‘The Vampire Diaries’: Season 7 May be Kat Graham’s Last

charliebelevski | photobucket.com

charliebelevski | photobucket.com

Nina Dobrev just left The Vampire Diaries and Kat Graham may soon follow her.

Kat (Bonnie Bennett) told Hunger TV that she’s excited to do a seventh season because she doesn’t feel like her character’s story is complete yet. She’s also happy that Bonnie is finally out of the other dimension.

Kat said that Bonnie’s relationship with Damon and other characters hasn’t been fully developed yet and she wanted to explore that more.

“I didn’t feel like the character’s story was done, I felt that there was more that they could do, but I won’t say I would do a season eight, it really depends on whether I’m fulfilled, and whether we’re like ‘Okay, this story’s been told, and we’re good to go,'” Kat told Hunger TV.

We’ll have to see what the writers give Kat to work with this season and see if she will want to continue.

TVD may not even go on for an eighth season. Season seven could be the last. I personally think it should be the last. The whole dynamic of the show will be different without Elena. Most of the storylines revolved around Elena.

Unless the writers can reinvent the show, it should probably start winding down.

I will say that Caroline has been my favorite female character on the show since the second season. So if the writers give Candice Accola a great storyline, I may root for TVD to continue. I’m a huge Steroline fan and I can’t wait to see these two finally get together.

I’m also excited for what’s to come for Bonnie. She was super powerful when she came back from the prison world and now she has to deal with the fact that while she’s alive, Elena sleeps. Kat will have a lot of great stuff to work with this season.

The dynamic on set will probably be different for the cast this season too, without Nina.

“For me that’s my f—ing girl, like she’s the most real girl, next to Claire Holt who was also on the show, that I also had a great connection with. It will be very weird for me to not have her there,” Kat told Hunger TV.

Even if Kat does leave the show after season seven, you won’t have to miss her. She has a new album coming out this year and her new single just dropped this month. Her new album is inspired by the 90s and her first single off the album was entitled 1991.

Do you think TVD should continue after season seven? Will you be sad if Kat leaves the show?

Listen to Kat’s new single featuring Babyface:


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