‘PLL’: All the Fashion from Season 6 Episode 7

PLL fashion 7:21Hanna had a very different look this week. She was very sophisticated up top and then very casual on the bottom half with ripped jeans.

I thought the jacket didn’t really match her usual style, but the shirt kind of made it a bit better.

The Agnette jacket is by IRO and is actually altered, the top is twister jersey and lace by Maje and the Jessica low rise jeggings are by Ditto.

I really liked the the Iris stripe cold shoulder top by Tanya Taylor Aria was wearing. I think she should have worn this with out the jacket the entire episode. Only because it’s such a cute shirt with the shoulders cut out and what’s the point of wearing a jacket over it when you can’t see that element of the shirt? If you like this shirt too, it can be yours for $197.78 at Nordstorm.

The Augie denim and leather jacket is by Bcbgmaxazria and is sadly no longer available.

I love Spencer, but I’m not always a fan of her fashion, but I really liked her look this week. The color looked so good on her. She wore a floral-print button-front dress by Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply with a lavender cardigan. She looked really pretty this week.

I also loved Mona’s look from this week. I don’t know what any of it is, but I loved that blue printed shirt and I especially loved those earrings!

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