‘TVD’ Alum Steven R. McQeen Joins the Cast of ‘Chicago Fire’

Jeremy the graduate!

Jeremy graduated from vampires and now he’s on to fires.

I have yet another reason to get hooked on Chicago Fire. Steven R. McQueen has given up hunting vampires for fighting fires.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Steven has signed on to Chicago Fire in a recurring role as new candidate Jimmy Borelli.

EW reported that Jimmy will have a really bad first day. He does something that doesn’t sit well with Chief Boden, which means it doesn’t sit well with anyone.

It will be really strange in Mystic Falls next season in The Vampire Diaries with no Gilberts. At least Steven, who played Jeremy Gilbert, has found a new home pretty quickly.

Since Chicago Fire is going into its fourth season, I have a lot of catching up to do. I’ve seen the pilot and all of the crossover episodes with Chicago PD, but I’ve never managed to sit down and watch the whole series yet.

We watched Steven grow up on TVD and it will be strange seeing him in a new role, but I’m excited to see him grow as an actor. First I’ll have to binge watch Chicago Fire before the fall.

Who else will be tuning into Chicago Fire just for Steven? Will you be missing him on TVD next season?

Chicago Fire returns Tuesday, October 13 at 10/9c on NBC.


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