‘Scream’ Review: Everyone is Exposed

Scream is reminding me a lot of Pretty Little Liars, only there's a lot more players involved.

Scream is reminding me a lot of Pretty Little Liars, only there’s a lot more players involved.

The killer stayed mostly in the background this week and watched while the aftermath of his handy work played out.

It certainly seems like he wanted them to find that video and upload it and there’s a lot more to that video.

Nina’s spirit is living on. She’s left a lot of destruction behind. She bet Will he couldn’t sleep with Emma in a month and Will took that bet. Emma just found out and she’s furious. Things are about to get much worse for Will though. He wanted nothing to do with the blackmailing, but Jake is setting him up to take the fall. If the mayor did kill his wife, then who knows what he’ll do to Will.

Jake brings the biggest question marks to my mind. He purposely tore his friendship with Will apart and he used too much force with the mayor. He could easily be calling Emma and playing these sick games with her. Even if he’s not the killer, he’s still a dick. He’s enjoying telling Brooke her father’s dirty secrets a little too much. I’ll be keeping an eye on him for the next few episodes.

I don’t believe the killer is Mr. B. He’s the perfect fall guy though, especially since he’s sleeping with a student. There may be plenty of evidence making him look guilty, but there always is.

I really like Audrey and I don’t want her to be the killer. She’s supper tough and has a great motive, but along with not wanting her to be, I don’t think she is. I know Piper was trying to make us be suspicious of her, but really I just got suspicious of Piper. The reporter was the killer in the second film and was always around. That gives Piper the perfect opportunity to be the killer.

The killer stayed pretty quite this week. He only popped up to torment Emma about the video, interrupt the candle vigil and to continue the game. And he doesn’t want Emma to tell the new detective in town anything or he’ll kill her mom. A lot of threats, but not a lot of action this week. He called her the ‘new Emma’. It seems she’s playing right into his hands. Whoever the killer is, he knows the players very well.

Through everything, I don’t know how Emma has even a chance to get in a new relationship. I know life goes on, but really, she’s going to sleep with him. She hardly knows the guy and he should at least take her out first. This relationship is moving way too fast and it’s sure to blow up in her face.

While she’s starting something with Kieran, her mother is starting something with his father, the Sheriff, but technically they had already started something. This could get a little awkward.

We also learned Sheriff Hudson’s secret. He use to take pills and sleep with his partner. It seems everyone has a sorted past or even present in Lakewood. I wonder what Kieran’s dark secret is. I feel like we know so little about him. He’s so mysterious, which is why Emma is being sucked right in.

Next week Emma faces her fears, Jake is looking more suspicious and Audrey is brought in for questioning.

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