‘Pretty Little Liars’ Review: ‘A’ Wants His Dolls Back

We knew something was coming when A and Red Coat were working security at the gallery.

We knew something was coming when A and Red Coat were working security at the gallery.

Whenever the girls meet someone I’m always suspicious of them. Could this be A getting to them? And once again I was nervous about Clarke and I was right to be.

If Rhys is A, then Clarke is working with A. If he’s not A, it still looks really suspicious. Why was he going into a abandoned doll factory? I was already questioning him more when he said it was a first for him at the gallery and then Aria had to remind him he won an award before. He then had to come up with excuses to why his parents weren’t there, which were all valid excuses, if he didn’t all ready fumble.

To be fair, most of the girls met their significant other through not so great circumstances. Caleb fell for Hanna because he was getting paid by Jenna to do work and Ezra used his chance meeting with Aria to investigate Ali’s murder. Toby and Spencer fell for each other when they were being framed and investigating Jenna. So none of these couples have a great ‘how we met’ story. But in the end these guys have really been there for the girls. So we tend to over look how they met. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to haunt us.

Just take Emily’s new budding romance with Sara, also not a great ‘how we met’ story.

Ezra thinks A is desperate, but this is just typical A. What’s scary is the fact that A is not just sending messages to the liars anymore, Tanner got a message of her own. A wants his dolls back.

I still want to know why A is obsessed with Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna. Assuming A is Charles, it made sense that it all started with Ali, but why her friends? Was he jealous of Ali and wanted to play with the girls instead. Because at first the messages did seem like they were from Ali.

I was almost thinking Ali had changed then she went and stole Lorenzo’s badge. While I think she genuinely likes this guy, you can’t stop the curiosity these girls have and for Ali that’s even more because this is her brother. Even though she doesn’t know the boy, she still feels for him and wants to know him.

Hanna was so mean when she spoke about Charles. She’s so angry, but she needs to realize this is different for Ali. It is her brother they are talking about and even if she doesn’t know him, that doesn’t change the emotions she’s having right now.

And what is Hanna’s mom going to do when she finds out Hanna gave back the scholarship money? How will she pay for college? I realize the money may be dirty or just something A can rip back later, but Hanna still needs to think about her future.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen red coat! Was that who sent Charles a gift last week? Soon we will finally know who red coat is too. It’s all leading to the summer finale now. We can finally have all of the answeres revealed.

It’s crazy that the school and the parents want the liars not to go to prom. I get how dangerous it is right now, but it’s prom! I don’t know how they convince their parents to let them go, but as you’ll see from the promo they are all at the dance. And Ali goes there to meet Charles.

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