‘True Detective’ Review: Everything is in Ruins

I was so scared at this part, but then I remembered, Ani is a bad ass.

I was so scared at this part, but then I remembered, Ani is a bad ass.

At first when Ani was going into the party, I thought she’s got this. Then when they gave her the Molly, I was very worried.

I thought something was going to happen in the party, but I wasn’t sure what and I wasn’t expecting more character development. Ani’s character is starting to take shape. While she was trying to maneuver her way around the party, a suppressed memory from her childhood came back. When she was young a man lured her into a VW bus by saying they would search for unicorns. It appears she may have been raped as a child and that makes total sense why she is the way she is with men.

The whole party wasn’t a lost cause though, she found her missing person. It wasn’t easy getting her out though. She may have killed a man. This scene really made me love Rachel McAdam’s character. She’s so high and can’t even see straight, but she still manages to fight her way out.

It’s scary to think you have to get high to work a case. She’s probably never done that before and probably didn’t know how she would react to it. I don’t know why one of the girls said it keeps you happy, because that just looked scary to me.

Paul was also able to get some contracts with a lot of signatures with a deal going down. So at least Ani didn’t suffer for nothing. Though she’s feeling very uneasy about the whole experience.

Ray got a little high this week, but that was all on him. He didn’t like having supervised visits with his son, so he went home, got some blow and alcohol and really just over did it. He was going so wild I thought for sure he would overdose. Instead he trashed his apartment and called his ex-wife. I don’t think that was the best state of mind to make a life changing decision like that.

As long as he solves his case he can get his son back, so why give up now? Is he really that terrified that his son is not his. That doesn’t even matter, the deal is, solve the case, get his son, whether it’s biologically his or not. I think he should still fight for his son.

I want to believe Frank when he says he thought the information was good. Especially after he got so upset over the girl being killed. He can clearly be a bad guy, but he doesn’t like to kill innocent people.

We almost found out who killed Caspere. We know it’s a thin, white, cop. So everything is corrupted. No wonder Ani, Paul and Ray are doing a special investigation.

Frank may have to be careful, he’s dealing with some dangerous people. They killed an innocent girl just to partner with him.

Only two more episodes left and things are getting very dangerous:

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