight, he was buying time for his last recording to be sent and then he went out shooting, when he should have just continued. He may have gotten out. After all of that his message never sent. And we find out that he really was the father. If only his son could know the man he really was. He made a lot of mistakes, but in the end, the only thing that mattered, was his son.

I had a feeling from the beginning that Frank wasn’t going to make it. He was sticking around for way too long and had way too many enemies to get out with his life. I quite liked his death scene though. He was stubborn to the end. How he thought he was going to walk back to town with a gut wound I will never know. But he sure tried. On the way he had hallucinations of his life and Jordan was there to set him free.

I loved the ending because Ani and Jordan made it out and they were together. Ani had a son, probably from her night with Ray, and she gave a reporter the story of a lifetime. She hopefully got the justice Ray and Frank were seeking.

While I liked how the ending concluded, there was a lot about this episode that I didn’t like.

I didn’t like how Ray intercepted Leon. I get that he wanted a confession, but there was no way that was going to end well. He should have worn the wire, he was bluffing enough as it was. To have that poor boy sit and listen to all of that was stupid. He was bound to lash out.

I was also pretty bored when Frank and Ray took out the Russian mobsters. What was so great about killing a lot of men and getting tons of money.

I don’t think the finale had to be 90 minutes. They could have sped it up a bit and done the regular hour. It was just so dragged out.

There were things that I liked about this season and there were things that I really didn’t.

In the end I liked Ray’s character, but I got so tired of having to go back to hear what he said or just put captions on. He mumbled a lot.

I really didn’t like not knowing what time period we were in. I was so confused all the time.

I liked how Ani, Paul, Frank and Ray really didn’t win. There was no way to clean up the city. They tried and then they had to get out or die. Ani did try one last time to clear their names and get the truth out there, but we have to decide whether we believe that worked or not.

This was definitely a rocky season to say the least. There were good parts and bad parts. I like how the season ended, but I don’t see my self re-watching it.

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One thought on “‘True Detective’ Review: Did They Get the World They Deserved?

  1. Nice recap Mandy – The new Rail Station that we saw in the closing episode is in Anaheim and it opened in late 2014. But unless you are local to the area you wouldn’t have known that. I live in Sarasota, FL, and only learned about that station AFTER watching the show.

    Aside from that, I agree that there were no cultural references or news landmarks to identify the when. We didn’t see Ray or Frank at a Lakers or Dodger game, or see them watching any games on TV. Nobody went shopping, or talked about news events, or held up a newspaper headline. No one talked about Ferguson or ISIS or Obama.

    Maybe the cars – but not really.

    Maybe the clothes, but then again Ray was a slob, and Frank liked his suits. There were no kids with i-phones or tablets.

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