‘The Whispers’ Gave Me More Than I Expected

2hx7kw9trffd4zm9vnxtub0jzcluslym-sjoku3hjjaopyetiwwlpuj-hlul1p-8glfib2rz8z0eoik346cc_yjghq7i9p-bezdnps7hm7yrkaf91hcwfpy1ie4cjvb7ekqu1j4tqz5o6zr018nhrqsdnrf7dgjnqsdxkungnvmyqy1t4xjr159hrfWhen The Whispers first began I was really just excited to see Barry Sloan because I had missed him so much on Revenge. I was also looking forward to seeing Milo Ventimiglia, especially after his role on Gotham. The show has given me much more than allowing me to watch actors I love in a new show. It’s given me a great story to follow and a great new Sci-fi twist.

Aliens have been done so many times. It’s like anything on TV or film, it’s all been done before. I’ve never seen aliens like this before and it makes it so much creepier when we can’t see our enemy. It also makes is scarier that they are communicating through our children.

The chemistry between Barry and Lilly Rabe really drew me in. It was horrible that I was shipping two people who were already married and who had an affair. But they were just so great on screen together.

Now that Milo’s character, Sean, is back with his family and he has his memory back, I’ve kind of stopped shipping Wes and Claire, not completely though. I can’t help it, they have such great chemistry together. But Claire and Sean are working as a team to save not only their son, but everyone’s children.

The writers have worked hard only giving us pieces of information about Drill each week. Now we know a lot more about him and we are so close to knowing how to kill him. The only thing stopping us is a man’s life hanging in the balance. If they can save him, we can know how to save Earth, if they can’t save him, hopefully someone is as smart as he was.

But are we sure he actually killed Drill? Could he have gotten too old to talk to Drill or could have Drill just have gone home? The man is unstable after all he’s been through. It’s hard to trust what he’s saying at the moment.

Or is everything as it seems? This man knows how to kill Drill and all they have to do is save him.

I especially like how the writers have written the government’s role in all of this. They’re are manipulative and will make up the rules as they go. It doesn’t matter if their own people are fighting to save their country and world. Will they work with Wes, Sean and Claire or against them? It seems to me as Claire says in the preview, they need them.

I feel like this is such a believable alien story and with scientists just finding a planet that’s earth’s closest match yet, it feels more real than ever.

Next week The Whispers is back and they must figure out how to defeat the enemy:


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